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Review: Gerber Sportsman's Wood Saw

by Administrator 23. December 2008 05:52

Packing it in for an all day sit in the treestand just got a bit lighter. Introducing what has to be considered one of the best hand saws on the market today. Well known already for their innovation and success of their knife lines, the people of Gerber bring us all their latest version of an old innovation. The Gerber Sportsman's Wood Saw.

At half the weight of most hand sawas and a third of the saw cutting effort from the owner, this latest coarse wood saw appears flawlessly created. The high carbon stainless steel blade measures nearly 6 1/2" long, but when retracted into it's super strong, glass filled nylon handle, steals away a mere 7 3/4" of storage space!

It's not just the hunting community that has fallen for this wood cutting saw either. The Sportsman's Wood Saw, by Gerber, is highly recommended from several agencies as a "must have" tool for survival. Hikers, mountain climbing enthusiasts, even pilots are now placing this product into emergency kits and everyday backpacks around the world. It is the little saw that simply does what it's supposed to do.. cut!

The staff has been testing this product all year. From our run and gun public land climbers to our permanent private land sitters, this wood saw has seen it all! It's sharp strong blade and light weight have made this wood saw our favorite tested product for 2008! It doesn't have any joints that can break, no moving parts. It just works at half the size, and twice the speed!

The Gerber Sportsman's Saw is in stock and ready to fulfill all of your cutting duties.  At only $11.99 this saw is not only reliable, but affordable as well.  Simply click here to view this great saw along with our complete line of treestand clearing, trimming, and preparation tools.


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