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Bulldozers push out wildlife for more corn

by Patrick Durkin 22. June 2012 08:50
Patrick DurkinShelterbelts have long been havens for wildlife, but they're now getting plowed out to make room for more high-priced crops like corn and soybeans. [More]

Real Work Lies Ahead for Wisconsin Deer Hunting Makeover

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 09:42
Patrick DurkinA harsh preliminary report critiquing Wisconsin's deer-management program was praised by DNR critics and ripped by DNR supporters. [More]

Wisconsin Right to Add Wolf Hunting Season

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 09:21
Patrick DurkinWisconsin's wolf population will continue to prosper with a hunting and trapping season. [More]

Wisconsin Misses Chance to Expand Crossbow Hunting

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 09:03
Patrick DurkinEven though a majority of Wisconsin sportsmen favor crossbow use for deer hunting, lawmakers and the DNR have not pushed hard to include them in the state's archery season. [More]

Coyotes Prey Heavily on Southeast’s Deer Fawns

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 08:46
Patrick DurkinThe coyote's impact on whitetails is often severe in Southeastern states, where coyotes first started showing up during the past 50 years. [More]

Politics of Bowhunting, Deer Hunting Easy Compared to Crane Hunting

by Patrick Durkin 19. April 2012 03:34
Patrick DurkinDeer hunting and bowhunting often generate political fights that pit hunters against hunters. But to witness true culture clashes, try proposing a hunting season for sandhill cranes. [More]

For some reason, hunters often struggle to find satisfaction

by Patrick Durkin 15. March 2012 00:48
Patrick DurkinResearch shows that "nonconsumptive" recreationists – such as hikers, bikers, campers and rowers – report more satisfaction from their activities than do hunters, anglers and mushroom hunters. [More]

SHOT Show has changed, stayed the same since January 1991

by Patrick Durkin 14. March 2012 23:50
Patrick DurkinBlogger Patrick Durkin reflects on 22 years of work at the annual Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show. [More]

Wisconsin Buck Leaps to Death from Highway Overpass

by Patrick Durkin 30. December 2011 04:41
Patrick DurkinA giant Wisconsin buck went for a midday stroll on Dec. 8, and died when it leaped from a highway overpass and plunged 34 feet onto an unopened section of highway below. [More]

Wisconsin Bowhunter Completes 4-year Quest for Drop-Tine Buck

by Patrick Durkin 20. December 2011 13:27
Patrick DurkinPaul Conely, 23, of Mellen Wisconsin, started hunting this buck during the 2008 archery season. He finally got it after moving his tree stand to a new site the day before. [More]

Curiosity Kills Whitetails Too, Not Just Cats!

by Patrick Durkin 17. November 2011 13:54
Patrick DurkinA trip to southwestern Iowa in late October yielded an adult doe and a big buck for Patrick Durkin and his friend. [More]

Do Whitetails Have a Sixth Sense that Detects Hunters?

by Patrick Durkin 17. November 2011 13:38
Patrick DurkinBowhunters might never be able to prove if whitetails have a sixth sense, but some of them think deer can sense their presence without being tipped off by a hunter's scent, sound or movement. [More]

Wisconsin Hopes “Dr. Deer” Will Improve its Deer Program

by Patrick Durkin 19. October 2011 14:29
Patrick DurkinDr. James C. Kroll might not be a popular figure among many deer biologists, but his communications skills have helped build rapport with deer hunters. [More]
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Bowhunting’s Good ol’ Days are Now, Not the 1970s

by Patrick Durkin 19. October 2011 14:12
Patrick DurkinBowhunters today benefit from much larger deer herds and better equipment than was available during the 1970s. [More]

Mountain's Critters Add Excitement to Elk Bowhunting

by Patrick Durkin 5. October 2011 03:52
Patrick DurkinWhen bowhunting elk in the Rocky Mountains, you're seldom alone. Pine squirrels are seldom far from sight or sound, and sometimes bears, pine martens and mice keep things interesting. [More]

Bugling Bull Leads Bowhunter to First Cow Elk

by Patrick Durkin 5. October 2011 03:40
Patrick DurkinWhen Karl Malcolm heard a bull bugle from atop a nearby ridge at midmorning, he hoofed his way to the scene. After seeing an elk ear twitch nearby, he arrowed the first elk to leave the thicket. [More]

