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2011 ATA Show Day 1 - Cool Bowhunting Products

by Justin Zarr 6. January 2011 11:47
Justin ZarrDay 1 of the ATA show was pretty busy, but I did see a few cool bowhunting products worth mentioning. [More]

The NAP Nitron | Little Broadhead, Big Results

by Justin Zarr 29. November 2010 15:00
Justin ZarrWhile it may not be flashy or produce massive holes, the NAP Nitron is a broadhead that gets the job done every time. [More]

A Buck For My Dad

by Justin Zarr 16. November 2010 15:07
Justin ZarrAfter losing my dad to a heart attack 7 months ago I set out on a quest to harvest a good buck from the farm we hunted together. On November 15th, 2010 I succeeded in that quest. [More]

Bowhunting the Illinois Rut - Day 3

by Justin Zarr 14. November 2010 12:12
Justin ZarrThe 3rd day of our bowhunting extravanganza here in Illinois certainly was not very extravagant! [More]

Bowhunting the Illinois Rut - Day 2

by Justin Zarr 13. November 2010 13:13
Justin ZarrDay 2 of our rut hunting adventure was fairly uneventful, with high winds keeping deer movement to a minimum. [More]

Bowhunting the Illinois Rut - Day 1

by Justin Zarr 12. November 2010 13:42
Justin ZarrWith the Illinois firearm season just around the corner, I'm trying to fill my 2nd buck tag this weekend. Can I get the job done? [More]

Another Slow Weekend - Will Persistence Pay Off?

by Justin Zarr 8. November 2010 14:43
Justin ZarrAnother slow weekend of bowhunting in Northern Illinois has come and gone, but my determination to harvest a suburban buck has yet to fade. [More]

Moon Times - Do They Affect Deer Movement?

by Justin Zarr 8. November 2010 11:40
Justin ZarrUsing the Moon Guide to monitor moon times has helped me plan my bowhunting trips to be as successful as possible. [More]

Halloween Buck Down in Illinois

by Justin Zarr 1. November 2010 11:40
Justin ZarrThe final weekend of October 2010 could possibly go down as one of the best weekends of deer hunting in history. Here's the story of one mighty buck who fell during this perfect storm of bowhunting. [More]

Full Moon Makes for Slow Bowhunting

by Justin Zarr 25. October 2010 05:36
Justin ZarrBad weather conditions and a full moon kept the deer movement subdued this weekend, but trail cameras show that there's some good bucks out there. [More]

Illinois Bowhunting Success - Two Does Down

by Justin Zarr 19. October 2010 14:44
Justin ZarrAfter a slow start to my 2010 bowhunting season things are starting to heat up, starting with two does hitting the ground for this week's episode of Bowhunt or Die. [More]

Illinois Bowhunting Season - The Start of Another Year!

by Justin Zarr 30. September 2010 02:25
Justin ZarrOpening Day of Illinois bowhunting season is tomorrow, and I'll be heading out after a couple good bucks that have been frequenting my trail cameras this summer. [More]

Antelope Down! Bowhunting Success in Wyoming

by Justin Zarr 7. September 2010 14:19
Justin ZarrMy first bowhunting trip out of IL or WI resulted in a nice antelope down after just three hours of hunting. You can't beat that! [More]

Summertime Prep; Scouting Velvet Bucks & Hanging Treestands

by Justin Zarr 22. July 2010 14:31
Justin Zarr90 degree temperatures, high humidity and waist-high soybeans means only one thing - Velvet whitetails! [More]

Trail Cameras Off To A Slow Start

by Justin Zarr 14. July 2010 16:19
Justin ZarrAs usual nothing showed up on my trail cameras but a few does. Will my summertime curse carry over into the fall again?? [More]

Blacks Creek Bow'n Collector Soft Bow Case

by Justin Zarr 28. June 2010 15:31
Justin ZarrI will admit I feel victim to Bone Collector mania when I bought this new bow case from Blacks Creek. But I also must admit it's one heck of a nice bow case. [More]

