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Treestand Safety Application For Smartphones

by Scott Abbott 1. September 2011 03:33
Scott Abbott

The following Application can be downloaded on your cellular phone this fall for absolutely no cost to you. The benefit of this App. is that it could potentially save your life. Please read and pass the information to your hunting friends. Let's make this year the safest year we've all ever endured.

The people at forHuntersbyHunters in association with the Hog-g App team has completed the prototype of a treestand safety tool that will be on display at the Eastern Outdoors Sports Show in Harrisburg,Pa on 2\5-13 at the Kodak Outdoors booth.

A "first of its kind safety device" that utilizes modern technology to aid hunters in the event of a fall from an elevated hunting platform. forhuntersbyhunters are dedicated to meld modern technology with the oldest hobbies of all time, hunting and fishing. Originally designed for Hunters , SafeClimber could be used as in other ares such as roofing work, for Linemen or anywhere there is a risk of injury from falling when you are by yourself.

This much anticipated prototype is finally ready - the "SafeClimber" safety Application for all who hunt from an elevation that have or will buy a smartphone and it is FREE. Thats right, not a cent. 4HxH and the developers are more interested in saving lives than making money. We will be rewarded when the first hunters life is saved because you just can't put a price on life.
Nearly every hunter I know, myself included, knows of at least one hunter that has fallen from a treestand. Hunting accidents such as accidental shootings, rank high, but still treestand accidents are among the top reported accidents during hunting season We want to drive that number down.If you own a smartphone, this is a must have hunting App, a real no brainer because it's FREE and can save your life.
Statistically, nearly one out of every three hunters that hunt from an elevated stand will fall at some point during their span of hunting and treestand accidents are among the top reported accidents during hunting season.There are an estimated 13 Million climbing treestands in use today.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) nearly 75% of falls happen while the hunter is climbing the tree. The "SafeClimber" application has a 1 touch SOS button to enable an emergency text if you find yourself dangling from a tree. The App also has an automatic contact function (automated safety monitor) that will text two preselected contacts (one click from your contacts list for each for a total of two contacts for redundancy) and if you have a GPS signal, the phone can deliver your location by telling exactly where you are located if you you fall from the stand and are unconscious. Another important feature is that your phone will let you know that it has been triggered which gives you time to stop the emergency texts on a false alarm to keep the EMT's from coming.


Watch the Demo:

Something More Than Scent Control

by Steve Flores 24. January 2011 15:49
Steve Flores

            Despite recent questions regarding the overall effectiveness of carbon impregnated clothing, my confidence in such garments hasn’t faltered one bit. What’s more, I can say with total honesty that my position on the subject has nothing to do with sponsorship or money. On the contrary, my belief stems from many years in the field, witnessing first hand what quality carbon clothing, in conjunction with a "solid scent reduction system", can do to your success rate.


            Since it’s inception into the carbon clothing market in 1997, Scent Blocker has been my choice when it comes to flying under what is arguably the greatest radar in the woods….the whitetail’s nose. Immediately after subscribing to a total “scent-reduction system”, I realized just how much my bowhunting experiences could improve. Since those days, the technology behind the Scent Blocker clothing line has grown by leaps and bounds. With attire and products covering just about every situation imaginable, there really is no excuse for getting “busted”.


            But, let’s not turn this into another sales pitch for reducing your “man-funk”. The point is that Robinson Outdoors, makers of Scent Blocker/Scent Shield has recently made the decision to step outside of their “area of expertise”, if you will, and introduce a product that has absolutely nothing to do with scent control. Yes, in today’s economy, it is a brave, and to some extent, risky move for the carbon clothing giant. However, President and CEO Scott Shultz is no stranger to making innovative moves. It is that attitude that has allowed his company to develop some of the best products in the business. Without question, their newest creation is sure to make waves in an industry that seems to have peaked in the “innovation” dept. Until now. I’m talking about safety harnesses.


