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One Tough Buck | Crazy Trail Camera Photos

by Bow Staff 3. May 2012 08:22
Bow StaffThese amazing, and tragic, photos of a whitetail buck shot with an arrow were captured this past November by a hunter in Kanssa. [More]
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2012 Mathews Retailer Show Round-Up

by Bow Staff 6. February 2012 01:53
Bow StaffLearn about some of the great new bowhunting gear that was on display at the 2012 Mathews Retailer show. [More]
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Campbell Outdoor Video School: Learn To Self-Film Your Bowhunts

by Bow Staff 24. February 2011 08:38
Bow StaffIf you are a bowhunter that is interested in filming your own hunts, or the hunts or your friends, then Campbell Cameras has a school for you! Learn more about their school and what they offer to get you started filming professional quality hunts soon! [More]

CWD Found in Maryland Whitetail!

by Bow Staff 13. February 2011 02:16
Bow StaffJust weeks after the state of Minnesota announced its first confirmed case of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in a wild deer, the state of Maryland just confirmed the same within its own borders. Is this madness ever going to stop!
On February 10th, 2011, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) received the laboratory confirmation from a wild deer that was taken by a hunter in November of 2010. The deer was taken in the Green Ridge State Forest, Alleghany County, Maryland. [More]

Tink's NEW Scrape Bomb and Scrape Dripper.

by Bow Staff 11. February 2011 13:25
Bow StaffMock Scrape enthusiasts may just want to take a closer look at what the good people at Tinks have recently developed and released. Think of it as a more economical way to draw those BIG bucks to your stand. [More]
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Pope & Young Celebrates 50 Years.

by Bow Staff 9. February 2011 08:48
Bow StaffThis year, 2011, marks the 50th anniversary of the bowhunting club- Pope and Young. Come join in on the hunting heritage! [More]
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BB2 Deer Supplement Now Available in Smaller Bag!

by Bow Staff 9. February 2011 08:24
Bow StaffBB2 Deer Supplement now available in smaller bag for the more savvy deer hunter. Check it out! [More]
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Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro- NEW for 2011!

by Bow Staff 3. February 2011 01:58
Bow Staff2011 Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro The original Day 6 PlotWatcher time-lapse video camera was a game changer no doubt, but the new PlotWatcher Pro hits it out of the park. With four times the battery life and a 2.5" LCD for on-board camera set-up, video aiming and camera status messages, the PlotWatcher Pr... [More]
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NEW Sitka Gear Merino Wool Line. Comfort Re-Introduced.

by Bow Staff 29. January 2011 16:21
Bow StaffSitka Gear’s Merino Line Excels in Comfort The Key to Comfort and Odor Resistance Begins With the Merino Line NAPA, CA. Sitka Gear, has introduced its latest line of high performance gear for the serious hunter, its Merino line.  The benefits of Merino Wool have long been appreciated and... [More]
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NEW Wisconsin Bowhunting Record Whitetail Buck! It's Official!

by Bow Staff 28. January 2011 06:04
Bow StaffTaking the largest typical whitetail buck with a bow is often referred to as the ‘holy grail’ of hunting throughout the state of Wisconsin. A mere four years ago it would fall to a Dunn county bowhunter by the name of Barry Rose. That incredible buck would net 187 2/8 total inches! Move... [More]
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NEW Carbon Express LineJammerPRO & X-Jammer 27 Arrows.

by Bow Staff 27. January 2011 06:02
Bow StaffCARBON EXPRESS HITS THE MARK IN COMPETETIVE SHOOTING. Carbon Express Adds Line Jammer Pro® & X-Jammer 27 TM Pro to the successful line of Target Arrows! Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces the newest addition to their line of... [More]
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NEW Gorilla Silverback Stealth HX Climber.

by Bow Staff 27. January 2011 02:44
Bow StaffGORILLA HELPS HUNTERS GO LIGHTERThe New Silverback Stealth HX Climber, Gorilla’s Lightest Climbing Treestand. FLUSHING, Michigan – Gorilla Inc. a leading manufacturer of performance treestands and accessories announces the introduction of the new Silverback Stealth HX Climber. This alum... [More]
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Death by Safety Harness?!

by Bow Staff 20. January 2011 03:57
Bow StaffAs our hunting seasons draw to a close throughout the North American continent many of us will be further evaluating our safety gear choices. Each year it seems, we are always hearing news of another member of our hunting family needlessly falling to their untimely deaths from a failure to either we... [More]
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Alpine Archery Lil Guff Bow is Perfect for Your Little Hunter!

by Bow Staff 26. December 2010 13:57
Bow StaffParents looking to bring their children into the sport of archery look no further than below! Offered at a great price is a NEW little bow for your perfect little hunter! Lewiston, ID- Alpine Archery has always had its eyes on the future and nothing is more important to the sport than our future ... [More]

NEW Carbon Express Maxima Arrows for 2011.

by Bow Staff 17. December 2010 07:10
Bow StaffCARBON EXPRESS REDEFINES INNOVATION WITH THE NEW MAXIMA LINEUP FEATURING DUAL SPINE WEIGHT FORWARD TECHNOLOGY Flushing, Michigan – Carbon Express, a leader in arrow technology and innovation, introduces four new arrows to the Maxima® Line, specifically designed to maximize the specs tha... [More]

