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Mossy Oak's Toxey Haas Receives Honors

by Staff 3. December 2008 16:14 StaffToxey Haas has been named one of Outdoor Life's top 25 influential conservationists and leaders in the outdoor industry by the editors of the magazine.
"I can't think of a person more deserving of this honor than Toxey," says Kevin Howard, President of Howard Communications, Inc.    "The goal of every man should be to leave this world a better place than they find it.   Toxey Haas, his Father, Fox, and their family are achieving that goal through their work with the Mossy Oak brand of companies they developed."
When an outdoorsman thinks of Mossy Oak, the first thing that comes to their mind is the line up of Mossy Oak camouflage patterns that have dominated the outdoor clothing and accessory lines for a number of years.     The Mossy Oak patterns are available on thousands of products from clothes and other soft goods to hard goods like bows and guns.   However, Mossy Oak is much more than camouflage patterns.
Toxey Haas has developed a number of other Mossy Oak Brand divisions that are helping the outdoor enthusiast enjoy their lifestyle even more while protecting and promoting these resources for generations to come. 
Mossy Oak BioLogic Wild Game Products have put Haas at the forefront of the game-management movement.     A new division called Nativ Nurseries is leading the way in terms of developing superior trees and plants for wildlife.    Mossy Oak Properties helps provide an avenue for people looking for land to purchase for outdoor recreation to find those who have land for sale through a network of real estate offices.
"Toxey started Mossy Oak with the intent of finding a way to get closer to wildlife."   Says Howard, "That obsession has led him to develop not only great camouflage patterns, but ways to provide better habitat and wildlife management practices.   His work is changing the future of both outdoor people and wildlife." 
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