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Ghost Quiver By Rage Broadheads REVIEW

by Bow Staff 16. November 2010 03:24
Bow Staff

Every single piece of equipment on your bow has a purpose and is meant to maximize the performance of your bow.  Rests designed to be deadly silent and get the arrow on its way more quickly add speed.  Fiber optic sights increase shooting accuracy in low light conditions when that mature buck is most likely to present a shot.  Stabilizers stabilize your bow and reduce noise and vibration to allow for a more consistent follow through after the shot.  The list goes on and on.  However, an often overlooked piece of equipment that receives little attention is the quiver.  It's just meant to hold your arrows in place, right?  Maybe so, until the folks Rage Broadheads developed the Ghost Quiver- the innovative quiver designed for all expandable broadheads. 

The GHOST Quiver features a faceted skeletal hood and transparent windows for easy viewing of your broadheads. There's no foam to interfere with your broadheads or trap blade-ruining moisture in this design. Rather, a 2-mm thick aliphatic urethane rubberized interior secures the broadhead tips, keeping the blades sharp and locked at all times. MuffleGrip over-molding on the hood and dual shaft grippers silence sound and deaden vibration, while holding arrow shafts firmly in place and allowing simple and quiet arrow removal.

When mounted, the ultra-low-profile GHOST Quiver adds no more than 2 inches to the width of your bow, providing for easier maneuverability in the woods. Branches and brush stand very little chance of hanging up on the GHOST as you move to and around in your stand. And tipping the scales at a mere 9 ounces, the GHOST is barely noticeable attached to your bow, minimizing its affect on balance.


















The new proprietary Coffin Lock cam system securely locks the quiver in place by way of an ingenious coffin-shaped taper on the dovetailed interlock. The genius of this design is that it allows users to safely, quickly and intuitively remove or attach the GHOST Quiver, even in complete darkness. To ensure that this quiver fits everyone's ideal needs, the GHOST is ambidextrous and offers multi-positional mounting, allowing archers to customize the quiver alignmentup or down, canted or vertical to best fit their individual preferences.

If you are interested in purchasing the Ghost Quiver, you can do so right here at by clicking on the red GHOST Quiver links!

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2010 Bowhunting Season In Pictures.....So Far

by John Mueller 15. November 2010 13:57
John Mueller

I have had a very good season of bowhunting so far. I have seen a lot of deer, including a few good bucks and a lot of small bucks. I have even managed to kill a doe in the early season. But I just can't seem to be in the right spot when a big buck does show up in daylight. This is also the first season I have made the commitment to seriously concentrate on filming all of my hunts. I have had some interesting encounters while doing this. It is a challange, but fun and rewarding too. So here is my season in pictures so far.


I now carry the camera and camera arm along on every hunt. It takes a little more time and is more weight to lug around, but it's always fun to go back and see what happened on the previous hunts.

Looking over the food plot on a mid October hunt.

Bowhunting during youth gun season. Hunter orange required for bowhunters also.

My trap has been set. A strategically placed path through the corn planted with turnips.

Tools of the trade. The Bowtech Captain is waiting for action.

The Rage is at the ready.

Trying the other end of the food plot.

The autumn colors are starting to pop.

Scrapes are showing up everywhere.


The leaves have almost all fallen, leaving the woods more open.

Trying to make a big buck mad and attack the poor little decoy for invading his territory.

My early October doe harvest which can be seen on Bowhunt or Die, episode 2.


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