G5 Releases NEW Prime Bow.

by Bow Staff 13. December 2010 11:31
Bow StaffWith its proprietary and exclusive Parallel Cam Technology, this new line of premiums bows virtually eliminates CAM LEAN, making the bows more forgiving and more accurate at greater distances. “The new Prime Bows will raise the bar in compound bow performance.” Stated President Matt Gra... [More]
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Predator Trail Cameras Designed to Perform

by Bow Staff 8. December 2010 05:03
Bow StaffPredator Trail Cameras new line of scouting cameras puts Predator in the top tier of today's modern game cameras.  Predator Trailcams is the forerunner when it comes to customer service and innovative design, knowing that hunters like ourselves need a superior product to get the job ... [More]

NEW Quest Torch Bow Aims for Young Hunters.

by Bow Staff 7. December 2010 09:29
Bow StaffQUEST LIGHTS THE TORCH New Quest Torch Bow Aims To Ignite Passion In Young Hunters. Memphis, Mich., Quest BowhuntingTM, a division of G5 Outdoors, Introduces the new Torch Bow featuring the QS SD Cam Technology. With the release of this bow Quest targets the next generation of avid hunters so they... [More]
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Mountain Mike's Reproductions: Skull Mounting Made Easy

by Bow Staff 2. December 2010 05:59
Bow StaffA gear review of Mountain Mike's skull mounting systems and kits. [More]

The Tree Locker By Keyes Hunting Gear; Bowhunting's Most Versatile Pack

by Bow Staff 29. November 2010 05:44
Bow Staff  Tired of having to carry a cumbersome backpack through the woods that’s necessary to transport all of your gear, only to shove all that gear in the pockets of your clothing while in stand for easy access?  Then you need the Tree Locker, the versatile backpack that literally double... [More]

NuFletch Archery: Products Engineered For Bowhuntnig Success

by Bow Staff 18. November 2010 10:04
Bow Staff   At some point, every archer will have to re-fletch their arrow.  Wouldn't it be awesome if there were a product that could meet their demands instantly?  That awesome product has been provided by the fine folks at NuFletch Archery.  Introducing the NuFletch Spectrum lin... [More]

Release The Beast With TRU Ball's Beast Release; Bowhunting's Baddest Release

by Bow Staff 18. November 2010 03:41
Bow StaffDesigned especially for Michael Waddell & The Bone Collector Team. T.R.U. Ball's engineers have added a solid rod connection & an all new 3oz or 11oz trigger choice to their favorite release, the T.R.U. Ball® Short-N-Sweet. The Beast model is the advanced "high-speed" model with a forwar... [More]

Darton 3800: A Muscle Bow With Manners

by Bow Staff 17. November 2010 08:57
Bow StaffThe DS-3800 is the best choice for the serious Bowhunter or 3D Shooter, a no compromise bow with speed to burn.  The speed this bow is capable of makes judging distance a less critical part of the equation.  Some shooters have found that when they switch to the DS-3800, they can drop down ... [More]

Beman Bone Collector Arrows Recall

by Bow Staff 17. November 2010 04:54
Bow StaffThe United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a recall on the Beman Bone Collector series of arrows.  It is deemed unsafe and dangerous to use these arrows as they can break when being launched from the bow and impact bystanders and unintended targets.  The [More]

SKB Makes Transporting Your Compound Bow or Crossbow Easy and Safe

by Bow Staff 16. November 2010 08:06
Bow StaffThe SKB Transportation Corporation has been the world's transport authority since 1977.  Their motto, "Protection Obsession" is just what bowhunters want to hear.  If you are a bowhunter and have an out of state trip planned or need to transport your bow via plane or long car ride, th... [More]

Ghost Quiver By Rage Broadheads REVIEW

by Bow Staff 16. November 2010 03:24
Bow StaffEvery single piece of equipment on your bow has a purpose and is meant to maximize the performance of your bow.  Rests designed to be deadly silent and get the arrow on its way more quickly add speed.  Fiber optic sights increase shooting accuracy in low light conditions when that mat... [More]
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The Soft Loc Quiver; Bowhunting's Most Dynamic Quiver

by Bow Staff 11. November 2010 02:35
Bow StaffA gear review of Alpine Archery's wildly popular Soft Loc Quiver. [More]

Mission Archery by Mathews Introdcues the Maniac Bow

by Bow Staff 10. November 2010 06:27
Bow StaffWithout a doubt, it's safe to assume that Mathews knows the world of archery and bowhunting and it's members.  With years of leading innovation and design to back their reputation as the industry leader, Mathews and it's brother company Mission archery have conlcuded the following about bowhunt... [More]

Garmin Offers Hunter Friendly GPS Units

by Bow Staff 9. November 2010 09:42
Bow Staff   As any hunter worth his salt knows, putting yourself in the right place and the right time is the name of the game.  GPSMAP 62st does exactly that.  GPSMAP 62st sports a tough-tested, rugged waterproof exterior and a new 65K color 2.6” sunlight-readable screen. ... [More]

Mathews Archery Introduces New Customizable Accessories

by Bow Staff 8. November 2010 10:01
Bow StaffMathews Bows introduces new customizable accessories for your bow. [More]
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