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Five Steps To Early Season Big Buck Success

by Scott Abbott 18. January 2012 12:31
Scott AbbottTactics and preparation for early season big bucks. [More]

Public Land Buck Down In The Buckeye State

by Scott Abbott 22. October 2011 16:45
Scott AbbottA solid plan on Mid October bucks resulted in success on this public land hunt. [More]

Archery Season Is Now Upon Us

by Scott Abbott 30. September 2011 14:49
Scott AbbottAlmost every state with a whitetail deer season, the bow season has already came or is on the eve of the opener. While you are out there in pursuit if the whitetail deer hunt smart, but most importantly be safe! [More]

Treestand Safety Application For Smartphones

by Scott Abbott 1. September 2011 03:33
Scott AbbottSafe Climber is a free application for your smartphone, it could save your life in the event of a treestand accident. [More]

Adapting to changes will determine whitetail success

by Scott Abbott 31. August 2011 14:11
Scott AbbottSituations that are out of our control can come along and impact our season at any time. How we adapt to these changes will dictate our level of success in the woods. Staying positive and developing a new plan of attack is key to success. [More]

Camtrakker Photos Of A Giant Nine Point Velvet Buck

by Scott Abbott 7. August 2011 13:55
Scott AbbottCheck out these trail camera photos of a monster velvet buck. Do I have a chance at this big guy come fall? Follow along to see if the odds are stacked in or out of my favor. [More]

Trail Camera Photos Of Velvet Bucks with Monster Raxx Minerals

by Scott Abbott 31. July 2011 14:11
Scott AbbottThe attracting power of Monster Raxx minerals yields a lot of photos on my trail camera of velvet bucks. [More]

Monster Raxx Minerals and Trail Cameras

by Scott Abbott 21. July 2011 14:53
Scott AbbottFollow along on my quest to locate velvet bucks using Monster Raxx Minerals and trail cameras. [More]

NAP To Introduce 125 Grain 2 Blade BloodRunner Broadheads

by Scott Abbott 15. June 2011 12:27
Scott AbbottNew Archery Products set to introduce 125 grain 2-Blade BloodRunner broadheads for this autumn. [More]

Mathews ArrowWeb T Series Quiver Review

by Scott Abbott 31. May 2011 08:42
Scott AbbottA review featuring the Mathews ArrowWeb T-Series Quiver. [More]

Study shows treestand accidents are the number one cause of serious hunting related injuries.

by Scott Abbott 5. April 2011 16:04
Scott AbbottTreestand accidents are the leading cause of serious hunting related injuries. Treestand saftey should be on our minds at all times. [More]

NAP Quiktune 360 Capture Rest Review

by Scott Abbott 23. March 2011 14:23
Scott AbbottTo follow I offer a review of the NAP Quiktune 360 Capture Rest. [More]

Shed Hunting Season; Get Out There and Find Some Shed Antlers!

by Scott Abbott 19. February 2011 08:27
Scott AbbottLuckily, this morning I was able to get away for a few hours to a piece of public land to shed hunt for some whitetail antlers. [More]

Primos Up Roar Deer Call

by Scott Abbott 23. January 2011 06:02
Scott AbbottTo be honest, I was never a big fan of Primos grunt calls until they came out with the original Buck Roar.  I had always stuck by the Tru Talker as my go to grunt tube by Hunters Specialties.  The problem with the Tru Talker for me wasn't the grunt it produced, but rather the lack of ... [More]

Trijicon AccuPin™ Bow Sight System

by Scott Abbott 18. January 2011 03:38
Scott AbbottJanuary 6, 2011 - The objective was clear: enter the archery market with the most advanced aiming system available to hunters. The result was Wicked! The Trijicon AccuPin™ is a breakthrough in bow sight design and engineering. Designed by bowhunters and target archers, the AccuPin is engineere... [More]

NAP 2 Blade BloodRunner Review: Real World Results

by Scott Abbott 14. January 2011 06:53
Scott AbbottMy review from using the NAP 2 blade Bloodrunner broadheads for whitetail deer. [More]

An Early Start to Shed Antler Season

by Scott Abbott 12. January 2011 11:20
Scott AbbottI was finally able to put some time aside on Monday to get outside and put a couple miles on my boots for an early look for some sheds.  I am not currently running any cameras but have some buddies that are.  For the most part their cameras are telling us that the vast majority of bucks ar... [More]

The tale of a treestand.... The effectiveness of a lock on and sticks.

by Scott Abbott 4. December 2010 14:55
Scott AbbottThis blog is a tribute to the effectiveness of utilizing a mobile lock on and sticks setup for same day hunts. I own a Lone Wolf Assault and 4 Lone Wolf climbing sticks. This stand hasn't been used a ton of times maybe 20 sits in all over the last two years, but when it has been util... [More]

Three big bucks found locked up in Ohio.

by Scott Abbott 26. November 2010 13:53
Scott AbbottThese three bucks were found locked up in in this creek in Southern Ohio this year.  A tragic end for three really nice bucks. I have often seen photos of two bucks locked together, but never three like pictured below.