Aptly named the “Tree Spider”, this new system is fast, light, and easy to use. And while you’ve most likely heard those terms used before, this time it is for real. With ingenious features that allow the system to be attached to your favorite jacket in the Scent Blocker lineup, lineman’s loops for safely hanging stands, back pack attachment capability, and figure-eight webbing configuration, just to name a few, the new Tree Spider is definitely going to change the face of safety arrest systems. For a closer look at all of the features the Tree Spider has to offer, visit Also, look for an in-depth review of this innovative and exciting new system in the very near future.     

Death by Safety Harness?!

by Bow Staff 20. January 2011 03:57
Bow Staff

As our hunting seasons draw to a close throughout the North American continent many of us will be further evaluating our safety gear choices. Each year it seems, we are always hearing news of another member of our hunting family needlessly falling to their untimely deaths from a failure to either wear or properly wear a safety harness.

At Bowhunting.Com we are committed to always promoting treestand safety. This begins the moment you begin your climb and ends only when you have fully descended down. Below, is a reminder for us all on the risks we take each fall. These risks can affect our families forever, so it is of utmost importance that you read below and understand the risks.

Let’s be safe while hunting and return to our loved ones with only the spoils of our hunt in 2011!

Dear Friends,

 Most hunters mistakenly think you can safely hang in a full body harness if you fall from a treestand. If not done properly (with a suspension relief strap) you can die in as quickly as 5 minutes. Please read about suspension trauma and help us spread the word to other hunters.
Mountaineer Sports Warns Hunters Beware of Fatal Suspension Trauma

Dr. Norman Wood, owner of Mountaineer Sports and creator of the patented Rescue One Controlled Descent System,™ warns hunters to beware of potentially fatal effects from suspension trauma.

Dr. Wood explains the seriousness of suspension trauma. "When you are wearing a full body harness, and fall from your treestand, you will first be thankful that you're not lying on the ground either dead or busted up. But, you only have a few minutes to get back to your feet. You can start feeling the effects of suspension trauma very quickly. Your body's weight is pushing down on your leg straps so hard that it is causing a tourniquet affect on the large veins in your legs. This pressure stops the blood in the legs from returning back up to your heart," explains Wood.

Within 5 to 30 minutes of hanging you can be in very serious trouble as Dr. Wood further describes. "The powerful heart can pump the arterial blood down into your legs, but the low pressure venous blood can't get back up. And this is the bad news; this is called Blood Pooling and the legs can store up to half of your total blood volume. It is just like having a major blood loss of about half of your blood without it ever leaving the body. It is the same thing as cutting both of your wrists and losing half of your blood. The longer you hang in your harness, the less blood there is to circulate through the heart and lungs to keep you alive."

According to Wood, "Everyone should always wear a full body safety harness whenever in a treestand. It can save your life. You should be connected to the tree from the time you leave the ground until the time you get back down. There are plenty of different harnesses with suspension relief straps available on the market today to keep you safe, and you should always be using them correctly as instructed."

The Rescue One Controlled Descent System™ was invented by Dr. Wood to help hunters avoid suspension trauma and return safely to the ground. The system is Revolutionizing Fall Safety™ and has been certified to TMA Standards by an independent testing laboratory. For a video demonstration of the Rescue One CDS II™ and more information you can look for them on the web.

Be safe this year! Look into the many better choices companies like Mountaineer Sports or the good people at ScentBlocker have recently come out with. Check it out right here!

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The End of a Bowhunting Season; Pope and Young Club and Treestand Safety

by Todd Graf 18. January 2011 04:36
Todd Graf

 One would think that since the hunting season officially ended this past weekend in Illinois that I would be able to catch up on a little rest and enjoy some down time.  Not so fast, my friend!  As many of you know I was in Indianapolis this past weekend for the annual ATA Show and as I write this I am packing my bags and getting ready to head to Las Vegas for Shot Show too.  In between all of all this, I was able to get my 2010 buck officially scored by my good freind Jim Carlson and became an official member of the Pope and Young Club.  Jim turned me on to the Pope and Young Club and inisisted I join, and after hearing Jim tell of all the good things the Pope and Young Club stands for and represents, I immediately joined.

