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Michael Waddell's Bone Collector Targets by Morrell

by Bow Staff 3. November 2010 05:03
Bow StaffMorrell’s new Bone Collector target series is one of the hottest-selling lines in the target industry. Endorsed by Michael Waddell and Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, the Bone Collector series contains targets that are perfect for the needs of all shooters.  Shooters everywhere are praising the ... [More]

Game Glide- The New and Easy Way to Drag Out Your Trophy

by Bow Staff 28. October 2010 08:11
Bow StaffCranberry Twp, PA (PRWEB) October 28, 2010 GrandView Solutions, LLC. has announced the launch and immediate availability of the Game Glide™ – Ultra Light Deer Sled. The Game Glide is the first entrant into an entirely new segment within the Hunting Accessory category: the Disposab... [More]
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Possible NEW Pennsylvania State Record Buck

by Bow Staff 27. October 2010 09:42
Bow StaffEveryone knows that Pennsylvania has the most hunters in any state per square mile. What you probably haven’t heard, a NEW state record typical may have just fallen! Keystone state hunter, Barry Kern, dropped what could be the largest typical buck taken in state history just a few days ago wh... [More]

Chasing Trophy Whitetails Offers 1st Annual Fan Bowhunt

by Bow Staff 26. October 2010 05:31
Bow StaffChasing Trophy Whitetails (CTW), the largest hunting related page on Facebook, with over 700,000 fans and growing, will host its first annual CTW Fan Hunt from October 20th - 24th at Midwest Whitetail Adventures in Pike County, Illinois. Midwest Whitetail Adventures is known for Trophy Class Whitet... [More]
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NEW Texas Record Whitetail Buck!?

by Bow Staff 20. October 2010 15:33
Bow StaffThere’s an old saying in the lone star state that many native’s love to repeat, “Everything’s bigger in Texas”. Apparently this statement includes whitetail bucks too! Check out this marvel, a 300” monster buck! It could be the state’s NEW record deer! Could... [More]
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Wildgame Innovations Offers 5 Trail Cameras Under 100 Bucks

by Bow Staff 19. October 2010 04:37
Bow StaffThe hard working hunters from Wildgame Innovations believe that bowhunters should scout more for less.  That’s why they now offer 5 compact trail cameras for under $100, with all models offering technology and performance you’d expect from cameras that cost 5 times what a Wildgame c... [More]

New Halo Range Finder from Wildgame Innovations Built for Bowhunters

by Bow Staff 19. October 2010 04:07
Bow StaffWildgame Innovations has been taking the hunting industry by storm over the last couple years.  Now, they have stepped outside of their wildly successful line of attractants and supplement to develop their own rangefinder, The Halo.  If you are interested in the Halo range finder, you can ... [More]

Jack Link's Jerky and Team Realtree Team Up for the Hunting Season

by Bow Staff 19. October 2010 03:14
Bow StaffJack Links and Team Realtree are teaming up this fall to give hunters a delicious, meaty snack. Minong, Wis. — Jack Link’s® Beef Jerky, the No. 1 U.S. meat snack brand and fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer worldwide, along with Realtree®Camo, home of America’s most v... [More]
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Mountain Lion Stumbles onto Elk Hunter!

by Bow Staff 14. October 2010 11:21
Bow StaffColorado elk hunter, Sven Ghoulie, got the surprise of a lifetime on a recent trip to New Mexico. While his buddy was snapping a few mementos of a most triumphant hunt, a full grown mountain lion wandered into view! Rumor has it Sven and his buddies escaped the dangerous encounter without injury, bu... [More]
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Irish Setter Revolutionizes Rubber Hunting Boots

by Bow Staff 14. October 2010 04:39
Bow StaffFrustrated with your bulky, cumbersome rubber boots, but don't want to wear a standard hiking boot because of scent control?  Step Up To ExoFlex rubber boots from Irish Setter.  Irish Setter just revolutionized rubber boots.  How?  They made 'em fit.  Their patent-pendi... [More]

