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Keep Your Fletchings More Secure with GOAT TUFF Products.

by Bow Staff 8. September 2009 08:11
Bow Staff

The idea behind fletching any arrow is simple, just make sure it securely fastens to the shaft. Accomplishing this goal isn't difficult, but can become a hunters worst fear while in the field. With the buck of a lifetime before him, a loss of a vane in arrow flight due to a faulty bond can become the difference between a happy homecoming and a discouraged one.

The first step, and perhaps the most important, in ensuring your vanes or feathers stay 'on board' this autumn is proper cleaning of the arrow shaft. This is where the new GOAT TUFF 'Arrow Shaft Cleaner Kit' can play BIG dividends in the prevention of such a disaster. Read below to find out more from a recent interview with GOAT TUFF products president, Jerry Smith.

Jerry Smith, President of GOAT TUFF Products made the announcement from the corporate offices in Tucson, AZ.                                                                               
“One of the main reasons fletching doesn’t maintain a solid hold on the arrow shaft is due to the shaft not being properly cleaned. This is why we have introduced our new GOAT TUFF Arrow Shaft Cleaning Kit.” Smith continued, “Every arrow shaft must be cleaned well to ensure the fletching sticks regardless of the conditions and the last place you want to have failure is in the field. The Arrow Shaft Cleaner Kit is a convenient package that provides the quality products necessary to make sure your fletching stays where you put it - on the arrow shaft.”

Each kit contains a 2 oz bottle of concentrated cleaner for cleaning and degreasing arrow shafts, a 16 oz plastic bottle for mixing the concentrate with 14 oz of water and two microfiber cleaning towels for completely removing particles from shaft. The cleaner is pH balanced for maximum performance with GOAT TUFF Glue, is economic to use, safe and easy on the hands, environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

GOAT TUFF, making sure your fletching stays put.

GOAT TUFF Products offers a full line of cleaning and gluing products for the professional and home arrow maker.

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NEW Reign Broadhead and why it Reign's supreme.

by Bow Staff 2. September 2009 15:11
Bow Staff

EP Hunting introduces new high-speed REIGN Broadhead.

Leave it to two innovative Michigan bowhunters to make the first substantial breakthrough in modern broadhead design. Mike Mix and Doug VandeWater are fairly average guys, but they had the vision and tenacity to look at existing broadhead design and realize that while bow speeds have climbed in recent years from the low 200’s to well over 300fps, broadhead design had changed relatively little. Through trial and error, the two created a broadhead that eliminates the problems inherent in current designs and at the same time capitalizes on the higher speed created by today’s “hyper-bows”. They introduced The REIGN broadhead at the recent ATA Show and were amazed by the positive response and industry buzz.

Two innovations separate The REIGN from other broadheads. First is a rather blunt looking tip called a SHATTERHEAD™. Razor sharp on four sides, but featuring a much steeper angle than other broadheads. In testing, the partners learned that at higher speeds, the tip was able to act similar to a mushrooming bullet and literally explode bone outward on contact, clearing the way for little or no blade damage upon entry. SHATTERHEAD™ makes excellent sense when you consider the high-speeds of today's bow. No longer do tips need to pry, penetrate or wedge through big-game bone. At 300 fps, a stronger, steeper tip can literally blow it out of the way.

The second innovation is a pivoting, single-piece, two-blade design that features a patent pending, spring-loaded ball bearing mechanism that re-centers the blade after it pivots to get past bone on shots where bone is not center-hit. These two hunters learned that a fixed or mechanical head is radically thrown off course when a single blade contacts bone. It either grabs or bounces and both actions radically change the intended trajectory. SWIVELTECH™ allows the blade to move, re-center for maximum cut and not be thrown off it’s intended path. The arrow carries more energy into and through the body cavity and provides bullet-true penetration.


The two features combined may virtually rewrite the book on broadhead design in an age of faster and faster bows. The head is available in100grains and is 100% Stainless Steel.

We hope to have more information on this exciting new innovation to the world of bowhunting, real soon.