    October 15th was easily the best day I had hunting for the 2010-2011 season as I was able to harvest a mature self-filming.  This is my third mature buck I've been able to harvest while self-filming in the last three years.  For those of you who are on the fence about self-filming and question whether or not it limits your chances, I am here to tell you it can be done!  If you have ever thought about filming I urge you to give it a try.  Bowhunting itself is fun, but when you add a camera into the mix it only adds to the enjoyment.  Plus, you get to relive all of your hunts whenever you want to.  Stay tuned because we are going to have some self-filming tutorials soon!  When I harvested this buck, I guessed the buck to score in the mid 150s.  Well, my intuition proved to be correct as my buck officially scored 154 7/8”.  In case you missed the footage of me harvesting this buck; check out Episode 3 of Bowhunt or Die by clicking here.  

My record book buck from the 2010 season.  He was just an all around gorgeous buck that ended up grossing 154 7/8".

 I am also proud to announce that I am finally an official member of the Pope and Young Club, and that I entered my buck into the P&Y record books.  I had always wanted to become a part of the Pope and Young Club, but never really had the time to sit down and join. The Pope and Young Club is an organization that every bowhunter should think about joining.  According to the P&Y website, the Pope and Young Club is a non-profit, charitable, membership-based organization whose mission is to ensure bowhunting existence for future generations by promoting and protecting our rich bowhunting heritage and values.   It offers bowhunters around the world a chance to partake in an organization that truly protects our bowhunting rights and ensures a bowhunting future.  I encourage all of to consider joining!

If you are serious about protecting our bowhunting heritage and promising a bowhunting future, I encourage you to join the Pope and Young Club.  I recently did and it's a great organization.

   The Pope and Young Club also supports the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and the two have recently teamed up to unleash an all out attack on tree stand accidents and tree stand safety.  This campaign will be called Project STAND (Stop Treestand Accidents ‘N Deaths).  The goal is to significantly reduce the number of injuries and related deaths associated with tree stand accidents..  Studies show that 50% of tree stand hunters never wear a safety harness.  Studies also show that between 10-30% of all tree stand hunters will experience a fall or near miss during the hunting career.  By 2012, the Pope and Young Club and STAND are hoping to drastically reduce these numbers.  According to the Pope and Young Club, 83% of all P&Y Record Book whitetail entries were taken from a tree stand.  Also, tree stand accidents kill and injure more hunters than firearms.  Those really are sobering statistics and should be an eye opener for everyone.
  Unfortunately, I became a statistic this past fall as I nearly fell from a tree stand while out filming with my cameraman, Cody Altizer.  I was wearing my safety harness while hanging a new stand, and removed it before my descent.  One of the straps on my Lone Wolf climbing stick snapped and I nearly fell.  I was able to grab onto the platform of my stand to prevent a painful landing, but I did injure my right bicep pretty badly.  Thankfully, that was the only injury I had to endure.  I know my wife and little boy, Craig, are thankful too.  I am now taking a serious stand (pun intended) on tree stand safety.  I've been particularly impressed by Scent Blocker's new safety products for 2011, the Tree Spider Safety harness and vest, as well as the Livewire Descent system.  The harness itself is very light, fast and easy to put on and but more importantly safe.  The Speed Vest offers all the same features but in a vest style harness which can be worn into Scent Blocker clothing.  The Livewire Descent System allows for safe, quick, hands free descent from your tree stand.  To learn more about the Tree Spider Safety System from Scent Blocker click here.  I certainly learned my lesson after the fall and immediately ordered the Lifeline System from Muddy Outdoors for all of my treestands.  It is a literal life saver in the deer woods, because you are safe and secure from the moment you start climbing your treestand, to the moment you get down at the end of the hunt.  All you have to do is attach it to the tree when you first hang the stand and you are promised safety henceforth.  I really do encourage all of you to look into the Lifeline System for all of your treestands; the cost certainly outweighs the potential risk. 

