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Del’s Aoudad

by Daniel James Hendricks 8. May 2012 04:36
Daniel James HendricksExotics, Texas, Rio Bonito, Friendship [More]
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New Crossbows for 2012

by Daniel James Hendricks 7. May 2012 01:46
Daniel James Hendricks   Each at the Archery Trade Association Show, the manufacturers from around the world unveil their new products to archery dealers.  Crossbows and crossbow accessories are garnering a larger share of the archery market every year and this year there were some wonderful new kids on th... [More]

It Just Keeps Getting Better

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. January 2012 04:41
Daniel James HendricksIt has become an United Foundation For Disabled Archers (UFFDA) tradition for the participants of each hunt to walk around at the end of the year’s event scratching their heads mumbling to themselves about how they didn’t think it could get any better than this year. But sure enough... [More]

What The Heck Is Going On?

by Daniel James Hendricks 5. January 2012 12:06
Daniel James HendricksThe 2011 Camp Wilderness and Camp Tesomas events that fine tradition has once again been carried on. This year’s events were the best ever for both the Minnesota and Wisconsin crews. And to both teams I tip my hat and offer a hearty congratulations for all of the hard work, excellent spirit and stellar results. [More]

Crossbow Hunting Safety

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. December 2011 14:13
Daniel James HendricksThe crossbow is so powerful it is like a 30.06 that shoots arrows.”  That’s a claim that has been made by the anti-crossbow camp for decades and the truth of the matter is that with a 100-225 lb. or more draw weight, crossbows usually are more powerful than most vertical bows. ... [More]

Coulee Critter on the Diamond K

by Daniel James Hendricks 24. December 2011 04:07
Daniel James HendricksSince 2003, Kim and Cindy Kafka, owners of the Diamond K Ranch in Havre, MT have generously donated an Elk Hunt on their ranch to be auctioned off at the Annual UFFDA Banquet in an effort to support its mission.  The 2011 hunt was purchased by UFFDA Charter Member and longtime friend, John Swan... [More]

Crossbow Review: Parker Hornet Extreme

by Daniel James Hendricks 20. December 2011 13:51
Daniel James HendricksAs crossbows slowly gain more ground each year, the manufacturers continue to amaze me with the improved quality they are making to their bows. I have previously explained how I’ve become a Crossbow Tramp having one affair after another with some truly great and very beautiful bows. Let me s... [More]

Turkey Triumph

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. November 2011 15:03
Daniel James Hendricks    Hunting during the full moon sucks!  The past four days of pursuit the rough and tumble landscapes of south central Missouri had given credence to that fact.  We were hunting with Jim and Darlene Wilson of Ozark Mountain Outfitters and the dire circumstances were aided and ... [More]

HBM Hunt Club Report: 2011 Antelope Roundup

by Daniel James Hendricks 28. November 2011 14:17
Daniel James Hendricks  As sure as the last days of August signal the dusk of summer, they usher in the breaking dawn of the fall hunting season.  And of course the hors d'oeuvre of the fall hunting buffet is Pronghorn Antelope.  Now Douglas, Wyoming is the historical birth place of the Jackalope, but, in... [More]

Buffalo Point: Land of Enchantment

by Daniel James Hendricks 20. October 2011 13:58
Daniel James HendricksDan Hendricks travels to Buffalo point in search of bears. [More]

Crossbow REVIEW – Barnett’s Ghost 350

by Daniel James Hendricks 19. October 2011 01:53
Daniel James HendricksAn honest review of Barnett's ghost 350 crossbow. [More]

2011 Wyoming Antelope Roundup Part 2 - Two For the Doe

by Daniel James Hendricks 18. September 2011 23:44
Daniel James Hendricks   The only thing better than hunting antelope is eating it.  So this past year, when I learned from my guide, Mike Judd that I could acquire a doe tag for a mere $34 dollars, I had Kristi Judd purchase a doe tag for me.  After all, my biggest complaint about an antelope is that... [More]

2011 Wyoming Antelope Roundup Part 1 - One for the Billy

by Daniel James Hendricks 18. September 2011 23:19
Daniel James Hendricks  My #1 reason for hunting Pronghorn Antelope is the fact that the season opens a full month before that of the Minnesota whitetail.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to get out there and do some hunting while one waits for the local deer to become legitimate targets.  Reason #2 is... [More]

Sharing the Hunt

by Daniel James Hendricks 23. August 2011 12:15
Daniel James HendricksAs fall rapidly approaches, bowhunters scramble to tune their equipment and fling hundreds of arrows to hone their skills and technique.  For with autumn, the archery season comes, along with the excitement that hunting-archers live their lives for.  Fall is the traditional time of harv... [More]

Another Lighted Nock Advantage

by Daniel James Hendricks 15. August 2011 07:21
Daniel James HendricksThe benefits of hunting with a lighted nock can outweigh any shortfalls in the deer woods. [More]

The Koda-Express Leaves Lasting Impression on Canadian Bear

by Daniel James Hendricks 21. July 2011 11:34
Daniel James HendricksMy recent trip to Canada for spring bear provided me with an opportunity to begin development of a personal relationship with one of the new kids on the block of the rapidly expanding crossbow world – the Kodabow.  Kodabow is an American made crossbow distributed out of Pennsylvania. ... [More]