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Cold Weather Gear in 2009; PolarWrap ExChanger II means more comfort and longer sits.

by Bow Staff 29. June 2009 08:52
Bow Staff

Comfort while on stand just got a little easier in 2009, with the release of a new and more efficient face mask, the ExChanger II, from the people at PolarWrap. Available now in Realtree AP, this latest mask contains a patent thermal exchange module which keeps the warmth from exhaled air, and warms cold air as it is inhaled. We think you will agree, this could be a hunter’s best friend while in a cold treestand this fall.

PolarWrap Brings High Definition of Realtree® AP™ to High Performing Gear

For immediate release. . . Memphis, TN. . ..You can be more confident – and less apparent – in the outdoors, because PolarWrap now offers the versatile, high definition of Realtree® AP™ on its high performing Full Head Cover mask and ExChanger II mask.  Both PolarWrap masks contain the patented thermal exchange module, a technology which, by design, traps the warmth from exhaled breath and warms cold air as it is inhaled. 

“Combining our heat exchange technology with the high definition of Realtree’s® All-Purpose camo meets our goal,” says PolarWrap CEO, Tom Dickson, “To provide products that help our customers have a more satisfying outdoor experience.”

Keeping the body core protected from the invasion of cold air is key to cold weather comfort and safety.  The moderate efficiency module of the Full Head Cover and the maximum efficiency module of the ExChanger II are designed to provide excellent transfer of heat and water vapor back to the user during periods of moderate to active levels of exercise.  At freezing temperatures, the user is actually breathing 80 degree air!  The Full Head Cover and ExChanger II masks are perfect for hunting, fishing, wilderness treks – anywhere you want to enjoy the outdoors during cold weather seasons for longer periods of time.

The Full Head Cover and ExChanger II masks in Realtree® AP™ join PolarWrap’s full line of patented thermal exchange masks and the company’s patented aerogel-infused insoles and seat pads as the newest products to help make your outdoor experience comfortable.

For more information or to see the full line-up of products available by the people of PolarWrap, LLC, please visit their website. PolarWrap is a technology leader in cold weather comfort with the modern hunter in mind.

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NEW Dream Season boot features Boa Technology, comfort, and scent elimination.

by Bow Staff 13. June 2009 03:09
Bow Staff

The people at Robinson Outdoors, the makers of scentBlocker, have a few new tricks up their sleeve in 2009. With the overwhelming success of the Dream Season boot line, they are now introducing a new knee boot breakthrough guaranteed for both comfort and scent elimination. Check this out!

ScentBlocker® Revolutionizes the Knee Boot Again With Boa® Lacing System Technology       

ScentBlocker® Revolutionizes the Knee Boot Again With Boa® Lacing System Technology

CANNON FALLS, MN – ScentBlocker®, worldwide leader in scent elimination for hunters, has revolutionized hunting knee boots again with Boa® Lacing Technology.

The integrated Boa Lacing System provides a custom dialed fit for high performance never seen before in a knee boot. Just a simple click of the Boa Lacing system and you are provided ultra-high performance for the hunter on the move and at the stand.

Dialed in fit – Eliminates loose sloppy fit found on other knee boots

Easy on-the-fly adjustments – Customize to your foot and your activity

No pressure points – Full boot comfort

Lightweight – Just like the boots themselves, the Boa Technology is ultra lightweight and durable.

The new Revolutionary Dream Season® Boa Pro Knee Boot features:

•New removable SPF 60 activated carbon fabric filter with BodyLock™ technology adsorbs human odor and allows you to regenerate the filter.
•Removable activated carbon insole with S3™ antimicrobial technology and toe warmer compatible
•Boa® Lacing System Dialed In Custom Fit Technology
•3-Layer Wool Insulation with Air Mesh Air Grid Lining
•Front Zip Nylon Stretch Fabric Shrowd Protects Boa Lacing System
•100% waterproof membrane construction
•Brush Blocker ShinGuard protection
•Triple Density Rock Shock Stabilizer Lugs for multi-terrain traction
•Reinforced rubber toe
•Climb right heel design
•Sizes: Men’s 8-13, medium & wide widths (half sizes up to size 12)
•Available in Mossy Oak® Treestand®
•Also available in an all-season Pac Boot style.

