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Unique Products from Cottonwood Outdoors

by John Mueller 16. January 2009 13:53
John MuellerUnique Products from Cottonwood Outdoors 

Cottonwood Outdoors has really neat and innovative products for archers. Everything from weatherproof tree stand covers to trail camera stands to bow cases. But what really caught my eye at their booth was their line of replacement tree stand seats.


I guess the main reason I noticed the replacement seats, is I am in need of one for my API Climber. The old foam just isn’t what it used to be as far as comfort goes. These seats are made of waterproof material and the seams are completely sealed. Meaning even if your stand is out in a downpour, the seat will be nice and dry when you get there. The foam that is used has a good memory and bounces right back after getting out of the seat. They attach to your stands frame with a fully adjustable quick release buckle system and have a padded backrest that attaches to the tree with a snap buckle.


There are 4 models to choose from in the lineup.

The Standard Model fits most open front and smaller frame stands and retails for $69.95.


The Standard is basically what is on your stand now.



The Reversible Model allows the hunter to face the tree or face away from the tree in just about any stand with a shooting rail and retails for $79.95.

The Magnum Model is 1” deeper in the base cushion and 1” wider in the backrest. It also has 3 connecting straps instead of the 2 the other models have and retails for $79.95.

The Magnum has a deeper seat and wider backrest



The Supreme Model has accessory storage in the headrest, dual water bottle storage in the rear, hand warmer holders in the kidney area and retails for $99.95.



The Supreme is the Caddy of the lineup with extra pouches and handwarmer pockets.


These replacement seats seem to be of much better quality than the original seats on most stands, making those long sits much more comfortable. They also sell replacements for your padded gun rails and armrests; along with add on accessory pouches. Check them out at   

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