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Bowfishing Success with the AMS Bowfishing Kit

by Justin Zarr 27. May 2009 14:43
Justin ZarrAfter deciding to get back into bowfishing this spring I purchased an AMS Bowfishing kit and set out in pursuit of some fish. [More]

Follow Us on Facebook and Twitter!

by Justin Zarr 22. May 2009 09:32
Justin ZarrKeep track of on our all-new Facebook and Twitter pages! [More]
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World Record Shed Antler - One Year Later

by Justin Zarr 3. May 2009 09:24
Justin ZarrThis giant whitetail shed could be the next world record typical whitetail and was found just miles from the ofice! [More]

The Skull Master | Antler Mounting Kit

by Justin Zarr 3. May 2009 05:34
Justin ZarrThe Skull Master from Mountain Mike's Reproductions is a simple, affordable, and durable alternative to a traditional European Skull Mount. [More] Free Gear Giveaway Winners!

by Justin Zarr 24. March 2009 16:09
Justin ZarrCongratulations to the first eight winners in the free gear giveaway! [More]
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Pole Mountain Bowlegs - Great For Turkey Hunting

by Justin Zarr 18. March 2009 14:35
Justin ZarrThe BowLegs from Pole Mountain Outdoors are a simple product that's great for bowhunting from the ground. [More]

Primos Hunting Light Series - The Perfect Flashlights for Hunters?

by Justin Zarr 26. February 2009 14:36
Justin ZarrThe new Primos Hunting Light series of flashlights are small, lightweight, and best of all they're BRIGHT! [More]

Optifade Camouflage: Technological Breakthrough or Clever Marketing?

by Justin Zarr 8. February 2009 15:57
Justin ZarrWith the introduction of their new Optifade camo pattern has W.L. Gore revolutionized the industry, or just added yet another pattern to the mix? [More]

2009 Bowhunting Season Begins

by Justin Zarr 25. January 2009 15:41
Justin ZarrAlthough the Illinois archery season has only been closed for 10 days we are already on the hunt for some new ground for this fall. [More]
Tags: Indoor Shooting Leagues - Sign up now!

by Justin Zarr 22. January 2009 07:54
Justin ZarrKeep your shooting skills sharp during the off season by participating in the Indoor Spots League! [More]
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Axcel Armortech and Armortech-HD Bow Sights

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2009 13:30
Justin ZarrFrom the makers of T.R.U. Ball releases comes the high-end line of Axcel sights including the Armortech and Armortech-HD. [More]
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Snowmobilers Run Over Five Deer, Kill Four

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2009 11:33
Justin ZarrA group of snowmobiles in Central Wisconsin ran over and killed 4 deer for no apparent reason. What is wrong with people today? [More]

Scent Blocker Bone Collector Activated Carbon Apparel

by Justin Zarr 11. January 2009 15:39
Justin ZarrDesigned by hunting superstar Michael Waddell, the new Bone Collector series from ScentBlocker includes a lot of really nice features designed for serious bowhunters. [More]

More Bowhunting Products - ATA Show Day 2

by Justin Zarr 10. January 2009 05:00
Justin ZarrMore new bowhunting product information from SwiveLimb, Rinehart, Ross Archery, Alpine Archery, ScenTote, Sitka Gear, and more! [More]

ATA Show Day 1 Impressions

by Justin Zarr 8. January 2009 15:30
Justin ZarrDay 1 of the 2009 ATA Show showed us some cool new products from Scent Blocker, NAP, Lone Wolf, Muddy Outdoors, and more. [More]

Trail Camera Cold Weather Review - Part 2

by Justin Zarr 4. January 2009 04:20
Justin ZarrThe day after Todd's extreme cold weather test, we set out to check two of my cameras to see how well they were performing - the Cuddeback Capture and Moultrie Game Spy I40. [More]

New Fusion Vanes from Norway Industries

by Justin Zarr 30. December 2008 02:55
Justin ZarrThe new Fusion vane from Norway Industries combines a blend of unique shape and material technology to create one of the most accurate and advanced broadhead vanes ever. [More]
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Whitetail Hunting in December

by Justin Zarr 16. December 2008 13:15
Justin ZarrWith my local spots not producing the deer I want to see I headed back to West Central Illinois to chase the bucks that eluded me during November. [More]

Close Call With an Illinois Whitetail

by Justin Zarr 8. December 2008 12:40
Justin ZarrLate season hunting can be tough - cold temperatures and subdued deer movement. But if you can get close to a good food source, there's still hope at harvesting a good buck. [More]

A Buck Named Scar

by Justin Zarr 1. December 2008 15:08
Justin ZarrTrail cameras can be a great way to keep track of young bucks as they mature over the years. Unfortunately this young buck's life came to an end a little too soon. [More]

Another Slow Weekend Bowhunting in Illinois

by Justin Zarr 24. November 2008 02:35
Justin ZarrCold temperatures and plenty of trail camera photos of good bucks had me pumped up for this weekend's hunting, but no shootable bucks showed up yet again. [More]

Cuddeback Capture Continues to Perform

by Justin Zarr 14. November 2008 03:04
Justin ZarrEven though I was out of town for the first 10 days of November my trail cameras were at home scouting for me, and managed to capture some great pictures of some really nice Illinois bucks. [More]
Tags: Wins the Campbell Outdoor Challenge

by Justin Zarr 13. November 2008 02:03
Justin ZarrAnticipation was high for our trip to the 2008 Campbell Outdoor Challenge and in less than two full days were able to harvest both a doe and a nice buck on film. [More]

Campbell Outdoor Challenge Day 3 - Buck Found!

by Justin Zarr 7. November 2008 07:36
Justin ZarrAfter a questionable hit on a good buck we backed out and decided to return in the morning to continue our search, which ended with a nice 133" Illinois whitetail. [More]

Campbell Outdoor Challenge Day 2

by Justin Zarr 6. November 2008 13:50
Justin ZarrTemperatures are still warm but with a cold front and rain moving through the deer were on their feet and Mike was able to get a shot at a nice Southern Illinois whitetail buck. [More]

2008 Campbell Outdoor Challenge - Day 1

by Justin Zarr 5. November 2008 15:52
Justin ZarrThe first day of the 2008 Campbell Outdoor Challenge brought record high temperatures, but despite the weather conditions Mike and I managed to score on a mature doe to put our team on the board early. [More]

2008 Illinois Rut Hunting - Part 1

by Justin Zarr 5. November 2008 07:20
Justin ZarrMy 2008 bowhunting season started off a little slow, but with a 10 day trip to some of the best ground in Illinois I was optimistic - until I blew it! [More]

Trail Cameras: The Good and The Bad

by Justin Zarr 22. October 2008 17:04
Justin ZarrDeciding which trail camera is right for your needs and budget can be a difficult thing. Here I try to break down my reasoning when it comes to finding the camera that works best for me. [More]

Early Season Success in Illinois

by Justin Zarr 13. October 2008 14:57
Justin ZarrAfter waiting nearly a month to get into the field, I took advantage of a great opportunity to harvest a mature doe during the early archery season here in Illinois. [More]

Final Preparations For Bowhunting Season

by Justin Zarr 21. September 2008 16:38
Justin ZarrLess than two weeks before the start of the Illinois archery season, Mike and I made some last-minute stand preparations and checked the trail cameras for the last time until October. [More]

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