The award-winning, patented Boa Lacing System is a revolution in footwear design, Boa’s proprietary reel lacing system optimizes footwear design to enable a more “Dialed In fit.” The result is performance and level of comfort never before experienced in footwear. With offices in Steamboat Springs and Denver, Colo., Boa Technology, Inc., is the developer of the Boa Lacing System and manufacturer of the Boa reels, lace and lace guides.

More additional information about Boa Technology can be found on the company’s website.

For more information on the ScentBlocker product line and complete scent elimination process you can visit the Scentblocker website.


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Alpine Bows releases NEW Jim Shockey Signature Bow!

by Bow Staff 10. June 2009 02:51
Bow Staff

Alpine bows and Jim Shockey have recently teamed up to bring you one of this year’s most exciting new signature series compound bows, introducing the new signature series Yukon.

The power train of the Yukon is Alpine Archery’s tried and true Velocitec cam coupled with a matched set of Gordon Composites Power Tuff limbs finished in Realtree Hardwoods HD. The precision matched limbs are affixed to the Yukon Riser with Alpine’s VX inter-loc pocket system, known as the most positive and rugged limb mounting system in the archery industry. The long list of features on the Yukon includes a custom string dampener that employs the Simms Decelerator module, Simms string leeches and Alpine’s own limb and cable guard dampeners and sports a twisted red and black, prestreched Stone Mountain “Dakota” bowstring.

The Yukon riser is coated with a black wrinkle powder coat finish. Accented by an elegant, laser engraved and checkered grip featuring Jim’s initials. The riser is finished off with an antiqued medallion and fiberlok shelf pad.

Included with every Silverado Series bow (including this new Yukon) are two small 3/8” carbon rods. These rods are designed specifically for the purpose of loading or cocking the cam. By loading or cocking the cam, one can relax the string or buss without the use of a bow press to install a peep, arrow rest cord, or change the string or buss cable. This method is much faster and easier than using a bow press.

Jim is proud to endorse the Yukon by Alpine Archery and will also be using one to hunt across the world for a variety game animals. Tune in to his show and see for yourself that Jim Shockey is now bowhunting with his Alpine bow! NO GUFF!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jim Shockey Grip is checkered, with Jim's initials lazed into the inlay for a high end custom touch.    

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The Yukon has a FiberLoc shelf pad to reduce arrow contact noise, a Signature Series exclusive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Specifications for Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon:

-Velocitec Cam: 28-31"
-Mass weight: 4.3 pounds
-Axle to Axle: 36.5 inches
-Brace Height: 7.375 inches
-Draw Weights: 60, 70 pounds
-Draw Lengths: 28", 29", 30", 31"
-IBO Speed: 324 fps
-Pocket System Riser
-Color: Crinkle Black Powder Coat
-Limb Color: Realtree Hardwoods HD
-Grip: One Piece Rose Wood
-Let-off: 80%

A little about the Jim Shockey Signature Series Yukon Velocitec Cam 28-31".

By combining two distinctly different string profiles, the Velocitec Cam System produces unrelenting speeds and tons of stored energy with a super smooth feel. The speed is produced by the power cam with a radical draw lobe while the consistent radius of the control cam keeps the draw cycle and shot sequence smooth. The balance of the Velocitec Cam is proven and acquired by the dual payout groove on the outside boss of each cam, making the Velocitec one of the fastest cams available in the industry today.


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New Whisper Peep; A Vibration Dampening Peep Sight!

by Bow Staff 2. June 2009 11:42
Bow Staff



Probably one of the most productive innovations in the last 8 to 10 years in the archery industry has been in the area of vibration and sound elimination. The one product area this move has neglected however is also one of the most important, the peep sight. That has all changed now with the introduction of the first vibration/sound dampening Peep Sight, the Whisper Peep by LOC-A-PEEP.

John Giambrone of LOC-A-PEEP made the introduction: “This amazing Peep Sight combines advanced nodular design and production techniques with an incredible new material for amazing vibration dampening control. The Whisper Peep reduces string oscillation, vibration and the string noise usually present when a bow is shot. This product will make every shot quieter while also increasing arrow speed. The result is greater accuracy and pleasure from every shot. Another great feature every archer will appreciate is once the Whisper Peep is installed in the bow string it will not move, eliminating the need for serving the Peep in to the string.”

