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Bowhunters Roundtable - Day 1 Update

by Justin Zarr 16. May 2012 14:45
Justin ZarrChecking in life from Barry, Illinois after Day 1 of the 2012 Bowhunters Roundtable, put on by Media Direct Creative. [More]

NAP Killzone Broadhead Review

by Justin Zarr 9. May 2012 01:54
Justin ZarrFor those bowhunters who like big holes and a no-fail design, the new Killzone broadhead from New Archery Products may just be the next "big" thing. (pun intended) [More]

Apex Gear Game Changer Quiver Review

by Justin Zarr 26. April 2012 13:15
Justin ZarrWhile arrow quivers may not be glamorous, the new Game Changer from Apex Gear certainly tries to live up to it's name. [More]

The Great Crossbow Debate

by Justin Zarr 16. April 2012 13:44
Justin ZarrOver the past several years, few topics have stirred more controversy in the bowhunting community than that of the legalization of crossbows. From coast to coast, State wildlife agencies are weighing their options and proposing legislation that expands the use of crossbows during hunting seasons. However, that new legislation is often met by fierce opposition from individuals as well as both national and State bowhunting organizations. My question is, why all the hate? [More]

Live From the Wisconsin Deer Classic

by Justin Zarr 31. March 2012 11:56
Justin ZarrChecking in live from the 2012 Wisconsin Deer Classic as we meet lots of great hunters and check out some monster bucks. [More]

2012 Illinois Deer Classic - Monster Bucks & Bowhunting Friends

by Justin Zarr 25. March 2012 08:10
Justin ZarrThe 2012 Illinois Deer Classic was a great time, with lots of new bowhunting friends and of course MONSTER bucks! [More]

Day 2 ATA Show Updates

by Justin Zarr 11. January 2012 07:43
Justin ZarrMore updates from Day 2 of the 2012 ATA show in Columbus, Ohio including products from S4 Gear, Muddy Outdoors and Clean-Shot. [More]

ATA Show Day 1 Updates

by Justin Zarr 10. January 2012 12:03
Justin ZarrDay 1 of the 2012 ATA show brought some cool bowhunting product launches including the NAP Killzone, Tenzing packs and the Pine Ridge Archery Nitron Stabilizer. [More]

Q&A With the Pro's: Mechanical and Fixed Blade Broadheads

by Justin Zarr 13. December 2011 09:27
Justin ZarrJustin Zarr talks with Chris Kozlik of New Archery Products about mechanical broadheads. [More]

Q&A With the Pros: Camera Equipment For Filming Hunts

by Justin Zarr 13. December 2011 03:22
Justin ZarrJustin Zarr sits down with Jeremy Leu of Campbell Cameras for a Q and A session to get the truth about camera equipment and filming hunts! [More]

HotMocs | The Cure For Cold Feet While Hunting

by Justin Zarr 23. November 2011 10:55
Justin ZarrIf you're a bowhunter who gets cold feet easily, you have to check out HotMocs! [More]

The Rut Finally Comes To Illinois

by Justin Zarr 22. November 2011 15:16
Justin ZarrJustin Zarr continues to hunt hard in Illinois which pays off as he connects with his 2nd great whitetail buck of the season. [More]

Where Have All the Bucks Gone?

by Justin Zarr 18. November 2011 10:18
Justin ZarrAfter a great October, my bowhunting season has really slowed down both in terms of buck sightings as well as trail camera photos. Where have all the bucks gone?? [More]

October Bowhunting Success | A Buck Named Hitch

by Justin Zarr 31. October 2011 16:14
Justin General Manager Justin Zarr recounts the story of a buck called Hitch, his best bow buck to date. [More]

Cyclops Flare Spotlight Review

by Justin Zarr 13. October 2011 14:35
Justin ZarrIf you're looking for a new flashlight, you may want to consider the Cyclops Flare. With 193 lumens of light and a 3.5 hour burn time this little light packs a big punch. [More]

