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Introducing The Day 6 Plotwatcher; A Different Kind of Trail Camera!

by Bow Staff 30. June 2010 13:39
Bow Staff

The Day 6 PlotWatcher Takes the Guessing
Out of Your Hunt!

For many years, trail cameras have provided hunters with information about the deer and turkey populations on the property they hunt. They've given hunters an idea of the numbers and age-class of the animals in the area. Now there's a camera that can do much more.

The PlotWatcher Time Lapse Video Camera is not a traditional camera. It's in a class of its own. The PlotWatcher videos daytime game activity around potential hunting locations several days leading up to your hunt. When you review the footage, you can see what you would have had you been sitting there yourself. Using the information the video provides, you can make an educated decision on when you should hunt and which spot offers you the best opportunity.

Unlike traditional trail camers, the PlotWatcher doesn't rely on a motion-activated or heat-sensing trigger to work. Therefore, animals don't need to be close to the camera in order for it to take their picture. The PlotWatcher uses time-lapse video technology to record high-definition images. It takes a picture every 5 to 10 seconds and saves these individual pictures as an HD video. The GameFinder video player software comes free with the PlotWatcher and has been developed to give you the ability to watch an entire day's video in just a few minutes.  For optimum performance and to preserve your camera battery's life, use a Windows® ReadyBoost™ compatible USB drive.

The PlotWatcher eliminates the guess work putting the odds of success in your favor. You'll know what spots you should hunt and the best time to hunt them. After using the Day 6 PlotWatcher Time-Lapse Video Camera, you'll wonder how you ever got a long without it.


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