The Whisper Peep is made of a special Elastomeric material with red elliptical glass filled nylon aperture insert that ensures a large, round opening for increased light gather and faster, easier target acquisition. The body features easy to set string channels and will fit any bow. It is available in three sizes and two models; the Self Aligning  Whisper Peep with post extrusion for rubber tubing and the Whisper Lite standard model.


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Hunter Safety System launches quarterly newsletter with chance to win BIG!

by Bow Staff 27. May 2009 13:25
Bow Staff

The folks at HSS (Hunter Safety System) are launching a new idea that will give it’s patrons a better way to look into the insight of this company while also giving-away some fantastic prizes at the same time. Hunter Safety System is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative deer hunting gear and hunting equipment for the serious hunter.

Danville, Alabama (May 26, 2009)  In preparation for the launch of the new Hunter Safety System e-blast and quarterly newsletter, the company has teamed up with a few of its Pro Staff and industry partners to give you a chance to win some fantastic prizes.
HSS will give away a Hoyt “Bone Collector” Alphamax bow autographed by Michael Waddell, a Mathews Reezen bow autographed by Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, and a pair of Reconyx R60 HD Rapid Fire trail cameras. There is no purchase necessary, and the drawing will be held August 15. By signing up, participants simply agree to receive the informative HSS e-blast and quarterly newsletter.
Three winners will be drawn on August 15th, and the first name drawn will have his or her choice of the three prizes. The second name drawn will have the choice from the remaining two prizes, and the third takes the remaining prize.
Don’t miss your chance to win and get important information on a quarterly basis from Hunter Safety System. To enter and get your newsletter, visit the HSS website and register today.

GORE-TEX garments advance in 2009.

by Bow Staff 21. May 2009 11:05
Bow Staff

GORE-TEX outerwear from Browning helps consumers stay dry and comfortable in a variety of hunting environments including bow hunting, upland and early-season hunting, featuring Gore Comfort Mapping technology and GORE-TEX Paclite.

 Comfort on Target: With Gore’s Comfort Mapping technology (below, in the Browning Maxus jacket) consumers are protected through strategic placement of GORE-TEX fabrics that protect the body in specific climatic zones, perfectly adapting to meet the needs of the consumer’s body, keeping them comfortable at the same time.

 When Lightweight Garments are Critical: GORE-TEX Paclite, as seen in Browning’s Half Zip Pullover jacket, provides consumers breathability and durability against wind with minimum weight and bulk, making this a highly packable jacket for the hunters  who needs to be light and fast.

Browning Maxus GORE-TEX Jacket with Gore Comfort Mapping Technology

·      100% waterproof, windproof, breathable with GORE-TEX fabric

·      Gore Comfort Mapping used to maximize comfort and mobility

·      Detachable hood, pockets, articulated elbow, upper hand warmer pockets

·      Inside security pocket

Browning Half Zip Pullover GORE-TEX Paclite Jacket

·      Extreme breathability, durability, wind and waterproofness with GORE-TEX Paclite

·      Adjustable attached hood with molded brim

·      Zippered double entry lower pouch to keep hands dry

·      Stuffs into included bag for easy stowing when not in use

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Drury Outdoors releases their HOT new videos just in time for summer!

by Bow Staff 18. May 2009 14:23
Bow Staff

Drury Outdoors, need we say more? The much anticipated new video’s have now been released, and the staff at are like little children waiting to watch last years Drury team deer season unfold before them. We hope you’ll join us too.

Here’s a short glimpse into what you’ll be watching, straight from the Drury website.

Dream Season 12

DVD - Nothing better embodies the great American hunting tradition than sharing the gifts of the outdoors with family. And in this case, those gifts come in the form of giant, freak-stud whitetails hitting the turf. All punctuated by a breath-taking muzzleloader hunt in the snow where Mark Drury chops down a 190 2/8” Iowa giant. Dream Season 12 is a fast-paced compilation of big-buck footage that once again captures the magic of strengthening family bonds through shared passion.