Using Deer Lures: An Interview with Terry Rohm of Tink’s Hunting Products

by Justin Zarr 12. October 2011 15:40
Justin ZarrWanting to learn more about using deer lures to help me harvest a mature buck, I turned to industry expert Terry Rohm for some advice on scents. [More]

Slow Opening Weekend of Bowhunting in Illinois

by Justin Zarr 5. October 2011 02:47
Justin ZarrOpening weekend of archery season in Illinois got off to a slow start, but with a couple good bucks on our Stealth Cams optimizm is still high for the rest of the year. [More]

Trail Cameras Don't Always Have Good News

by Justin Zarr 26. September 2011 16:18
Justin ZarrUsing trail cameras can be a great way to locate and hunt target bucks, but they can also be a big disappointment as well. [More]

Bowhunting Elk in Colorado

by Justin Zarr 25. September 2011 11:31
Justin ZarrAfter a year and a half of planning and anticipation, Mike Willand and Justin Zarr finally head to Colorado to chase elk with their Mathews bows. [More]

Treestand Placement - Morning Stands vrs Evening Stands

by Justin Zarr 2. September 2011 10:05
Justin ZarrLearning where to hang your treestands and when to hunt them is one of the most important things you can do in order to become a better deer hunter. [More]

Essential Tools For Hanging Treestands

by Justin Zarr 24. July 2011 16:23
Justin ZarrWhen hanging treestands it's important to bring the right tools in order to make this often dreadful task both easier as well as safer. [More]

Bowhunting Get Together a Huge Success

by Justin Zarr 24. June 2011 05:51
Justin ZarrThe 2011 Get Together was a huge success with nearly 100 attendees and a variety of great prizes including a new Mathews bow. [More]

Mathews Z7 Xtreme Tactical Bow Review

by Justin Zarr 20. May 2011 14:52
Justin Zarr Late each year as fall gives way to winter the big names in archery begin releasing the details of their upcoming bow lineup. With much anticipation bowhunters across the world take to the Internet to get a glimpse of next year's offerings, often speculating about the new innovations that will soo... [More]

Gold Tip Kinetic Pro 400 Arrow Review

by Justin Zarr 12. April 2011 09:11
Justin ZarrAfter returning home from this year's ATA show the Gold Tip Kinetic carbon arrows were on the top of my "must have" list. Find out why. [More]

Giant Whitetails of the 2011 Illinois Deer Classic

by Justin Zarr 28. March 2011 14:20
Justin ZarrWith the "show season" in full swing it seems like just about every weekend from now until the fall there's a deer show being held somewhere. From coast to coast there's no doubt that deer hunters love to get together, check out some new products, enjoy a few tasty beverages and look at BIG whitetai... [More]

Getting A Good Whitetail Deer Mount

by Justin Zarr 17. March 2011 15:15
Justin ZarrLearn about the finer details of what makes for a good whitetail deer mount, and pick the right taxidermist for your next trophy. [More]

Confessions of a Lazy Hunter Part 1; Post-Season Scouting

by Justin Zarr 9. March 2011 15:40
Justin ZarrPost-season scouting for whitetails has long been held as one of the most valuable tools in the bowhunter's arsenal. I'm here to tell you that's not quite the case! [More]

European Skull Mounts; The Shoulder Mount Alternative

by Justin Zarr 1. February 2011 13:53
Justin ZarrI was never a huge fan of European skull mounts until I got my first one last year. Now I'm addicted to them! [More]

ATA Show 2011 Day 2 Final Bowhunting Gear Update

by Justin Zarr 7. January 2011 13:40
Justin ZarrAfter grabbing some lunch I headed back into the show and continued my quest to find the best new bowhunting gear.  Of course on my way back in I couldn't help but notice the extremely large Tree Spider banner hanging over the entrance.  Robinson Outdoors did a heck of a job promoting this... [More]

2011 ATA Show Day 2 - More Bowhunting Gear

by Justin Zarr 7. January 2011 06:08
Justin ZarrMore bowhunting products including new treestands from Gorilla and Leverage, a turkey mounting kit from Mountain Mike's, and field points from Trophy Ridge. [More]

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