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NEW Texas Record Whitetail Buck!?

by Bow Staff 20. October 2010 15:33
Bow Staff

There’s an old saying in the lone star state that many native’s love to repeat, “Everything’s bigger in Texas”. Apparently this statement includes whitetail bucks too! Check out this marvel, a 300” monster buck! It could be the state’s NEW record deer! Could be!?

Deer hunter, Mark Barrett, of the Las Raicas Ranch downed what could become the all time leader in the Texas state record books earlier this archery season. The buck has a reported score of 311 4/8” green gross, while still in velvet. And don’t let the fact it was taken on a ranch fool you, the buck reportedly has no scientific influence at all.  As Marko Barrett, son of Mark has stated, “the deer was a 100% native pasture deer that had not been manipulated in any way. He was a product of rain, protein, feed and patience.”

The staff here at Bowhunting.Com wishes to congratulate hunter, Mark Barrett, on what will certainly become the buck of a lifetime for him. Congratulations Mark, we look forward to hearing the news of your new record once the drying period has passed! Congrats!


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New World Record Turkey Killed in MO

by John Mueller 14. June 2010 02:54
John Mueller

On a recent trip over to visit my taxidermist friend I had the pleasure of seing the new World Record Turkey, which was harvested by a young man from Missouri. I have 1 picture of the eight (yes 8) beards from the new world record. No trophy pics of the actual bird, but he scores a very respectable 199.9 on the Official NWTF scorecard. The turkey was killed with a shotgun by a lucky young hunter near St. Genevieve, MO this spring.  Congrats to the hunter, that's the trophy of a lifetime!

Ohio's Real 320" Buck could become the Largest Non-Typical ever Taken by Bowhunter!

by Bow Staff 3. November 2009 15:45
Bow Staff

When you think about it, I mean really think about it. It almost seems completely absurd that over the past 40 years of deer hunting some of the greatest whitetail bucks of all-time came not from today's "golden age", but rather from yesterday's first few seasons. You know.. before the compound was even a drawing and shotguns rarely fired over 40 yards.

The Jordan buck, which once stood at the top of the pile of giant typical bucks for nearly 80 years. Mel Johnson's incredible bow typical from Illinois taken in 1965. And of course the 1962 record non-typical Del Austin bow trophy, which is nearly unthinkable considering how few and far between deer encounters must have been way back when in Nebraska Mr. Austin. Not to mention the scarcity of food plots in the early to late 60's.

Could one of these bow records be at an end? Finally?

On October 19th, 2009, an Ohio hunter took this spectacular non-typical which is said to boast nearly 320" of bone on his head! While the staff here at Bowhunting.Com slightly disagrees with these early estimates, we have no doubt he topples the 280" mark. The hunter, who's name has yet to be identified, reportedly even has the match set from this buck after last years shed season, those antlers go 260"!


The hunting community as a whole is not yet sure on the weapon that was used, however early speculation is that the giant was taken with a crossbow.

Little more information is known at this time on this whitetails chances of becoming the new world record non-typical whitetail buck taken with a bow. The staff at Bowhunting.Com is dedicated to bringing this story to the surface and will hopefully be updating this story as it further develops. If you have any information on this possible record buck please don't hesitate to send it our way. You can email us at

Wisconsin Whitetail Down! Possible New Record Buck with 30 Points falls to Wayne Schumacker and His Bow.

by Bow Staff 22. September 2009 10:16
Bow Staff

Just one week into the big buck state of Wisconsin's archery season and there is once again talk of a possible new state record!

On the evening of September 20th, 2009, while most of the bowhunters across the country were still dreaming of the season that laid before them, Fon Du Loc resident, Wayne Schumacker was living his. At around dusk that eve, Wayne arrowed this huge non-typical buck, said to boast 30 scorable points!

Wayne was in a treestand over-looking partially wooded and flat terrain, when the buck stepped into view. The buck was shot, quartering away, at a mere 15 yards, only to expire around 70 or so. He had no time to get nervous, as he stated, "it was over in less than 30 seconds".

Wayne's hunting partner and brother was the first to find the animal. After a long drag and a struggling effort, the two were able to get the "once in a lifetime" buck into the tailgate of their truck. The buck was registered this past Monday, after Wayne put in 1/2 days worth of work.

The incredible buck carried an inside spread of 20 1/2", and field-dressed a whopping 225 pounds! Early estimates of the bucks age put him at about 4 1/2 to 5 years of age.

Bowhunting.Com wishes a HUGE congratulations to bowhunter, Wayne Schumacker, on this incredible whitetail trophy. The buck will have to wait the mandatory 60-day drying period before it can be officially measured, but either way, what a buck!

The staff here will update this story as we receive more information and it's final score and tally. Congrats again to hunter Wayne Schumacker.


Pope & Young Announces Four New World Records

by Justin Zarr 10. June 2009 02:05
Justin Zarr

Four new World’s Records were officially recognized during the Pope and Young Club’s 26th Biennial Convention and Awards Banquet in Denver, Colorado, this spring. would like to congratulate all of these bowhunters on their amazing acheivements!

Species: Polar bear
Score: 26 10/16
Location: Cape Brown, Northwest Territories
Bowhunter: Jimmie Ryan
Year: 2008

This bear bested a World’s Record that had stood since Richard McIntire’s Alaska polar bear shot in 1958 (which was tied by a 2002 bear from Nunavut).

Species: Roosevelt’s elk
Score: 378 6/8
Location: Columbia County, Oregon
Bowhunter: Clifford M. Hayden
Year: 1991

The gigantic coastal rainforest elk exceeded the previous world’s record by over 11 inches (367 3/8, Tillamook County, Oregon, Dale Baumgartner, 1985).

