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Octane Bantamweight Quiver Review

by John Mueller 27. September 2009 04:29
John Mueller

            The Octane Bantamweight Quiver is the latest in Bowtech’s quiver lineup. It is one of the lightest and the most adjustable quivers on the market. The foam head will accept any broadhead design made.  


            The adjustability of the Bantamweight Quiver makes it possible to use on any bow with any arrow length. The arms pivot and move to any angle and the length between the head and the grippers can be adjusted to suit your arrow length. The angle of the head and grippers can be adjusted to align the arrows with your bow to protect the nocks and keep mud and debris from sticking in them. Check out the video in the link to see the adjustability in action.


            Because of it’s skeletal design and the use of lightweight materials this quiver is one of the lightest on the market, saving valuable weight for those long hikes to your stand or lightening the load for those mountainous climbs.


            The foam in the head is CNC cut to accept any broadhead design from mechanicals to 3 or 4 blade fixed heads. The foam has been treated with a rust inhibiter to keep your blades rust free and razor sharp.

The Bantamweight can accept any style of broadhead.


            The quiver mounts to the top hole in your bows riser, and can be removed by loosening one knob. This mounting style allows for clearance over the knobs of many adjustable length bar sights. Quivers which mount to the holes in the sights often times have issues with hitting the locking knob on adjustable length sights.

The quiver attaches with one screw and can be removed by loosening the red knob


Once removed this is all that is left attached to your bow.




Top of the riser attachment allows for clearence of  adjustable length sight knobs.

            The Bantamweight also sits close to the bow, not taking up a lot of space in your case. This also helps when walking through thick woods, keeping everything close to your body and not getting caught on limbs and branches.

Adjusts to completely protect your arrows.


            My only complaint about this quiver is; I wish it had 2 arrows grippers instead of one and the foam in the head. I use the Rage Broadhead and the foam can cause the blades to open in the quiver. If there were 2 grippers you could use the head without the foam and not have that problem. I have found that over time, taking the heads in and out of the foam can take some of the razor edge off of the blades also.


            Overall I really like the quiver due to the light weight, super adjustability and the simplicity of attaching and removing it from my bow. If it had the 2 grippers, I would consider it the perfect quiver.

And best of all it works.


            You can order your own Bantamweight Quiver and many other Octane Accessories from by following the link.

The Octane NXS Bowsight

by John Mueller 5. August 2009 15:42
John Mueller

The Octane NXS Bowsight is a precision built instrument. The machining and fit is top notch. All adjustments have laser engraved marking. The fiber optics are well contained in the pins without large loops to catch brush. This sight has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment to keep all pins on the same plane at all yardages. The pins are gang adjustable for elevation and windage and each pin can be adjusted up and down individually by engaging the clutch drive and turning the adjusting screw. The light is removable and adjustable in intensity for that fading light.

The machining and fit of the sight is excellent.

Individual pins are adjusted by loosening the allen screws and turning the screw on top of the sight.

The light mounts over the pins with magnets on the four screw heads to hold it in place.

5 pins with a built in level.

The features I particularly like on the NXS Sight are.

: The adjustability and positive locking once everything is in place.

: Bright fiber optics.

: Adjustable light intensity.

: Individual pin micro adjustable.

: Precision fit and finish.

There are 2 features that I didn’t like on this sight.

: The major weakness of this sight is the removable light. It sounds like a neat idea, but in reality it just will not work in a hunting situation. I predict many of the lights will end up at the bottom of the tree the hunter is in or lost in the woods on the way to the stand. This feature will not last.

: The other thing I didn’t like is the 2” pin guard with 5 pins. I use a verifier peep and it only comes in 1/8” and 1/4 “ sizes. I need a 1 ½” pin guard to be able to center the guard in my peep. For my hunting situation I prefer a 1 ½” pin guard with 3 or 4 pins.

A nice addition to any bow.

The hunter's view.

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2009 offerings from Octane

by Scott Abbott 23. January 2009 11:06
Scott Abbott

Last year Octane made a big splash with the introduction of the Hostage Pro capture style rest and their revolutionary quiver featuring rare earth magnets, as well as the quivers unmatched adjust-ability.  Feedback that they received from some people was the need for a light weight quiver with all of the adjust-ability of the original Octane quivers.  In steps the Bantam weight quiver.

This quiver accepts up to four arrows and holds them parallel to one another eliminating any fletch contact while holding everything tight to the bow.  Like the other Octane quivers this one also features the same style quick disconnect system.  A pre-cut closed foam insert with a corrosion inhibitor will do the duty of securing your broadheads.

The NXS Bowsight is Octane's answer for a product that many have asked for, but have yet to really receive.  A fully micro-adjustable sight that offers a zero pin gap with out the use of angular pins.  It is available in either a rigid hunter style or a dovetail extension.  Both offer 2nd and 3rd axis adjustments. Another feature I like is it comes with a magnetic fiber optic cover with a built in sight light.  The cover will dull your fibers in the brightest of sunlight for precision aiming while hunting or practicing and the battery powered light for use inside a ground blind or while shooting indoors.