Wandering Cougars aren’t Only Wildlife to Stray

by Patrick Durkin 26. August 2011 08:40
Patrick DurkinA young cougar made national news when it got killed on a Connecticut highway in June. But cases of long-distance travels by wildlife aren't rare, and usually involve young males looking for territories of their own. [More]

Rush is on to Get Bows Ready for Hunting Season

by Patrick Durkin 21. August 2011 07:08
Patrick Durkin  If bow mechanics could plan inspections and maintenance work for us, they’d schedule our appointments at least two months before opening day. But because they can’t do our planning for us, archery pro shops are now witnessing the annual mid- to late-August panic as frantic bowhu... [More]
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Backyard Practice Pays off in Rare Robin Hood in 3-D Target

by Patrick Durkin 1. August 2011 08:44
Patrick Durkin  If not for the shock, maybe I should have raced downtown to buy a Powerball ticket after shooting my first Robin Hood during a recent lunch break. That’s right: I drilled one arrow down the tube of another arrow already in the target's bull's-eye. In this case, the center-spot on one ... [More]

Bowhunters - Watch for Marijuana When Scouting Public Lands

by Patrick Durkin 8. July 2011 09:06
Patrick DurkinAs bowhunters scout public lands for elk and deer, be alert for illegal marijuana-growing operations. These "grows" are showing up across the United States and into Canada. [More]

Can Science Predict Wolf Attacks on Pets, Livestock?

by Patrick Durkin 8. July 2011 08:51
Patrick DurkinScientists are learning how to predict areas where wolf attacks will occur as North America's largest canine predator expands its range. [More]
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Instilling Fear Might Prevent Fatal Black Bear Attacks

by Patrick Durkin 8. July 2011 08:21
Patrick DurkinRecent research finds that while fatal attacks on people by black bears are rare, their numbers have increased the past 50 years. In most cases, the bears were hunting their victims. [More]
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Coyote Control - Necessary Part of Deer Management

by Patrick Durkin 31. May 2011 11:14
Patrick DurkinCoyotes have long been part of the landscape across much of the whitetail's range. But these "dogs" aren't native to Southeastern states. Since showing up there since the 1960s, they've often found easy pickings on newborn fawns. [More]

Snake Interrupts Backyard Archery Practice

by Patrick Durkin 15. May 2011 13:59
Patrick DurkinA 30-inch eastern hognose snake suns itself in a backyard woods' archery range. [More]

Why I Pick Compounds over Traditional - Recurves and Longbows

by Patrick Durkin 23. April 2011 13:20
Patrick Durkin While test-shooting four models of 100-grain broadheads recently, I couldn’t help but think about my first archery season for white-tailed deer 40 years ago. My bowhunting setup in 1971 consisted of cedar arrows, Bear Razorhead broadheads, and a 43-pound Bear Grizzly recurve bow. I traded a... [More]

Wisconsin Buys CWD “Toxic Waste” Site

by Patrick Durkin 7. April 2011 09:24
Patrick DurkinThe state of Wisconsin had little choice but to buy an 80-acre site in the middle of the state that once held the world's worst outbreak of chronic wasting disease in white-tailed deer. [More]

Crossbows are the Right Choice for Some Bowhunters

by Patrick Durkin 24. March 2011 13:23
Patrick DurkinMore states are making room for crossbows during their regular archery big-game seasons. The reason? Crossbows not only recruit new bowhunters, they retain bowhunters who would normally drop out at older ages. [More]

Why Put a Price Tag on Our Venison or Fillets?

by Patrick Durkin 24. March 2011 13:15
Patrick DurkinWhy do so many hunter/gatherers feel the need to cost-justify their activities by trying to calculate the value of venison or fish they bring home? Does a golfer, softball player or flower-gardener cost-justify their hobbies and recreation? [More]

Oklahoma’s McAlester Bucks Wow Deer Researchers

by Patrick Durkin 26. February 2011 09:01
Patrick DurkinDeer researchers attending the 2011 Southeast Deer Study Group meeting in Oklahoma City got to view and learn more about the remarkable traditional bowhunting program at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant. [More]

Don't Miss "The Wild Within" on the Travel Channel

by Patrick Durkin 9. February 2011 14:57
Patrick DurkinUnlike most hunting shows, "The Wild Within" on the Travel Channel doesn’t shy from showing blood, raw meat or incisions exposing an abdominal or chest cavity. Host Steven Rinella celebrates meat more than antlers, proudly displaying choice cuts as prime trophies. [More]

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