Species: Tule elk Score: 312 5/8
Location: Solano County, California
Bowhunter: Audrey Goodnight
Year: 1990

Audrey’s bull is the first declared world’s record for a new record book category that was formally introduced last year. Found in central California, Tule elk are an elk subspecies that exhibit the similar crowning point structure as do Roosevelt’s elk, found on the west coast further to the north. Since establishing the category July 1, 2008, the Pope and Young Club has accepted 22 Tule elk entries into the Records.

Species: Desert Bighorn sheep
Score: 178 6/8
Location: Hidalgo County, New Mexico
Bowhunter: Jim Hens
Year: 2007

New York state bowhunter Jim Hens traveled to New Mexico on a lengthy hunt that resulted in a ram that narrowly surpassed the previous world’s record (178 2/8, Tiburon Island, Mexico, George Harms, 2000).

Just over 100 of the biggest and best animals taken in the last two years were requested and received for verification by the 26th Biennium Panel Judging Session prior to the Denver Convention. These outstanding specimen represented all 34 categories of North American big game and were displayed in an unforgettable public exhibit during the three-day convention in Denver.

Ontario's New Archery Non-Typical Whitetail Revealed!

by Bow Staff 18. March 2009 13:59
Bow Staff

Earlier this past month staff put together a brief story on an unbelievable whitetail buck that was said to be coming out of the Canadian providence of Ontario. With our limited resources and wild rumors that were popping up everywhere, it was difficult for us to discern the truth from the false. However, immediately following that brief story into what could become Ontario’s new non-typical archery record buck, the staff here was contacted by the hunter who wrote the story to begin with. Below you will find some of the very details that surround this amazing whitetail from up north. The staff and readers alike wish to thank you, Alex, for coming forth with this story and for graciously contacting us with the details. Thanks, and enjoy!


New Non-Typical whitetail buck taken in Ontario confirmed!


Hunting the border of where hardwoods abruptly met agricultural fields in the afternoon of November 20th, 2008, hunter Alex MacCulloch, was able to take this whitetail buck at a mere 20 yards! Although the hit was a solid one, Alex decided after a few hours of searching to back out and continue his search the following day. The next morning Alex had to nock a second arrow onto his Diamond, Black Ice, and put another shot into the nearly 250 pound whitetail. The buck expired shortly afterward. Alex reports that a doe had come by earlier and that his now legendary buck was likely following the scent trail of that doe.


The incredible whitetail has officially been panel scored after the mandatory 60 day drying period, and has come in at an astonishing 213 2/8 net non-typical, surpassing the previous non-typical archery whitetail record of 197 3/8 taken in 2001. Estimates by the taxidermist put this whitetail at an inconceivable 8 years of age! This begs the reader to wonder if this whitetail was actually no longer in his peak of antler production when he was shot. Could he have once been bigger!?


The hunting public will get to view this new archery non-typical buck this March at the “King of Bucks” outdoor show held at Bass Pro Shops in Toronto, Canada. wishes to congratulate Alex and his incredible taking of this whitetail, and again we thank you very much for your generosity in letting us use this story here at our website for other bowhunters to enjoy. Readers interested in more of Alex’s story can check out North American Whitetail magazine, they will be doing a more comprehensive article of this incredible buck sometime this year. 

Possible new provincial record whitetail taken in Ontario, Canada

by Bow Staff 2. March 2009 10:02
Bow Staff

The staff has recently received word of this incredible non-typical whitetail buck that could become Ontario’s new provincial archery record. Limited details are known at this time, but we are greatly looking forward to the story to be released soon.

The little information that is known includes that the bowhunter, Alex MacCulloch, took the trophy whitetail in the Durham region just northeast of Toronto. Total gross score is not known at this time, but it is said to have net scored an amazing 213 2/8! From what we can see of the bucks incredible tine length in the photo, we believe these numbers to be pretty accurate! staffers and readers are looking for any information on the details surrounding this amazing buck. If you have or know anything about this new possible record whitetail, please don’t hesitate to send it our way.

You can send your information here, Thank you.

New World Record Elk

by John Mueller 7. January 2009 04:01
John Mueller
Credit: Mossback Guides and Outfitters

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 6 (UPI) -- An elk shot by a hunter in Utah has won official recognition for the largest rack ever recorded for a non-typical American elk.

Officials have also confirmed that the animal was not raised on a farm, The Salt Lake Tribune reported. Critics had suggested that an elk with such a big set of antlers could not have survived in the wild.

Doyle Moss, of MossBack Guides and Outfitters, said that other hunters had tracked the elk, nicknamed "the Spider bull," on Monroe Mountain. He said the elk clearly behaved like a wild elk.

Moss guided Dennis Austad of Ammon, Idaho, who won a special $150,000 Utah permit giving him the right to hunt on state lands for some months. The state uses the money for conservation.

"We all knew he was a special bull, but the reality of just how big he was really set in when we walked up to him," Moss said.

The elk's rack was scored at 478 5/8 points, a figure reached through a series of measurements of the antlers. The previous record in North America was an elk found in a frozen lake in British Columbia in 1994 that scored at 465 2/8.

Possible World Record Non-Typical?

by Staff 20. November 2008 07:34 StaffThis massive buck is reported to have been taken by Roger Jarvis in Missouri. No other information about where or when it was taken is known at this time, but if you have any more info we'd love to know!

The current World's Record non-typical whitetail deer was found in St. Louis County, Missouri, in 1981 and was entered by the Missouri Department of Conservation on behalf of the citizens of Missouri. It scores 333-7/8 B&C.

If anyone has additional information about this great buck please send it to and we would be happy to post it for our visitors to read. 
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