The TripWire drop away rest is unique in that the power cord is not rigidly tied into your buss cable or cable slide so it will not effect your draw force, let off or bows tune.  The launcher arm can be left in the up position while drawing or letting down, so you do not have to worry about the arrow bouncing around in the event of having to let down.  Another cool feature is the launcher arm comes coated in a dampening material so you do not have to add fleece tape to your bows riser in attempt to quieten a noisy launcher arm.

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Archery Trade Association - 2009 Day 1 Products

by Todd Graf 8. January 2009 15:23
Todd Graf

Its that time of the year when the anticiaption is high of what bowhunting manufacturers will be coming out with this year.  As always I feel like a kid in a candy store looking at all of the new products being released right now in Indy at the largest archery show of the year. I am not going to go into much depth now but here is what I have seen so far. Photos will be uploaded when I get back into town.

Octane introduces the new Bantam Weight Quiver which is a one piece quiver that's super lightweight, compact, and the 4 arrow design keeps your arrows tight to the bow.   This quiver features the same popular quick-detach as the standard Octane quivers and is super lightweight for those of you who thought the magentic-hood quivers were a little on the heavy side.  It is also adjustable in both length and offset to fit just about any bow/arrow combination just right.

Dead Down Wind - this company always seems to come up with cool ideas ever year.  For 2009 here is what I like - a totally odorless oil which can be used on everything from the axles in your bow to your dropaway rests, releases, and even any firearms you may take out after bow season. They also have a new wind checkmate product which uses an average 2 micron particle size that delivers the perfect cloud for monitoring wind currents and ScentPrevent technology. This way no matter what conditions you are hunting in you will know which way the wind is going. They have also increased the size of the bottle to 3-4 times of most of their competitors for the same price. 

Cottonwood Outdoors - I know all of us have a deer stand that needs a new seat. Cottonwood has you covered! They are making replacement treestand seat covers for just about all treestands on the market. Plus these seat covers are lined with Weathershield which is a totally waterproof fabric.  This means not only will your seat be dry, but it won't rot out as easily when left in the field for long periods of time.

Viper Archery - The Barrel. This completley new target is very innovative. Instead of shooting into the layers of a traditional square layered targer, you are shooting into a 360 degree shooting surface. Its innovative wrapped design absorbs energy from high speed arrows, and arrows will stop with minimum penetration and its wrapped with weather resistant vinyl graphics.

Natural Predator Outdoor Products - If you want to make your own carbon suit time and time again now you can. All you have to do is Mix, Dip, Hang & Store. The TRU-Carbon H20 Pellets dissolves instantly in water. You Dip your clothing in and let it hang dry and you're ready to go.  We tried it out on a pair of stinky socks, and sure enough it worked great! 

Primos - the mini bloodhunter plus will help you find your blood trail. This new mini bloodhunter has 95 lumen white LED which serves as a standad light along with two additional red and green LEDs to make blood trailing easily.  It features a burn time of 4 hours on the 2 red/green LEDs,  6 hours on 2 reduced LEDS, and 8 hours the single white LED. Hopefully all of you find your deer within the first hour or so but this little light can sure make a differecne when bloodtrailing gets tough.

Copper John now offers replaceable fiber optic pins for their popular line of sights. So if you happen to break a pin in the field, it's no problem to replace them quickly and easily. This can be done in 60 seconds and you'll be back in hunting in no time.

Cherry Hill Outdoos has a cool product called the Quiet Range Finder Holder.  This product keeps your rangefinder close at hand, is extremely quiet, and has retractable cord to prevent you from dropping or losing your expensive rangefinder.  It can be used for right or left handed users, and can be secured to your binocular straps.

White Knuckle Productions new video for 2009 is called Full Circle and features several awesome hunting stories from the WKP team.  From the fields and forests of the Midwest including Illinois, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin you'll see two bucks over 190 inches harvested on this video, 2 over 160 inches, and several more over 130 inches.  This video is 100% bowhunting and features real-world fair-chase, self-guided hunts.  Look for this new DVD to be availble here on in early spring.

If you've read my blog at all you'll know I'm a big fan of the Reconyx trail cameras.  New for this year are the MC65 Solocam IR.  This camera has a 1/5 second trigger speed, 1 photo per second write speed, full HD 1080 photo definition, and is fully concealed in the Mathews Lost camo.  You can bet I'll have one of these out in the field as soon as I can get my hands on it.

Predator Trail cameras has updated their firmware for this year to provide even easier one-touch setup that is super fast and super easy to use.  Their cameras also feature improved battery life and improved cold weather performance as well.  New for this year is an external battery combo that will provide up to 4 months of battery life for extended use.

Mrs. Doe Pee has a pretty cool product, that probably isn't new, but I think it's neat!  It's a wind checking device that contains an estrous scent to lure in bucks during the prime time.  So checking the wind more often could just lure in that buck of a lifetime - like the one Sam Collora shot below.  This buck never ceases to impress me no matter how many times I've seen it.  He's awesome!

One of our top sellers for 2008 was the original Hooyman saw, and new for this year is a 10' version.  Now you can reach even further with this compact extendible saw that folds down to 28" when closed.  You can bet we'll be adding these to our arsenal for this fall as well!

Check back tomorrow for full updates on all the other new products that we find at this year's ATA Show.

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