There’s a deer stand in the Drury family tree, and it just keeps getting more deadly. You’ve watched Taylor Drury grow up in the Dream Season series, and her latest hunt with father Mark proves she’s come into her own as a huntress, felling a 137 3/8” Missouri brute. Dad maintains head-of-household status with a monster head on the wall of his own – a 158 2/8” IA buck called Flyer. Brother Terry stays mad at ‘em all year, thumping a 147” in archery season, and dropping the hammer in Missouri on a big ol' 154" with son Matt throwing his hat in the ring on a 135 4/8”. There’s also Glen Simpson’s 160” bow kill from Illinois and a whole stack of thrilling encounters and huge headgear that’ll motivate you to get out and make some family memories, and realize your own Dream Season.

Whitetail Madness 12

DVD - Nothing captivates an audience like the diary of a madman. Ours is from a whole Team of them, gripped by an unrelenting obsession with the living ghosts of North America. Giant, mature whitetails. Whitetail Madness 12 catalogs the fanaticism of the Drury Outdoors Team from shed hunting in March to the blowing snow of the late muzzleloader season. You’ll see more inches of antler hit the turf in this 150-minute freak show than anywhere else. Of the 18 kills by bow, gun and muzzleloader, 7 score over 160”!

Mark Drury heads West to Wyoming with Rick and Julie Kreuter for a rollercoaster ride of emotions that skids to a dead stop with 136” and 131” lethal strikes from the X-Force. Brother Terry kicks off his season with the smack down of a 170 6/8” Missouri monstrosity with a bow – his second biggest buck ever. Not to be outdone, Mark heads to Iowa and puts the Rage in the cage of a 168” 8 point giant that measures over 24” wide. Friend Jim Thome thumps a 171” Illinois stud out of the park. And Taylor Drury keeps the family tradition alive by snuffing out a 136” with her T/C. There’s more. And we promise: You ain’t seen nothing like this. But then again, that’s why we say ‘Our Videos Are Different’ and call this yearly journal of insanity the Madness!

100% Wild Fair Chase Vol.9: Here's Your Sign

DVD - Trail cam pictures, rubs, scrapes, tracks, sheds – 100% Wild Volume 9 will help you put together the pieces of a mature buck’s puzzle. It’s your job to send it crashing to the ground. This chapter of our famous how-to series will get you in that big deer’s living room and into his kill zone like none before it. And it wouldn’t be Drury Outdoors if we didn’t let a few of the world’s most successful deer hunters demonstrate these tactics with an action-packed reel of giant buck waylays to fuel your adrenaline into next season.

Mark Drury uses the magic of Reconyx trail cam pictures and long-range observation to put the close-range thump on an Illinois stud 8. He strikes again in Missouri on a 146” on the most wonderful day – opening day. Brother Terry has a bangup season, and seals it with a 156 1/8” Missouri giant in the snow with his bow using fresh tracks to close the distance. Watch Jim Thome and his brother Randy put the major league smackdown on a couple of Illinois bruisers that measure 150” and 183” respectively. There’s a lot more. When we say ‘Our Videos are Different’, it means you best expect the unexpected and keep your eyes peeled – there are giants headed your way for the next 2+ hours.


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Hot New Video; Muzzy's "Bad to the Bone Bucks 8".

by Bow Staff 13. May 2009 14:40
Bow Staff

As the dog days of summer fall upon bowhunters everywhere, last year's filmed video productions are busy being released. They're the perfect cure for those hot summer Sunday's waiting for fall to arrive. Check them out!

The name says it all. Muzzy's "Bad To The Bone Bucks 8" features members of the Muzzy team gettin' down and dirty and doing whatever it takes to seal the deal. Watch as the determined hunters travel to 11 different states in the US, plus Canada and Mexico, to match wits with some burly bruisers.
You'll get a taste of the entire hunting season...from the opening day in Wisconsin, to the Halloween bucks of Illinois, to the final, frigid days in North Dakota. The Muzzy Moments just keep on coming throughout 19 thrilling hunts.
The well-seasoned Muzzy Pro Staff includes many of the biggest names and faces in bow-hunting television, such as Jackie Bushman, Pat Reeve, Stan Potts and Greg Miller, but you'll also meet several new names and faces with some wild Muzzy Moments of their own. Enjoy 100% fair-chase bowhunting with some of the most mind-boggling hunting footage you've ever witnessed.