The final chapter has been written, Ohio buck down!

by Scott Abbott 1. November 2010 08:23
Scott AbbottChapter One. 09/17/2008Set up on the North end of a standing corn field facing South back toward the field my game camera snapped a series of 24 photos on September 17th, 2008 starting at 11:02 PM and ending at 11:25 PM. This was my first "encounter" with the buck that I have come to know as "The 4 ... [More]

Bow Season Has Arrived; Productive Opening Weekend!

by Scott Abbott 26. September 2010 15:29
Scott AbbottYesterday, opening day of bowseason was very unproductive for me this year, I did not see any deer all day despite sitting in two different setups that I thought I could get some decent early season action out of. The evening hunt of day two was a different story though, it was exciting. &... [More]

The Sign of Autumn: Bowhunting Big Buck Clues

by Scott Abbott 15. September 2010 16:31
Scott AbbottThere is just something in the Autumn air, something that makes this season much more special than the others.  The cool breeze and sweet aroma outside.  The sight of reds, yellows and oranges brightening the forest canopy.  The farmers working their land to bring in the years ha... [More]

Rocky Deer Stalker Xtreme Rubber Boots

by Scott Abbott 10. September 2010 12:20
Scott AbbottI recently tried out my Deer Stalker Xtreme boots for the first time a couple weeks ago.  It wasn't the best idea for that summer afternoon as these 1400 gram boots had my feet steaming hot!  I wanted to get a feel for the boots before the cooler weather of bow season set in.  I neede... [More]

The timbering affect?

by Scott Abbott 13. July 2010 11:52
Scott AbbottAs luck turns out not only am I losing one of my best spots to agriculture expansion, my most productive hunting ground is currently being clear cut by the Amish.  They started felling trees back in January and at the time I figured they would long be done before our late September archery open... [More]

Saying goodbye.

by Scott Abbott 10. July 2010 12:39
Scott AbbottThis entry is written as a farewell to a property I lost I called the 127 (for it's acreage).  Last year I found out about the impending timber harvest, subsequent stump grinding and bulldozing to make the land 100% tillable acreage. Only now it is reality. &n... [More]

Crossbows now legal in two more states for 2010-2011 archery season.

by Scott Abbott 28. June 2010 15:03
Scott Abbott As a resident of Ohio I never had to think about the inclusion of crossbows during our archery season as crossbow hunting has been a legal means of harvest here in Ohio since 1976. Our Nations bicentennial marked the time when Ohio's deer herd got decimated by the crossbow....  Or did it... [More]

Gold Tip Velocity Pro Arrow Shaft Review

by Scott Abbott 14. June 2010 03:06
Scott AbbottBeing a long time Gold Tip shooter, I was anxious to get ahold of their new hunting shafts for 2010.  These new Velocity Pro arrows are designed to be a lighter weight hunting arrow highlighted with their brand new light weight components, all while maintaing Gold ... [More] staff member Jessica Edd is featured in Eastman's Bowhunting Journal!

by Scott Abbott 14. June 2010 02:52
Scott staff member Jessica Edd was recently recognized by Eastman's Bowhunting Journal for her P&Y black bear harvest. [More]
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Destroyer 350 and Destroyer 340 Lead BowTech's 10th Model Year

by Scott Abbott 2. December 2009 04:27
Scott AbbottEugene, OR (November 2, 2009)-For their 10th Model Year anniversary, BowTech is pleased to introduce their most advanced bow ever produced. It's called the Destroyer for a reason. "From concept, this bow was designed to be easy to draw, quiet, accurate and forgiving. As it turns out, t... [More]

Trail camera photos can lead to one night stands.

by Scott Abbott 27. November 2009 05:20
Scott AbbottTrail camera setups can be as complicated or simplistic as you choose to make them.  I personally stay on the simplistic side of things as I am not trying to "pattern" bucks with their use, but rather get a better look at them after I locate a buck I am interested in from su... [More]

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