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ATA Manufacturers Turning Their Attention to Women

by John Mueller 8. January 2011 13:30
John Mueller

One trend that I defanitely noticed at this years ATA Show was all of the products aimed at the women hunters. Everything from two booths of clothing designed exclusively for women to all of the pink accents for bows and other products. Women have made it known that they are tired of having to make due with wearing oversized mens hunting clothes. And it appears the manufacturing industry has heard them. I'll give a quick rundown of some of the highlights here and get more specific in later blogs.

Prois has a complete line up of womens hunting apparel. From camaflauge to stylish shooters jackets. I was told these are the clothes Sarah Palin is wearing on her TV show Sarah Palins Alaska on TLC.

Scent Blocker now has a complete line of womens hunting clothes including insulating under layers designed to fit women.

And now as modeled by the Scent  Blocker Girls wearing their stylish Badge Holders. 

Realtree has an extensive line of womens casual clothing and shoes in their RealtreeGirl (RG) line up.


A clever play on words.


Buckwear has a number of T-Shirt designs for women also.

Alpine has added the Blush bow to their stable.


30.06 Gear has a number of accessories designed with the women in mind.


Hunter Safety Systems has a new model of safety vest accented to suit women.

Haley Vines has hunting clothing as well as accessories made to suit a womans taste.

Strother Bows has the sexy Allure bow in black dressed up with pink accents.

And of course we have the pink Crush bag target from Morrell in honor of Miss Tiffany Lakowski

So all you ladies out there, your day has come. At least as far as the ATA is concerned. This is the most products designed specifically for women I have seen at an ATA Show. I also noticed a lot more women working in the booths as well walking the isles of the show checking out the new products.

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