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Kansas Turkey Tag Out: When Preparation Meets Opportunity

by Steve Flores 10. April 2011 14:16
Steve Flores

In my last post I was getting ready to head out west on my first wild turkey hunt. To say I was excited would be an understatement. With that hunt now in the “memory bank”, all I can say is that Kansas was good to me and without a doubt it was a blessed hunt. However, my influence in the outcome was minuscule at best. Sure, I practiced with my bow and made certain everything was in order; you know….the usual stuff you do before a big hunt. But, beyond that I would feel like a hypocrite if I tried to portray my good fortune as anything other than surrounding myself with people who knew a lot more than I did.  

Greenhorn best describes this guy when it comes to bowhunting long beards.

When I met my guide, I was a little concerned. He was young and full of enthusiasm and I worried he might know as little as I did about chasing turkey’s with a bow and arrow. Thankfully, I was wrong; as his aggressive calling style and youthful “never give up attitude” proved to be a deadly combination.
When the sun came up on my first morning in Kansas I was greeted with a beautiful symphony of endless “gobble-gobble-gobbles”. Turkey’s were everywhere! With each subtle call my guide seemed to orchestrate the perfect invitation. As 5 jakes, 2 long-beards and a lone hen were seduced to within range of our ground-blind I knew it was just a matter if time before my new Mathews eZ7 would get to eat. 

The Mathews eZ7 proved to be smooth drawing and super accurate.

 Being new to the challenge of chasing turkeys with a bow, I can honestly say I wasn’t going to be choosey with my first bird. As soon as the opportunity presented itself I had every intention of loosing an arrow. To my delight, a certain “Jake” decided he would be the one. Just as he was about to reach full-strut my bow string jumped forward. The shot happened so quickly I almost didn’t see the arrow zip through him. His expiration proved to be just as fast as he was dead-in-the-air within a matter of seconds. With my first tag filled on a handsome “Jake” it was time to go after my first gobbler. 

My first turkey with a bow was a thing of beauty…even if he was a “Jake”.

 The NAP Gobbler Getter hit him like Thor’s Hammer.

Moving to a different location, Shane (my guide) and I settled in for what we hoped would be an eventful evening. Once again, his aggressive calling and persistent attitude paid off. With a handful of “jakes” showing mild interest in our setup before heading to roost, we were just about to throw in the towel. Then, a lone gobble ignited a glimmer of hope. Thirty minutes later, with shooting light fading, Shane had managed to lure my second opportunity within bow range.


With a change of scenery, hopes were high to fill my final tag.

Peering through the faint camouflage of the blind, I anxiously watched as the long-beard made his way toward our decoy some 15 yards away. When he paused and began to turn his back on his adversary, I drilled him with an NAP tipped, Easton Flatline arrow. Upon impact, the stunned gobbler quickly began to scamper across the lonely field. Hugs and congratulations quickly followed as we watched him topple over some distance away.


With a pounding heart I managed to seal the deal on my first gobbler…thanks largely to the efforts of my young guide.

Looking back now, if I can take credit for anything it would be: surrounding myself with a good turkey caller, having a buddy who was kind enough to envite me along on this hunt (and booking said hunt with a great outfitter), and taking along an awesome bow. After all, when it comes to successfully tagging turkey’s, what more does a greenhorn like me need?

If you would like to book your very own turkey adventure contact Rodney Kelly at Kansas Big Buck Outfitters. God Bless.







Off-Season Shooting: A Different Approach

by Steve Flores 28. February 2011 13:22
Steve Flores

When seasons are closed and the weather is foul, nothing beats some quality time honing shooting skills before the next big-game schedule opens on a new year. However, there exist a different kind of off-season shooting that shouldn’t be neglected. And, in the grand scheme of things, could quite possible be the most important training you and I will ever partake in. I’m talking about getting a child involved in this sport that means so much to us and has provided so many lifelong memories.

Like myself, I am sure you owe your love of bowhunting to someone special who took the time to introduce you to the romance of the stick and string. Personally, I can never repay my father for taking the time to expose me to bowhunting and the outdoors. I guess the best way to show my appreciation would be to make certain that the cycle doesn’t end by passing my passion for bowhunting on to my children. 

 A few days ago, with the weather finally breaking, I enthusiastically removed my bow from its case and prepared to nock some dust off of my shooting and the lonely target at the edge of the lawn. Then it occurred to me that there were two little guys who were just as anxious as I was to experience the mystical flight of the arrow. Without hesitation, I re-cased my bow and proceeded to more important matters. The smiles were good medicine indeed. More so than any 12 ring or P&Y buck my arrows have ever managed to find.

They may have just been standing, bow in hand, on a small lot in the middle of “no-where” USA, but I can already see them, sitting patiently, in a reclusive stand, tucked away somewhere in the middle of a large forest; waiting for just the right opportunity to come to full draw. And with the release of the string, all of their hopes, all of their dreams will come true----as will mine.
This off-season, do your best not to neglect this type of practice. The rewards can be greater than any of us can possibly fathom.




Alpine Archery Lil Guff Bow is Perfect for Your Little Hunter!

by Bow Staff 26. December 2010 13:57
Bow Staff

Parents looking to bring their children into the sport of archery look no further than below! Offered at a great price is a NEW little bow for your perfect little hunter!

Lewiston, ID- Alpine Archery has always had its eyes on the future and nothing is more important to the sport than our future generation of archers and bowhunters. It started with the popular Alpine Colt, a bow designed specifically for the youth market. Now Alpine has taken these two decades of expertise and manufacturing prowess and is proud to offer the new LIL GUFF compound bow.

Alpine Archery Lil Guff

Endorsed by hunting superstar Jim Shockey, Alpine’s LIL GUFF is a design achievement every parent will be happy to place in their children’s hands and importantly, every child will be excited to shoot.

Bob Proctor, President of Alpine made the announcement: “We know the future rests with our younger generation. It is imperative that not only do we get them interested in the sport of archery but we provide the absolute best equipment possible to ensure they succeed at it and enjoy it to the fullest so they will stay in it.

We have pulled out all the stops with the introduction of our 2011 Jim Shockey Signature Series LIL GUFF to make sure every child shooting one will be pleased with the performance and accuracy of this bow.”

The LIL GUFF features a machined aluminum riser with Power Tuff limbs and Radial Force A cams. It sports 7” of draw adjustments of 17” to 23” and weight range of 10 to 35 pound peak with 65% let-off. The bow is 32”overall with a maneuverable 28” axle-to-axle length and weighs a light 2.5 lbs.

The LIL GUFF is designed to fit children in ages of 5 to 12 years and is available in black/bonz and black/pink camo. The LIL GUFF comes in at a parent pleasing low retail of only $219.

Alpine didn’t compromise so you don’t have to either. Want your children loving the sport of archery? Put a LIL GUFF in their hands and watch them really enjoy hitting what they aim at.


For more information on Alpine Archery please take a look for them on the web.



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