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2009 offerings from Octane

by Scott Abbott 23. January 2009 11:06
Scott Abbott

Last year Octane made a big splash with the introduction of the Hostage Pro capture style rest and their revolutionary quiver featuring rare earth magnets, as well as the quivers unmatched adjust-ability.  Feedback that they received from some people was the need for a light weight quiver with all of the adjust-ability of the original Octane quivers.  In steps the Bantam weight quiver.

This quiver accepts up to four arrows and holds them parallel to one another eliminating any fletch contact while holding everything tight to the bow.  Like the other Octane quivers this one also features the same style quick disconnect system.  A pre-cut closed foam insert with a corrosion inhibitor will do the duty of securing your broadheads.

The NXS Bowsight is Octane's answer for a product that many have asked for, but have yet to really receive.  A fully micro-adjustable sight that offers a zero pin gap with out the use of angular pins.  It is available in either a rigid hunter style or a dovetail extension.  Both offer 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. Another feature I like is it comes with a magnetic fiber optic cover with a built in sight light.  The cover will dull your fibers in the brightest of sunlight for precision aiming while hunting or practicing and the battery powered light for use inside a ground blind or while shooting indoors.

The TripWire drop away rest is unique in that the power cord is not rigidly tied into your buss cable or cable slide so it will not effect your draw force, let off or bows tune.  The launcher arm can be left in the up position while drawing or letting down, so you do not have to worry about the arrow bouncing around in the event of having to let down.  Another cool feature is the launcher arm comes coated in a dampening material so you do not have to add fleece tape to your bows riser in attempt to quieten a noisy launcher arm.

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