The Pope and Young Club and the National Bowhunter Education Foundation have recently joined forces to create an educational campaign called STAND designed to educate bowhunters on treestand safety.  The above image is the logo for this new movement and both parties encourage bowhunters to help promote the cause.

   It is hard to believe that another hunting season has come and gone and quite frankly, I don’t even want to think about bowhunting right now.  I am one burnt out bowhunter.  I worked extremely hard this year and was able to harvest a beautiful 154” buck and two does with my bow, all on film, so I really can’t complain.  Before I know it spring will be here and I will be working tirelessly on my food plots and habitat management program on my property.  Shed hunting season has already begun too.  There truly is no offseason for the serious bowhunter!  If you love bowhunting as much as I do, I urge you to become a member of the Pope and Young Club to protect our bowhunting rights and the future of the sport we all love. However, I most encourage you to hunt smart and hunt safely!

Treestand Safety; Always an Important Message.

by Bow Staff 27. September 2010 14:10
Bow Staff

As October quickly gathers us all back into our favorite woodlots across the country, the following story is a harsh reminder of the dangers that can exist whenever we enjoy this passion called hunting. This story is true, it was sent to us by one of our readers and intended to help save lives. The names have been altered to protect the author, but he reminds us all of just how careful we need to be while in our favorite places this fall. Please read.

"I still have dreams once in a while about my accident, not really dramatic dreams, but just dreams about the accident and the fall, over and over again". -from the author.

On November 4th, I was bow hunting with my good friend Steve. We had hunted the morning and then decided to change stand locations and move during the mid morning. I picked out a tree and started up that tree in my climbing tree stand. I climbed to about 28 feet and set my stand. I was reaching into my pocket to get out my safety strap and secure myself to the tree. But before I did that, I decided that I wanted to move my stand around the tree a little, just a slight shift to get a better angle on the deer. While doing this I did not secure the top part of my stand completely and it jerked just a little, and just enough to knock me off my stand and send me backwards 28 feet to the ground. I remember everything, the fall, the realization that something was wrong, and the PAIN. It was SEVERE, like nothing I had ever felt.

I remember my friend, Steve, came running over to me and calmed me down the best he could. He knew I was in trouble and hurting bad. He calmly called 911 and then explained to me he had to get to a road to direct emergency personnel to me. When Steve left I kind of panicked. I started yelling for help, not sure why I guess, because I knew help was coming, I guess I was crying out because I knew I was paralyzed and I was just asking GOD to help me. That part was and is still really hard to think or talk about. The feelings I had at that point are very real and very hard to explain, but I just felt so helpless, because I knew what was wrong, but I could do nothing about it. It was really tough. In those few short minutes while Steve went and directed the emergency personnel I drifted in and out of consciousness, not really dreaming or anything like that, more of just trying to imagine it never happened and I would wake up and would be dreaming. I wasn't.

Some time later, Steve and the emergency personnel came to my aid. There was a mixture of talking and questions, and all just seemed like muttering to me. I understood what was going on and was aware of what was happening, but I just remember it all like muttering. They took wonderful care of me from the very moment they arrived, they almost all knew me, some were neighbors and some were customers at my store, which helped a lot. I did not want to be saved at that point actually as the pain was so unbearable. I asked them to just shoot me! I know that sounds pretty morbid, but at the time all I could think of was of not being able to move for the rest of my life and I was scared.