Hoyt Maxxis Bow: Dead In Hand

by Bow Staff 13. October 2010 05:18
Bow Staff Hoyt Bows has built a serious reputation over the years for designing top notch hunting bows.  For the 2010 hunting season, they have birthed possibly their greatest creation yet: the Maxxis.   Whether it’s the smooth, accurate, recoil-free shot from a treestand or the fe... [More]
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CargoBuckle Up Makes Processing Your Deer a Breeze!

by Bow Staff 13. October 2010 02:53
Bow StaffAs most bowhunters know, once we have the fortune of harvesting a deer, the real work begins.  This often includes trying with great effort loading that monster buck up in the bed of our pickup truck or trying to get it elevated for field dressing and/or processing.  This is can be an exha... [More]
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Trophy Ridge Introduces New Hit-Man Series Bowhunting Sight

by Bow Staff 12. October 2010 03:28
Bow StaffOne inch can be the difference between success and failure. If it isn't more accurate, lighter or more durable, it doesn't make it on to Trophy Ridge equipment.  The folks at Trophy Ridge know you're waiting hours, days, or years for that shot.  That's why Trophy Ridge... [More]

The Bear Attack: The Perfect Killer From Bear Archery

by Bow Staff 12. October 2010 02:36
Bow StaffBuilt with the pride and passion of the legendary Fred Bear, coupled with the innovation and technology of today's super speed bows, Bear Archery assembled the ideal hunting bow: The Bear Attack. In a cold tree stand, when the time comes, you want to draw down on a beast- not draw back a beast.&nbs... [More]

G5 Goes Prime Time with Two NEW Bows!

by Bow Staff 11. October 2010 14:37
Bow StaffG5 Outdoors Goes Prime Time G5 Releases Their New Line of Prime Bows to add to Their Impressive Line of Products. Memphis, Mich. - G5 Outdoors, a leading manufacturer in premium archery equipment and design introduces a revolutionary new bow line - PrimeTM .  With its proprietary and exclusiv... [More]
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GamePlan Gear Introduces Innovative CrossOver: The First Crossbow Carrier

by Bow Staff 11. October 2010 04:49
Bow StaffIf you hunt with a crossbow, you know how bulky and cumbersome they are to carry in and out of the woods.  If only there was a product to make transporting you crossbow easier.  Wait!  Maybe there is. Dubuque, Iowa- Known for their revolutionary products and ingenuity, GamePlan Gear ... [More]
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Tink's Products Increases Archery Success

by Bow Staff 6. October 2010 09:18
Bow Staff When it comes to trusted and recognized names in the hunting industry, few can compete with Tink's reputation of quality products.  With over 40 years experience, Tink's remains the American hunter's choice for hunting scents and lures.  Tink's #69 Doe-in-Rut® Buck Lure is a lege... [More]

NEW Alpine Blush Bow is All About the Ladies.

by Bow Staff 5. October 2010 10:53
Bow StaffCheck out the NEWEST bow by the good people at Alpine Archery. This ain’t your father’s stick and string! Lewiston, Idaho - Alpine archery has always appreciated our lady archers and for 2011 they have wrapped all that appreciation up in one solid, smooth shooting, fantastic looking bow... [More]

Delta Archer's Choice Real World Buck

by Bow Staff 5. October 2010 10:30
Bow StaffDelta Targets is proud to introduce yet another quality target in there already popular line of 3D archery targets.  Take your practice to a new level of perfection with the Archer’s Choice Real-World Buck. With the exposed whitetail vitals and bone structure on one side of this economica... [More]

Cobra Archery Sights New and Improved for 2010

by Bow Staff 5. October 2010 03:12
Bow StaffCobra Bow Hunting Products has taken three of their most popular hunting sights, and upgraded them for the 2010 seasons.  The Python, Smoke and E-Z Slide II all sport new features that can increase your bowhunting success.  The all-new Cobra is the most durable, accurate and precise sight ... [More]

