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Bushnell Improves The Trophy Cam

by John Mueller 24. January 2011 14:22
John Mueller

For 2011 Bushnell has made some significant improvements to their already awesome Trophy Cam Trail Cameras. Black LEDs, video with sound, field scan mode, 32GB SD card capable, and zoom viewer are all new features added this year.

The list of features is impressive:

8 MP high quality full color resolution

Day/night auto sensor

External power compatible

Adjustable PIR (Low/Med./High)

1 second trigger speed

Programmable trigger interval-1 sec to 60 min.

Multi image mode: 1-3 images per trigger

Video Length: 1-60 seconds/programmable

Field Scan time lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals, 1 min to 60 min.

Temp. Range -5*F to 140*F

PIR sensor is motion activated out to 45 ft.

Runs up to one year on one set of batteries.

Adjustable web strap and 1/4" x 20 threaded hole for mounting.

SD Card Slot

Runs on AA batteries

The most impressive new features as far as I am concerned is the added sound to the video and the Field Scan mode. I used mine in video mode at mock scrapes last fall and got some amazing video of bucks working the scrape as well as 2 sparring matches at the scrape. I would have loved to have had sound with some of those videos. And the field scan mode can tell you exactly when and where the deer enter your food plot and how they travel through it. The camera doesn't have to activated by movement. You simply set the camera to take a picture at intervals from 1 minute to 60 minutes. So you get the animals no matter how far they are from the camera.

Some other interesting new additions are the Black Leds. Virtually invisible to game as well as human passers by. This makes the new camera especially well suited for scrapes and feeders since there is no visible light to spook game. 32 GB SD cards can now be used to gather your video or still images. You can hold over 20,000 images on a single card. No more disturbing the area every week to pull cards. The built in image viewer now has added zoom feature to check out the pictures in the field. And all of these features are packed into the small 3-1/2" x 5-1/2" case. I think this is one of the best trail camera options for your money. I had mine set on video mode all season and had zero problems with it along with excellent battery life.

Check out the complete lineup of Bushnell Trail Cameras at the link below.






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