It was pretty hard to comprehend what was going on, and to talk about that is even harder. What was I thinking? I'm not sure, but my mind was not thinking right. I remember hearing them say we need to get a Life Flight called in, and I knew I was in real trouble then. The emergency people lifted me onto a hoist and pulled me probably 300 yards through pretty deep underbrush. I am sure I was heavy, but they never tripped or even hit a bump, they did great. The helicopter noise was very loud, it was all I could hear, it seemed like it was right on top of me. I will never forget that sound for the rest of my life. I was quickly loaded onto the helicopter and I remember the nurses onboard asking me a bunch of questions and sticking needles into me. At one point I remember telling them that I could not breathe at all, at that point they realized that my lung had collapsed and one nurse said this is gonna hurt and they cut my right side under my armpit. I remember thinking that really was not that bad, and just then, they shoved a tube into that cut and guided it down to my lung. I have never in my life ever felt that kind of pain! I hope I never do. Of all the pains and sensations I had during my whole ordeal that pain of that tube going into my chest was the worst pain I have ever felt.. period! I could breathe much better but it still hurt badly.

Once we got to Iowa City I was greeted by my wife, my mother and father in law, and Steve's wife. My wife was a wreck I knew, but she kept her cool in front of me as I was falling apart and really thought my life was over. At that point I went into surgery for 7 ½ hours. Thankfully the best back surgeon in Iowa City was there to perform my surgery, and he did an amazing job. I was then put in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit. I was pretty much out of it, but still aware of what had happened. I received the best care in that unit I could ever hope for. In fact, one of my nurses was a girl named Heidi and I actually knew her father Joe very well, she was awesome, and very caring. I knew I was in great hands from then on.

After some time I was transferred to the neurology unit where I just laid in a bed to heal. I did not like that part at all, except for all the visitors, there were a ton and it was awesome. I spent 7 short days in Iowa City, before they sent me to physical therapy. At that point I went to Great River Medical Center for my Rehabilitation. From that time on was just fantastic and I miss those nurses who helped me so much, think about them everyday and what they did for me and my family.

The author of this painful reminder suffered broken vertebrae at the T-8/9 level, or about halfway up his back. With just a few fibers left connecting his spinal cord at the level of the injury, it will render him paralyzed from an inch above the belly button all the way down to his feet. All of this and some lung capacity issues as well. The surgeons had to insert 2 steel rods in the authors  back on both sides of his spine, for stability reasons, and another 4 screws in 4 vertebras as well.

The spinal injury our author suffered through is severe and likely permanent. Although he may never be able to walk again, but only time will tell.

The staff here at BowHunting.Com reminds everyone just how important it is to be safe at all times while in the woods this autumn. Always wear your safety harness, hunt with a friend whenever possible, and tell your loved ones where you will be and when you will return. Accidents happen, so the best defense is prevention. Stay safe this season, and good luck!


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Hunter Rescue Self-Recovery System Fall Arrest System

by Bow Staff 22. September 2010 03:41
Bow Staff

To many of us, hunting is our passion.  We intensely pursue whitetails for 3-4 months out of the year hoping to arrow a trophy.  However, our drive to succeed can often blur what should be our number one priority when hunting: safety.  Being safe when hunting from a tree comes first.  With many tree stand safety harnesses on the market today, Hunter Rescue has simplified the process of safely descending a tree in the unfortunate incident that you should fall with the Hunter Rescue Self-Recovery Fall Arrest System.

You've heard the stories and perhaps even know someone who's fallen from his or her treestand. Such a fall without a safety harness can cause devastating injuries or even death. Although harnesses are designed to stop your fall, what then? What will you do if you can't get back into your stand?

Now you can put your fears of falling behind you with the Hunter Rescue™ Self Recovery Fall Arrest System. This full-body safety harness system is much more than just your basic safety harness. It was created for one and only one purpose - to allow the hunter to get to the ground in a controlled manner in the event of a fall from a treestand or other elevated platform.  This system can also be used if your treestand has a catastrophic failure or if the two parts of your climbing stand become separated.

If you fall from your stand while wearing the Hunter Rescue™ System, you just have to locate the lanyard to the release arm and pull down. You will then travel down the rope to the ground.

Releasing the Hunter Rescue™ takes the same amount of force as initiating a pull up. A lighter person takes less force while a heavier person requires more. To stop, simply release the lanyard. The device will stop you automatically. It's that simple!
The Hunter Rescue™ System can not only save your life, but it will provide you and your loved ones with a peace of mind that will make your hunting experience much more enjoyable.