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Speed, Speed, Speed! A Glimpse into the 2009 PSE Bow Line-up.

by Bow Staff 11. May 2009 10:22
Bow Staff

Speed, speed, and yes more speed seem to be the greatest trends in compound bows at this year's, 2009, ATA show. But with almost every bow manufacturer now offering a model that breaks, or even shatters, the 300 fps IBO rating, manufacturers are having to find other ways to lure us bow using consumers.


First, the people at PSE have improved it's already popular X-Force line. A new GX Hybrid cam, which is on all the new X-Force models, produces an even faster arrow speed than its predecessor. Last year's X-Force line had problems with it's over-specked draw lengths. For 2009, PSE has corrected the issue and now has the correct draw length with the same speeds (in fact, slightly faster). The X-Force line will also utilize high quality America's Best strings and harnesses.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                          2009 PSE X-Force GX

Drury Outdoors has teamed up with PSE to make a new line of bows (3 of them) so aptly named Bow Madness. With prices ranging from $499 through $699, the value for one of these bows is unreal. These high performance single-cam bows with fully machined risers are practically molded off the famous X-Force line, including PSE's trademark past parallel limb design and the narrow grip which helped make the original X-Force line so popular. If that's not enough, all 3 Bow Madness bows produce six inches of draw length adjustment without the usage of a bow press!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2009 PSE Bowmadness

* Highly preloaded 10 ½" split limbs
* Madness high efficiency single cam system
* Extremely smooth draw cycle
* Ultralight mass weight cam for increased performance
* 6" of draw length adjustment without a bowpress
* 80% letoff adjustable to 65%
* Asymmetric Idler Wheel for improved performance
* Vibracheck Backstop-Instantly terminates string vibration
* Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim Throat (B.E.S.T.) Grip
* Past parallel limb geometry
* New pivoting split limb pockets
* Stainless steel stabilizer bushing
* Tuning alignment marks
* Multiple sight mounting holes
* Ultra lightweight riser for a total bow weight of 3.5 lbs.

Axle-to-Axle: 36"
Brace Height: 7"
IBO Speed: 326-318
Let Off : 80% or 65% Adjustable
Mass Weight: 3.5 lbs

PSE has also given the Bow Madness series their newest cam, dubbed the Madness Cam (MC Cam for short), which is the fastest single cam ever offered by the company. This new cam helps propel IBO speeds on the Bow Madness series between 308-332 fps (depending on the Bow Madness model). The 3 models that will be offered are the 36" XL model, with a 6 1/2" brace height, the 36" Bow Madness with a 7" brace height, and the 28 1/2" XS with a 7 3/8" brace height.

Other notable 2009 lines from PSE include the Chaos SI at an unbelievable value price of around $250, and the PSE Brute LT (the same Brute from last year with less weight). The new Chaos SI, designed for youth and short draw adults, has practically all the same features of the X-Force models. However, at 32" with a 6 1/4" brace height, PSE's Chaos SI will stun you with IBO speeds around 280 fps.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    2009 PSE Chaos SI

Past Parallel Bow Geometry
Tuning alignment marks
SI inner cam system
10" of draw length adjustment without a bowpress
Slim, Low Torque (SLT) Grip
Factory Installed Vibracheck? String Chubs
Multiple sight mounting holes

Axle-to-Axle: 32"
Brace Height: 6-1/4"
IBO Speed: 286-278
Let Off : 70% Effective 65%
Actual Mass Weight: 3.1 lbs

Whatever your poison, PSE surely has rediscovered it's once dominating ways within the archery industry. With the 2009 line-up hitting your favorite archery shop NOW!

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Bowhunting gear; The Release Light Plus.

by Bow Staff 19. April 2009 16:07
Bow Staff

The staff at Bowhunting.Com is always committed to bringing you news and reviews on some of the neatest little products on the market today. Below you will find what we think will be another cool, innovative item that many bowhunters might just want to take a closer look at this fall. We know the importance of the good flashlight, but check out this little beam!

The Release Light Plus, by 3B Outdoors.

The release light plus is a small light that attaches to the head of your release to assist you in locating your string loop and/or nocking your arrow in a low light situation.  Great for hunting in blinds and on field edges where there is shooting light in the field but fading light in your blind or tree stand.  It can also be used for locating items in your pack in the dark and finding your foot pegs when climbing up or down from your stand.  Never miss that low light hookup again!

