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Plano Guide Series Cases

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:02
Justin Zarr  1449 Guide Series Case Exterior: 6.5”L x 4.675”W x 2.125”HInterior: 5”L x 3”W x 1.625”HRed/Clear – packed 4/carton 1450 Guide Series Case Wrist strapExterior 9: x 4.875”W x 3”HInterior: 7.5”L x 3.125”W x 2.5”HOrange/... [More]

The Breath-Taker by Smootchie Outdoors

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 20:45
Justin ZarrWhat does a buck really smell when he first winds you? Invariably, it’s your breath. Coating your tongue and gums are countless volatile sulfide compounds (VSCs). Combined, they produce the same odors that are associated with: a pig farm, feed lot, fecal matter, decaying meat and stagnant back... [More]

Moultrie Game Spy D-55

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 04:41
Justin ZarrHigh-end scouting equipment on a budget. New to the Game Spy family cameras for 2010 is the D-55 series. Available in flash or infrared versions, this new model features 5.0 megapixel images, camouflage housing, and is packed with plenty of features. 5.0 megapixelsRapid response time50-ft flashInfra... [More]

The Stabilizer Cam Video Camera Mount

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 04:23
Justin ZarrThis mount attaches to any conventional stabilizer This is a quick detachable mount.Made from forged military aluminum, stainless steel military resin guaranteed for life.Camera platform has a built in shock and recoil platform.Any small modern handy cam camera will attach to this mount.Use screw to... [More]

Ol’Man AlumaLite Stands

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 03:25
Justin ZarrAlumaLite CTS Climbing TreestandThe AlumaLite CTS incorporates many of the same features of the original Ol’Man Climbing Stands such patented ComforTech™ seating and pivoting spreader arms—we’ve made numerous improvements from other models, incorporating new oval tubing and a... [More]

Fathead Real.Big. Wall Graphics

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 03:07
Justin ZarrFathead is huge! Real.Big. Fathead wall graphics are life-size action images that you stick on any smooth surface. You can move them and reuse them and they are safe for walls. Fathead wall graphics are way better than a poster, much bigger than a sticker and tougher than a decal. Choose from hundre... [More]

ScentBlocker's Ground Zero Ozone Wave

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 02:27
Justin ZarrIntroducing the new Ground Zero™ hunting blind system that combines proven ScentBlocker® activated carbon filtration with special ozone technology for unparalleled scent protection. Features Ground Zero Ozone Wave unit utilizes an extended power 12V battery to provide 12-16 hours of use. L... [More]

Bearpaw Deluxe Fletching Jig

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 01:42
Justin ZarrThe Bearpaw deluxe fletching jig shows essential improvements and some new functions. This will be the last fletching jig you will ever buy. Satisfaction guaranteed The world’s most precise and economical fletching system of the highest qualityPrecisely made using close tolerances based on our... [More]

ATA Show First Morning Recap

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 00:35
Justin ZarrThe first morning of the ATA show we saw some really cool new bowhunting products, and took some time to catch up with a few of our bowhunting buddies. [More]

Sure-Loc QC® 2

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 23:53
Justin ZarrReliable Quality Hunting Sight... Deadly accurate .0015” micro windageLight weight, durable and easy to useIsogrid pin guard, more pin protectionDual track system for close pin gapsEasy slide individual pin & gang elevation adjustmentDirect-mount with tapped holes for quiverTough bright fi... [More]

T.R.U. Ball Bone Collector Beast

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 23:40
Justin ZarrFor 2010, T.R.U. Ball has taken the Short-N-Sweet, the favorite release of Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector team, and added a solid rod connection and an all-new 3 or 11-ounce trigger to create the Bone Collector Beast. The Beast features a quick-load, stainless-steel open-hook design that mak... [More]

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HD Bone Collector

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 23:27
Justin ZarrQuality Archery Designs has partnered with Michael Waddell and the Bone Collector crew to introduce the special edition Ultra-Rest HD Bone Collector. The incredibly popular Ultra-Rest HD holds arrows securely, even when turned upside down. This total-containment drop-away rest utilizes Velocity Drop... [More]

The Rinehart Rhinoblock

by Justin Zarr 12. January 2010 22:09
Justin ZarrRinehart Targets is redefining the way archers practice their perfect shot with the incredibly versatile Rinehart RhinoBlock™ Target! This ground-breaking new design is an industry first as it’s the only cube-shaped target on the market to feature a Rinehart patented locking insert&mdash... [More]

