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The Octane NXS Bowsight

by John Mueller 5. August 2009 15:42
John Mueller

The Octane NXS Bowsight is a precision built instrument. The machining and fit is top notch. All adjustments have laser engraved marking. The fiber optics are well contained in the pins without large loops to catch brush. This sight has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment to keep all pins on the same plane at all yardages. The pins are gang adjustable for elevation and windage and each pin can be adjusted up and down individually by engaging the clutch drive and turning the adjusting screw. The light is removable and adjustable in intensity for that fading light.

The machining and fit of the sight is excellent.

Individual pins are adjusted by loosening the allen screws and turning the screw on top of the sight.

The light mounts over the pins with magnets on the four screw heads to hold it in place.

5 pins with a built in level.

The features I particularly like on the NXS Sight are.

: The adjustability and positive locking once everything is in place.

: Bright fiber optics.

: Adjustable light intensity.

: Individual pin micro adjustable.

: Precision fit and finish.

There are 2 features that I didn’t like on this sight.

: The major weakness of this sight is the removable light. It sounds like a neat idea, but in reality it just will not work in a hunting situation. I predict many of the lights will end up at the bottom of the tree the hunter is in or lost in the woods on the way to the stand. This feature will not last.

: The other thing I didn’t like is the 2” pin guard with 5 pins. I use a verifier peep and it only comes in 1/8” and 1/4 “ sizes. I need a 1 ½” pin guard to be able to center the guard in my peep. For my hunting situation I prefer a 1 ½” pin guard with 3 or 4 pins.

A nice addition to any bow.

The hunter's view.

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