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First Impressions of the Can Cooker

by Keith Southworth 26. April 2012 10:25
Keith SouthworthRight behind my passion for bowhunting comes cooking and eating so I’m always looking for better ways to prepare food.  The Can Cooker looked so easy, and it came with a lot of praise so I didn’t think there was any way it could live up to the hype.   With only one meal co... [More]
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Product Testing the Oliso’s Pro VS97A vacuum sealer

by Keith Southworth 17. December 2011 19:28
Keith SouthworthHunter Keith Southworth tests the Oliso Pro VS97A vacuum sealer on his favorite meat - venison! [More]

2011 Nebraska Archery Season Sees Big Changes

by Keith Southworth 3. August 2011 12:54
Keith SouthworthWhen the 2011Nebraska Archery season opens on September 15th there will be some significant new rules in effect.  The two most notable rule changes don’t come without controversy. The most significant and controversial change will adopt the crossbow as a legal weapon for all sportsmen.&n... [More]

Venison Pepper Snack Stick Recipe

by Keith Southworth 29. June 2011 18:11
Keith SouthworthA recipe for making great snack sticks you can enjoy everyday. [More]

Canned Venison - the most versatile way to process deer meat

by Keith Southworth 4. May 2011 16:46
Keith SouthworthFirst let’s look at some of the benefits of canning venison. No freezer space is needed. That may or may not be a big deal to you but if you lose your power for a few days I bet it will quickly become a big deal not to mention how nice it is to have meat on a camping trip when your cooler is filled with other things. It’s already cooked so heat it up if you want a warm meal and don’t if you’re in a hurry and just want it on crackers or bread. Venison is already one of the leanest red meats on the planet but canning will help separate what little fat it has from the meat. Open the jar and you can easily remove any fat because it’ll be separated out and resting on top of the meat. [More]

How to make Venison Ground Jerky.

by Keith Southworth 12. March 2011 03:32
Keith SouthworthLearn how easy it is to make your own jerky and find out why you can't find a better jerky meat than venison. [More]

Venison – THE Best Meat on The Planet

by Keith Southworth 20. February 2011 12:59
Keith SouthworthVenison is a superior food source and can be enjoyed a wide variety of ways. [More]

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