2010 ATA Show Product Updates

by Justin Zarr 11. January 2010 19:42
Justin ZarrThe staff is on our way to the 2010 ATA show to bring you the latest info on new bowhunting products for 2010. [More]

60 Minutes - The Karma Buck

by Justin Zarr 16. November 2009 20:16
Justin ZarrIt seems as though every year the first two weeks of November take forever to get here and then they're gone in the blink of an eye, and this year was no different.  Mike and I had planned a 5 day trip to our lease in West Central, Illinois and with the rut just hitting it's stride we anticipat... [More]

Bowhunting Success in Illinois - The Creek Buck

by Justin Zarr 29. October 2009 07:56
Justin ZarrAfter eating tag soup last year I wasn't about to go home emptyhanded again, so when this nice buck presented me with an opportunity I took it. And that's when this journey began. [More]

The Old Moose Hunter Scores an Ontario Bull

by Justin Zarr 28. October 2009 23:17
Justin ZarrThe old man with the old bow and old arrows proves that it's not always the gear you use that can make or break your hunt. [More]

Monster Buck Found Dead in Illinois

by Justin Zarr 20. October 2009 19:38
Justin ZarrThis giant whitetail buck was found dead in the Chicago suburbs by a non-hunter. The incredible mass and brow tines make this a world class whitetail for sure. Check it out! [More]

Mobile Bowhunting - The Tools For Success

by Justin Zarr 20. October 2009 04:05
Justin ZarrMobile bowhunting is becoming more and more popular amongst today's serious bowhunters. Find out which tools will help you get the job done when the time comes. [More]

Illinois Bowhunting Week 2 - Big Doe Down

by Justin Zarr 13. October 2009 01:17
Justin ZarrThe 2nd weekend of the Illinois bow season was definitely a trying one on both myself and my hunting  partner/cameraman Mike Willand.  Friday night started off on the wrong foot as Mike's truck broke down on his way to my house and delayed our departure by a few hours.  After getting ... [More]

Opening Weekend in Illinois - Bowhunting Begins!

by Justin Zarr 7. October 2009 19:35
Justin ZarrThe first weekend bowhunting is always exciting, whether you harvest a deer or not. Mike and I headed down to one of our leases in an attempt to harvest an early season whitetail. [More]

Last Minute Bowhunting Preparations - 3 Days Left!

by Justin Zarr 27. September 2009 08:32
Justin ZarrFinal preparations for the bowhunting season are underway, and I'm making sure my new NAP BloodRunners are flying true. [More]

Trail Cam Photos Starting to Pick Up

by Justin Zarr 8. September 2009 09:19
Justin ZarrAfter a disappointing summer of trail camera photos I'm finally starting to get some decent bucks show up on my cameras. It's about time! [More]

Creating a Mock Scrape in August?

by Justin Zarr 1. September 2009 20:59
Justin ZarrBowhunting season is right around the corner and with a few spots that aren't known for holding large bucks we created several mock scrapes in an attempt to draw them in. [More]

Axcel Armortech Sight Review

by Justin Zarr 10. August 2009 04:37
Justin ZarrAfter checking out the new Axcel Armortech sights at the ATA show I decided to add one to my bowhunting arsenal for this fall. [More]

Have We Lost Our Bowhunting Ethics?

by Justin Zarr 9. July 2009 07:54
Justin ZarrWhen our decisions on shot selection become clouded by our desire to harvest a trophy animal, something needs to be done. [More] Get Together a Great Success

by Justin Zarr 28. June 2009 21:22
Justin ZarrThe 1st Get Together featured a bow raffle, 4 shooting events, and was a huge success. [More]

Pope & Young Announces Four New World Records

by Justin Zarr 10. June 2009 02:05
Justin ZarrFour new World’s Records were officially recognized during the Pope and Young Club’s 26th Biennial Convention and Awards Banquet in Denver, Colorado, this spring. would liek to congratulate all of these bowhunters on their amazing acheivements! [More]

My First Official Pope & Young Whitetail

by Justin Zarr 3. June 2009 14:28
Justin ZarrMy first "official" P&Y whitetail. A pretty cool feeling, and a great mount! [More]

Making the DVD - Behind the Scenes

by Justin Zarr 27. May 2009 15:53
Justin ZarrWe've been hard at work setting up our new video studio and working on the DVD - due out this summer! [More]

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