The Release Light from 3B Outdoors
The Release Light Plus, by 3B Outdoors, retails for about $8.99.
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Hunter's Specialties Introduces Pruner and Folding Saw Combo.

by Bow Staff 16. April 2009 12:10
Bow Staff

Hunter’s Specialties continues to aid deer hunters in 2009 with better innovation on a familiar standby. The hunter who likes to pack for all-day sits may want to give the following products a thorough look-through for this upcoming autumn. We know we will!

Hunter's Specialties Introduces Pruner and Folding Saw.

Hunter's Specialties' new H.S. Strut Pruner and Folding Saw help hunters quickly and easily clear shooting lanes, whether it is setting up to hunt from the ground or a tree stand. The new Pruner has a serrated jaw blade for added grip on branches up to 3/4" in size. The blades are also Teflon coated for easy clean up and rust resistance.  The Pruner also features all metal construction with over molded rubber grips for comfort. There is an integral thumb lock to keep the Pruner closed when not in use.

The H.S. Strut Folding Saw can quickly clear branches, brush, or even small trees. The Saw, which is 9" long when closed and 16" long when open comes with interchangeable stainless steel blades, one for wood and an E-Z cut bone saw. The blade locks into place with the push of a button. The Pruner and Saw are available separately or as a combo kit. The Pruner sells for for $8.49. The Saw sells for $17.99 and the Pruner/Saw Combo with carrying case sells for $21.99.

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DoubleTake Archery introduce's NEW BowPlane2.

by Bow Staff 9. April 2009 12:25
Bow Staff

DoubleTake Archery, LLC, has introduced the BowPlane2 (BowPlane “Squared”) which integrates the remarkable BowPlane laser alignment tool with a bow square, resulting in the most comprehensive and convenient archery setup tool yet.

The original BowPlane introduced early 2007 nocked on a bowstring and sat on your rest just like a normal arrow, proving to be the most accurate and convenient setup tool available.  Using laser and fiber optic technology the BowPlane projects a visible reference plane, or “sheet” of laser light 360 degrees around the entire inside perimeter of a bow – up and down the bowstring, along the cams and/or idler wheels, upper and lower limbs, rest and sight pins – enabling archers to quickly set centershot on their rest, windage on their sight pins and check for cam lean all at the same time.  This eliminates the need to “guesstimate” or “eyeball” initial bow alignment and set-up and archers found they can quickly and easily double-check their bow setup in a matter of seconds anytime throughout hunting season or during competition.

Now, in addition to all the above features of the original BowPlane, the all-new BowPlane2 incorporates a convenient bow square.  The bow square allows for precision nock point positioning on the string while the shaft of the BowPlane2 sits on the rest in the same position as an arrow.  The new square provides an extra stable and accurate positioning of the BowPlane laser as it has two secure connection points on the string instead of one.  It also has a compression o-ring, which holds the BowPlane shafts’ angle of rotation more precise than before.


Please be patient as Bowhunting.Com will soon have this new BowPlane2 in stock. Review coming soon!

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NEW! Butler Creek Deluxe Bino Harness.

by Bow Staff 30. March 2009 15:09
Bow Staff

The Butler Creek Deluxe Bino Harness Eliminates Neck Strap Fatigue!     

 For Immediate Release

The Butler Creek Deluxe Bino Harness Eliminates Neck Strap Fatigue!

Overland Park, KS. — The Butler Creek Deluxe Binocular Harness provides a comfortable, easy way to carry your binoculars.

The harness features a broad, padded section that distributes the weight of the binoculars more evenly across your back. It is easy to put on or take off and attaches easily to binoculars.

It is also vented to reduce heat build up and won’t ride up like other harness models. The Harness keeps your binoculars stored snugly against your chest so they don’t get in the way when walking, birding, shooting or drawing your bow. The design of the harness also provides extra stability when glassing for long periods of time.

It is available in black and khaki for a suggested retail price of $20.95.