TruGlo: Archery Products That Give You the Edge You Need

by Bow Staff 29. September 2010 05:32
Bow StaffTruglo, a leader in archery technology introduces two products that will certainly give you the edge you are looking for in the field this year.  The Loc-Down Quiver and its patent pending one-handed quiver release make dismounting your quiver a breeze and fit both mechanical and fixed blade br... [More]

October Mountain Products Introduces Digital Scales for Your Bow and Arrows

by Bow Staff 29. September 2010 04:58
Bow StaffNew for 2010 October Mountain Products introduces two quality, easy to read digital scales for your bow or arrow.  The M100 Hanging Bow Scale is small and compact enough to fit in the palm of your hand so you can take it with you anywhere!  Meanwhile, the Accu-Arrow Scale is designed for e... [More]

Smart Phone Application "My Tracks" Can Make Hunters More Efficient in the Woods

by Bow Staff 28. September 2010 08:18
Bow Staff    Looking for a simple tool to aid in your scouting efforts or assist you during the shed hunting season?  Look no further than your smart phone.   Yes, your smart phone.  My Tracks, an application downloadable to a variety of smart phones including Droid, iPhone... [More]

Treestand Safety; Always an Important Message.

by Bow Staff 27. September 2010 14:10
Bow StaffAs October quickly gathers us all back into our favorite woodlots across the country, the following story is a harsh reminder of the dangers that can exist whenever we enjoy this passion called hunting. This story is true, it was sent to us by one of our readers and intended to help save lives. The ... [More]
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Atsko's UV Killer Hunting Products: Results You Can See but the Deer Won't!

by Bow Staff 23. September 2010 03:11
Bow Staff It's truly amazing how technical hunting has become.  It used to be the norm to head out in the time with blue jeans and a plaid, thermal sweatshirt with hunters regularly harvesting game.  Now, there are a plethora of products designed to give hunters an advantage.  They do not... [More]

Barnett Buck Commander Crossbow

by Bow Staff 22. September 2010 09:42
Bow StaffLove them or hate them, crowssbows are apart of today's archery world.  Love them or hate them, their technology astounding.  The Buck Commander by Barnett Crossbows is a prime example of modern technology impacting the archery world.  The all new Barnett Buck Commander shoots 365 FPS... [More]

Hunter Rescue Self-Recovery System Fall Arrest System

by Bow Staff 22. September 2010 03:41
Bow Staff To many of us, hunting is our passion.  We intensely pursue whitetails for 3-4 months out of the year hoping to arrow a trophy.  However, our drive to succeed can often blur what should be our number one priority when hunting: safety.  Being safe when hunting from a tree comes first... [More]

Indiana Man Slashes Buck's Throat!

by Bow Staff 21. September 2010 09:44
Bow StaffAn Indiana man is currently being investigated for slashing the throat of a ten year old whitetail buck named Anthony. The incident occurred at a small petting zoo within Hidden Paradise Campground, located near St. Paul. Witnesses there watched a man scale a 10 foot fence before landing on the oth... [More]
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Ozonics: Scent Control and Scent Elimination

by Bow Staff 21. September 2010 09:10
Bow StaffINTRODUCING ELECTRONIC SCENT CONTROL FROM OZONICS. No other scent control system for hunting comes close to Ozonics revolutionary technology for odor elimination. Ozonics' field tested O3 Ozone technology effectively eliminates odors in the air between the hunter and prey from your stand or blind. I... [More]

NAP Thunderhead Edge: One Mean Broadhead

by Bow Staff 21. September 2010 07:58
Bow StaffLooking for the biggest, meanest broadhead on the market today?  Look no further than the Thunderhead Edge from NAP.  The Thunderhead Edge has all of the features that have made Thunderhead the standard in fixed blade broadheads and more! Exclusive straight/serrated blade technology is dev... [More]

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