2010 Get Together a Huge Success!

by Justin Zarr 28. June 2010 14:59
Justin ZarrOur 2nd Get Together featured more shooting events, more prizes, and a bigger crowd than last year. Check out this year's big winners. [More]

NAP Apache Dropaway Arrow Rest Review

by Justin Zarr 14. June 2010 03:04
Justin ZarrAfter several weeks of shooting the new Apache rest from NAP I feel that this could be one of the best bowhunting rests on the market. [More]

Maximize Your Bowhunting Success: Location, Location, Location!

by Justin Zarr 27. January 2010 07:17
Justin ZarrHaving a limited time to hunt means you need to maximize each and every trip to your stand this fall, starting with the proper location! [More]

2010 Bowhunting Gear Videos - 63 New Products!

by Justin Zarr 25. January 2010 21:30
Justin ZarrCheck out all of the great videos we put together of the hot new bowhunting products for 2010! [More]

Exclusive Video: New Reconyx Hyperfire Trail Cameras

by Justin Zarr 19. January 2010 04:31
Justin ZarrCheck out this exclusive new video of the Reconyx Hyperfire trail cameras only on [More]
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10 Best Bowhunting Products for 2010

by Justin Zarr 18. January 2010 19:54
Justin ZarrAfter our annual trip to the ATA show I put together my list of what I think the 10 best new products for this year are. Check them out! [More]

Drury Outdoors New DVD Releases for 2010

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 03:28
Justin ZarrWhitetail Madness 13   100% Wild Fair-ChaseDream Season 13   Bow Madness “Season Two”Dream Season The Television Series “Season Six”   Whitetail Obsession 10Longbeard Madness 15 Predator Madness 5

New Sights by Fuse Accessories: Pilot G-Series, Pilot M-Series and Pilot Comp

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 03:12
Justin ZarrPilot G-Series SightThe Pilot G-Series offers bowhunters total function and easy adjustment in the field or on the range. Available in 3 and 5-pin configurations, they feature slender, yet durable pins, allowing for an unobstructed view of your target. Featuring convenient gang adjustment and adjust... [More]

Whisper by Aim Outdoors – The Worlds Only Vibration Damping Peep Sight

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 02:54
Justin Zarr Easiest and quickest installationComparable arrow speeds to lightest hunting peepNo movement on string equals accuracyElliptical aperture allows increased light transmissionWhisper quiet

BloodTrail Camo by Barronett Blinds

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 02:42
Justin ZarrWith Barronett Blinds’ exclusive BloodTrail Camouflage, you’ll add a new level of anticipation and deception to your hunting experience. BloodTrail features Depth Deceit Technology, which creates a detailed, 3-D illusion of outdoor foliage with the perfect combination of depth and realis... [More]

Leech Treestand Accessory Pack by GamePlan Gear

by Justin Zarr 14. January 2010 02:13
Justin ZarrNew for 2010, the “Leech” can attach to virtually any style or brand of treestand with our elastic hook set-up. Following the GamePlan “take it into the tree” philosophy the pack also has a strap for securing the Leech around your favorite tree. Adjustable cord system will fi... [More]

Game and Trail Cameras - New

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:52
Justin ZarrMoultrieGame Spy I-35The Game Spy I-35 is new for 2010. It’s our most economical camera with Game Management system compatibility. Enjoy all of the benefits of the Game Management web site except the ability to change camera settings remotely.  4.0 megapixelsRapid response time50-ft flash... [More]
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Predator Informer

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:41
Justin ZarrQuietly climbing into your stand on a cool, crisp autumn morning you hear a soft grunt off in the distance. Luckily, you have silently tracked this behemoth day and night for the past year with your new sidekick, the Informer.The all-new, Informer is built on one core principle, affordable performan... [More]

Bushnell Scout 1000 ARC

by Justin Zarr 13. January 2010 21:20
Justin ZarrA single button does the math. Just squeeze the trigger and remember your knife. Amazingly compact and simple to use, the Scout 1000 ARC figures distance based on terrain angle to give you an accurate “shoots-like” distance to 1,000 yards. Rifle Mode even tells you where to hold. With se... [More]

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