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Smoking-My New Favorite Cooking Method

by John Mueller 14. December 2011 14:32
John Mueller

I bought myself an early Christmas present a couple of weeks ago. Cabela’s had an invitation only sale for Cabela’s Club Card holders. I went and cashed in all of my club points and picked up a Cajun Injector Smoker. This is one of the tastiest purchases I’ve made in a long time. I’ve found a whole new way of cooking.

My new Cajun Injector Propane Smoker.

One of my first projects was a smoked venison backstrap. After searching the internet for instructions and talking to a coworker I came up with a recipe. First I split the backstrap down the middle. Then I generously sprinkled it with extra virgin olive oil. I then mixed a venison rub with a barbeque seasoning and rubbed it into and coated the meat with it, giving a good coating. I plan on experimenting with many different types of rubs and seasonings in the future.

To add flavor I generously coated the backstrap with Olive oil and a rub.

Because the backstrap is a very lean cut of meat with no fat I felt like I needed to make sure it would not dry out during the smoking process. I stuffed the split tenderloin with bacon and then wrapped the entire thing in a layer of bacon.

Coating the meat with bacon keeps it from drying out.

I preheated the smoker to 200 degrees and got a good smoke going with some Hickory wood from my farm. I placed the bacon wrapped backstrap on the shelf of the smoker and closed the door. What a beautiful smell filled the yard. I just love the smell of Hickory burning. I monitored the temp, keeping it between 200-250 degrees for about 2 hours, until the internal temperature of the meat was 150 degrees. Man does that look delicious. I couldn’t wait to get it in the house and served on a plate for dinner.

I smoked until the internal temperature reached 150 degrees.

That's enough to make anyone's mouth water.

A meal fit for a king, and tasty too.

The Hickory Smoked Venison Backstrap was a huge success. That was some of the best tasting venison I have ever eaten, and tender too. My new smoker will definitely be getting a workout whenever the weather permits. My next project is a smoked turkey breast. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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