The Hunter Rescue™ Self Recovery System is comprised of:
•    The Hunter Rescue™
•    A Full Body Harness for the Hunter
•    A Suspension Relief Device
•    30 ft of 9 mm Life Safety Rope
•    A Tree Strap
•    An Aluminum Screw Link Connector



Bowhunter's Marry in Treestand!

by Bow Staff 1. July 2010 03:54
Bow Staff

The staff here at Bowhunting.Com can think of a lot of things to do while on stand waiting for Mister Big to stroll by. Among our most favorite are playing video games, practicing card tricks, and polishing our knife collections. The couple highlighted below however, may have just one-upped us all!

Meet 42 year old Kim Silver and, get this, 61 year old Marvin Hunter of Iowa. Yeah, that’s his real last name, we swear. While dressed in their finest camouflage and elevated in a tree stand they tied the knot this past June.

Kim’s camouflage fatigues were even made of silk, specially made by the good folks at Mossy Oak. Marvin sported your classic shirt and pants combo which appears to be of Realtree descent. Furthering the rift we believe might exist between Toxey Haas and Marvin.

Rumor has it that Kim and her new hubby even stalled the ceremony on several occasions to fling some shaft. Then we’re pretty sure they left on their honeymoon to exclusively fling some shaft.

Bowhunting.Com would like to send out a HUGE congratulation to the new couple! We hope you have many more seasons of bliss in both the home and woods to follow.

And you thought you were hardcore.


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NEW Ultra Lite Safety Harness by Hunter Safety System for 2010.

by Bow Staff 5. April 2010 10:28
Bow Staff

Tired of those bulky safety belts? Looking for something a little lighter on the body this fall? Look no further than Hunter Safety Systems’ newest harness, the Ultra Lite; a less cumbersome means of treestand safety built with you in mind.

Hunter Safety System’s New Ultra Lite Safety Harness Is So Light…
It’s Almost Like You’re Wearing Nothing At All.

Danville, Alabama -For those treestand hunters that have chosen to sacrifice the safety of a restraint system for the freedom of mobility because, “It’s just too bulky,” or “It just doesn’t feel the same,” Hunter Safety System has a safe, comfortable and lightweight solution for you.
Hunter Safety Systems’ newest harness, the Ultra Lite, offers the same structural design, materials and construction of traditional Hunter Safety System restraint systems, but it forgoes all the specialties of the full-featured vests. This “Ultra Lite” design guarantees all the comfort, adjustability and safety of every Hunter Safety System vest.

HSS’s Ultra Lite Safety Harness


Padded chest, shoulder and back straps provide a sleek new look and a new level of comfort to a harness design that is so light you forget you have it on. The Ultra Lite is fully adjustable to accommodate early-season and bulky, cold-season clothing, and the saddle-style leg strap design offers added safety in the event of a fall and more comfort while in the stand. This new harness is equipped with the new super-quiet, rubber-coated leg strap buckles that are stronger and smaller than those used in previous styles.

The Ultra Lite is compatible with all Hunter Safety System accessories including the Lineman’s Climbing Strap, Lifeline and Suspension Relief/Deer Drag Strap, making it a great choice for those looking for a lightweight, affordable and packable safety harness.

Being safe while hunting from an elevated stand has never been easier, and now you have even more options from which to choose. In addition to the new Ultra Lite, Hunter Safety System offers options with pockets, blaze orange and various camo patterns.

The Ultra Lite comes with the Lineman’s climbing Strap (retail value $39.99) and will be available this summer at retailers nationwide or online. Suggested retail price is $99.95.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Danville, Alabama, Hunter Safety System is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative deer hunting gear and hunting equipment for the serious hunter. For additional information, you can write to: The Hunter Safety System, 8237 Danville Road, Danville, AL 35619, call toll free 877-296-3528.


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