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by Steve Flores 5. May 2012 07:25
Steve Flores

These photos were recently sent to us from a gentleman in Colorado Springs. Apparently, this big guy (on the left) has been seen walking the streets on a regular basis. WOW!!! 

Deer seem to do funny things when they are in velvet; displaying behavior not often seen while in “hard-horn”. This is a perfect example.

Three questions come to mind when I look at this photo.
1. How many points is this buck actually carrying?
2. Would the folks of Colorado Springs frown on someone (me) for hunting within city limits?
3. Could a Lone Wolf Assassin fit in one of those trees?
I guess I will never know the answer to those questions. But, I have a feeling someone has already laid out a strategy to put this buck within bow range come fall. will keep you posted on any developing details regarding this buck. 

What do you think? Sound off in the Forum Section and share your thoughts on this mega-buck.

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Case closed on the "Tank".

by Scott Abbott 16. March 2009 09:32
Scott Abbott

Summer 2007 while glassing a bean field I located a nice bachelor group of bucks using a drainage ditch as a travel corridor to exit a swamp that they were using as bedding cover.  I didn't have my digital camera with me that day so I went back the next three nights hoping to see them repeat their movements through the ditch.  The third night was a success and they made an appearance before night fall.  Even with my camera tapped out to it's 10X optical zoom maximum, it just wasn't enough to really see what the bucks were packing.   I could tell they were all good bucks and I could see the ones left and right side didn't match.  Curiosity was getting to me, I really wanted to know what these guys were packing.

The buck all the way to the left is the "Tank".

Soon after I formulated a plan and set a game camera up to take advantage of this travel pattern they were using.  The mission was a success, as I got many photos of each of the bucks.   When checking the memory card for the first time my buddy says, "Man that bucks body is a tank!"  From there on, he was known as the Tank.   He featured a solid typical four points on his right and an odd shaped three point main frame and a kicker on his left.

The Tank in full velvet.  Impressive neck and body size for August.

We are now almost into hard antler, a cool photo showing him shedding his velvet.

Finally, hard antler.

Even though he wasn't on my "hit list", I never did see him during hunting season and did not get any more trail camera photos of him once our archery season opened the first Saturday of October.  So many times over the years hunting season closes and I have high aspirations to find the sheds of some of the better bucks I located over the previous summer / fall.  Sometimes I am lucky enough to locate some of their bone, but most times they just seem to have disappeared.  I did find the right side of the biggest buck of this bachelor group last winter, but found nothing of the tank or the "Tall Ten". 

While walking a very nasty multi flora thicket today I could see a solid four point side 30-35 yards ahead....  Five minutes later I finally wrestled my way over through the green briar and I immediately recognized the remains as the Tank.  I examined the skeletal remains as best I could for a clue to his death but I couldn't find anything to convince me of what happened.  It really is bitter sweet finding the remains of a whitetail you have history with.  I had always hoped he just moved on to another area, but this just wasn't the case.     

Closure has been found on the Tank and the case is now officially closed.  I always had a soft spot for this buck because I shot a buck here in 2003 that had similar non-typical growth on his right side (pictured below).


Mark Drury Bowhunting success in Wyoming

by Staff 26. September 2008 15:51 Staff

September 2 - Mark Drury has bowhunting success.

Mark always has high anticipation of the first hunt of the year. Each year Mark tries to take advantage of early September and take a trip out West to try and harvest a buck while he is still in velvet. It's a race with time because historically most of the deer are shed by the end of the first week of September. So when Rick and Julie Kreuter invited Mark to Wyoming he couldn't pass up the chance to hunt with good friends and possibly harvest a velvet buck with his bow.

This is the same area were Rick grew up and has owned and operated RK Outfitters since 1992. The idea was to try and double because there were so many deer. They were hoping to lay down some great early season footage for Whitetail Madness 12 and get the season off to a great start! Mark knew it was going to be a good trip when the first night they saw 20 bucks, 3 shooters...and Rick thought they had a slow evening!

It was rainy that first night and all everyone got was wet and cold! So the next day the storm broke and NW winds blew in with a high of 50 degrees....and everyone knows what that means, great deer hunting weather! They decided to go to one of Rick's historically best trees and at about 5:45 Mark was looking down at a text message from his daughter Taylor wishing him luck when Rick excitedly says "Mark, big shooter coming off the hill!".

The buck came in to 25 yards and gave Mark a perfectly broadside shot and he made his shot count. After a quick recovery they elected to climb back up because there was plenty of light left in the day and Rick had his bow and tag in hand. Their confidence was high, which was quickly shattered time and again over the next 36 hours, as Murphy's Law would win out. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong! They weren't able to achieve the double that they had hoped for, but it was a great start to the season anyway! Rick estimated Mark's deer to be a 4 1/2 year old Wyoming whitetail.

Here at BowHunting.Com we have always been great fans of Mark and Terry and the great job they do on the DVD's.




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