Crossbow Accessories for Bear Hunting

by Daniel James Hendricks 13. July 2011 12:04
Daniel James HendricksOkay, let’s go down the check list for your spring bear hunt. You have researched, selected and contracted an outfitter, paying the required deposit to reserve your hunt…check.  You have decided how you’ll travel to Canada and made the required arrangements…check ... [More]

Summer Trophy Shots

by Daniel James Hendricks 24. June 2011 00:56
Daniel James HendricksThe summer months are a great time slot to hone your photography skills with a bevy of occasions that afford the serious camera buff an opportunity to capture some great trophy shots.  One just needs to have their camera ready and then be observant enough to recognize a good photo op when he or... [More]
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The Wildcard Critter

by Daniel James Hendricks 17. June 2011 05:13
Daniel James Hendricks        My first trip to the Rio Bonito Ranch in Junction Texas occurred in 1995 at the invitation of dearly departed friend, Dirk Ross.  It was an experience that opened my mind and my hunting career to a whole new world and class of wild things that have enric... [More]

The Maximum from The Axiom

by Daniel James Hendricks 13. June 2011 09:06
Daniel James HendricksWith spring bear season right around the corner, Excalibur offered me their 2010 Axiom to field test against the mighty bruins of Manitoba.  I deduced that nothing should work better on a Canadian black bear than a Canadian crossbow so eagerly accepted their offer and shortly thereafter rec... [More]

The Crossbow Tramp

by Daniel James Hendricks 19. May 2011 00:14
Daniel James Hendricks Most hunters enter the field with equipment that has been chosen carefully based on experience, preferences and proven results from past hunts; dependable tools that are faithfully relied upon at the culmination of an often times difficult and arduous hunt.  At that moment of truth the hunter... [More]

Groundhog Grief

by Daniel James Hendricks 10. May 2011 11:33
Daniel James Hendricks  This creature goes by the name of Woodchuck, Ground Hog, Whistle Pig or Land Beaver, just to name a few. The Groundhog, Woodchuck or Land Beaver as it is called in some regions is a rather interesting creature.  However, it can be quite a nuisance and is very aggressive in de... [More]

That's Life - A Hunter takes a Vacation

by Daniel James Hendricks 6. May 2011 02:43
Daniel James Hendricks  A bachelor group of Sika bucks looks on as we park our vehicle.  Only one antler of the orginal ten remains, but it is a beauty. Someone once wrote, “Life is what happens while you are making other plans.”  If we carefully analyze our lives, we will quickly see that... [More]

The Crossbow Really Got His Goat

by Daniel James Hendricks 25. April 2011 00:40
Daniel James HendricksA new convert joins the growing ranks of the crossbow hunter in Douglas’ Wyoming. [More]

2010 Ozark Mountain Outfitters

by Daniel James Hendricks 20. April 2011 10:32
Daniel James Hendricks  Had this buck been two years older, it would have found its way to the camp meat pole, but it drew a pass when the author let it walk. Since 2006, we've made a trip to Missouri to visit Jim and Darlene Wilson, at Ozark Mountain Outfitters (OMO).  They provide some of the best whiteta... [More]

It's Not About the Killing

by Daniel James Hendricks 12. April 2011 10:39
Daniel James Hendricks      The season had been a rough one, but finally I had birds standing broadside at just under 20 yards. The first photo of this article is entitled Jakes: First and 20. Now you’re probably thinking that’s kind of a weird title and that perhaps there is a gr... [More]

The Running of the Does

by Daniel James Hendricks 26. March 2011 09:32
Daniel James Hendricks To hardcore deer hunters, nothing is more exciting than the onset of the whitetail rut.  It’s a magical period filled with high-impact action that teaches hunters so much about the creatue that they revere.   If one is lucky enough to be in an environment that’s heavily ... [More]

Crossbow Review: Parker Crossbow's Tornado

by Daniel James Hendricks 14. March 2011 10:38
Daniel James HendricksHeading into the field on the next hunting trip is a jubilation that each of us that pursues wild things is very familiar with.  Visions of trophy critters and epic deeds of great cunning and courage dominate our thoughts as we head for our destinations, fired up with all of the anticipation th... [More]

THANK YOU Mom and Dad!

by Daniel James Hendricks 9. March 2011 11:55
Daniel James HendricksMuch of the credit for a life dedicated to the chase of wild things rightfully belongs to my beloved mother and father.  Born in 1949 and schooled during the 50’s and 60’s, the year 2010 seemed a million miles away to me during those formative years.  But now that it’s ... [More]

The CrossBow Really Got His Goat!

by Daniel James Hendricks 23. February 2011 14:29
Daniel James HendricksA new convert joins the growing ranks of the crossbow hunter in Douglas’ Wyoming. Less than five minutes after the outfitter’s truck disappeared from sight down the dry, dusty trail, the hunter saw six antelope moving towards the windmill where he was perched 15 feet above the ground.&n... [More]

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