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Turkey Hunters; Realtree Outdoors presents All-Stars of Spring XVI

by Bow Staff 23. March 2009 14:39
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Realtree® Presents All-Stars of Spring XVI

Realtree® is cutting loose on All-Stars of Spring® XVI with some of the most remarkable turkey footage ever captured by the Realtree cameras. Travel with the Realtree camera crew and watch as the hunters test their turkey-taking tactics against a variety of gobbler species across the country. Your heart will no doubt skip a beat, or perhaps even two, when David Blanton unloads on a Merriam at only five yards!  Watch as special guest Richard Childress, a man of many talents, proves that not only can he run a top-notch NASCAR team, but he also can hunt with the best of them.  And that crazy Michael Waddell, well, you know what he's capable of doing with a call in his mouth and a 12-gauge in his hands.  With 23 hunts and plenty of gobbling action, All-Stars of Spring XVI is two hours of adrenaline-packed turkey hunting that will leave you grabbing for your gun in anticipation of your own go at the gobblers.  As a bonus, you'll get a complete episode of Realtree Road Trips®.

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New Block Fusion Target for 2009!

by Bow Staff 2. February 2009 15:04
Bow Staff

 New Block Fusion Target will take Archery to New Level.

Superior, Wisconsin (January 14, 2009 ) ¾ Field Logic, the maker of the award-winning BLOCK™ 4x4 target has taken archery targets to a new level - BLOCKâ FUSIONä.  This new target takes all the award winning qualities of the 4x4  and incorporates unique new features that take this new target to an unprecedented level. The BLOCKâ Fusion brings a proprietary new feature, Polyfusionä technology that molecularly fuses polyurethane and polyethylene together to create the most advanced archery target on the market.  This new proprietary Polyfusion technology has eliminated the need for internal banding.  This also increases ease of arrow removal by 50 percent over other Block targets.  That means less shooter fatigue and more time to shoot!  The Blockâ Fusionä will feature the new Blockâ Game Face on two of the four shooting sides.  This new feature offers archers six game species (elk, deer, moose, pronghorn, bear and turkey) in various sizes, thereby allowing shooting to take place from short and long distances.  The other two sides of the  Blockâ Fusionä  will still offer the popular deer vitals. Additional upgrades on the new Blockâ Fusionä are an internal Grip Pit handle that is designed right in the target.  This makes the Blockâ Fusionä easier to handle and move from place to place.  The new Blockâ Fusionä is available in four sizes:Blockâ Fusionä F-16, 16x12x16 , 12 lbs $94.99Blockâ Fusionä F-18, 18x12x18, 19 lbs $139.99Blockâ Fusionä F-21, 21x18x21, 25 lbs, $159.99Blockâ Fusionä F-24, 24x21x24, 35 lbs $239.99 Blockâ Fusionä targets offer 50% easier arrow removal than any Blockâ ever and 2x the target life of any Blockâ ever!  What more could any archer ask for? 

The New Blockâ Fusionä is available now at retailers nationwide. 

Look for the New Block Fusion and other related archery targets featured here on the Bowhunting.Com on-line store.


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T.R.U Ball Adds 2 New Releases to Lineup

by John Mueller 18. January 2009 08:21
John Mueller

TruBall has been in the release business for a long time. So when they come out with something new, it usually means they have done their research and this will be an improvement over what is already out there. The TruBall line already featured and extensive lineup. But they added 2 new members to the stable this season.

T.R.U Ball has a release for every style of shooter.


First on the list is the new Sniper 2. This model features the new ”Jaw and a Half” release design. This new design uses a “Half” jaw that opens slightly adding forgiveness to a single caliper jaw release. Another neat option on this model is the interchangeable trigger. You can choose from a curved trigger or a straight bar trigger pull. The model is available with either a Velcro strap or a leather buckle strap. The head is on a 360* swivel and can be folded back and tucked into your sleeve when not needed.

The Sniper 2 Scout features a camo head and a strap head attachment.


The other new model for 2009 is the Hornet. This is a short head release with a 360* swivel head. You simply pull the trigger to open the jaws and let up to close the jaws. There 2 options to choose from with the Hornet. You can have a Velcro strap or leather buckle. And there is a choice of black or camo anodized head.

The Black Hornet is also available with a camo head called the Super Hornet.


In addition to the new releases this season TruBall now offers all of their releases in a camo head option. Calling this option the Super Series of releases.

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