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by Brenda Potts 21. February 2012 10:34
Brenda Potts

For the past few months we have attended several shows (including ATA, SHOT and Eastern Sports Show) and reviewed hundreds of products. Many great innovations caught my eye but two are at the top of my list. I cannot decide which is my favorite so I am declaring a tie. First place is shared by X-Steps from JWJ Outdoors and the TreeBlind from Nature Blinds.

TreeBlinds. Combine the creative talents and imagination of a Hollywood set designer with his passion for hunting and you get one of the coolest ground blinds ever created. Nature Blinds is producing a ground blind that looks so much like a tree, even its creator has been fooled when taking hunters to the stand. The outer surface mimics the texture of real bark. Animals don't seem to notice the blind as Mr. Whitetail, Larry Weishuhn attested, "Deer were just a few feet away from us and never even looked at the blind."  Texas Outfitter Mike Stroff also believes in the blind's qualities stating," It's so quiet and soundproof inside, we can talk on camera with deer 10 yards away... incredible!" The folks from Nature Blinds also explained how the insulating qualities of this blind can bring the temps inside the blind up to a comfortable level with just the body heat of the individuals inside, while the outside temps are near freezing. The patented window system is one of the best I have ever seen in a ground blind.

While we are on the subject of ground blinds there were a couple more worth noting.

D.I.R.T. (Do It Right Treeblinds) If you are looking for a semi permanent box blind but don't want to build the thing from scratch, try ordering one of the "pre-fabricated" blinds from D.I.R.T. Many times, once a big box blind like this is built and set in place, it never moves. Which may or may not be a good thing. But with these blinds you can take them apart and rebuild them without having to be a carpenter. Which is right up my alley since my carpentry skills are a bit lacking, but after looking it over inside and out, I'm sure I could easily put this together with a little help. They attest that "If you can carry a sheet of plywood to your hunting spot, you can set up a D.I.R.T."

Snap Lock Hunting Blinds. For those interested in a relatively portable ground blind that is a step up from the fabric pop ups, the Snap Lock Blind has weather resistant, insulating qualities. This blind can easily be assembled without tools. It is lightweight and comes in 2 sizes. The blind can be fastened to a wooden floor for even more stability.

Several other products make my list of new and notable.

Night Com UV. Although they don't advertise this potential use, the Night Com UV flashlight  from  Streamlight has an ultraviolet LED that enhances blood trails. It works best when the blood is fresh. The flashlight is super bright on its highest setting, water resistant and of rugged construction. I have been a Streamlight flashlight fan ever since receiving one of their keychain lights called the Nano Light. This tiny flashlight has "saved the night" many times and is practically indestructible, made of machined aircraft-grade aluminum with anodized finish. I know I will never be without one!

Little Mule. How many times could I have used this! When it comes to deer hunting, I can do pretty much all of it on my own with the exception of dragging the deer out of the woods. This product makes that arduous task a breeze. The inventor has loaded the Little Mule with features including Kevlar tires, a built in winch, front and rear lights and an optional hitch making the cart capable of attaching to the back of your ATV once you get the ensemble back to the vehicle.

The Turkey Nightmare. I would love to try this invention for bowhunting turkeys. I also have a young grandson who hasn't quite grasped the concept of "Don't move." Maybe this would help!


Bowfishing, Come Join The Fun

by John Mueller 21. April 2011 15:55
John Mueller

Bowfishing is one the fastest growing hunting sports in the industry. There are many reasons why it is becoming so popular. The main one being it’s just plain fun. You can start with the equipment you already have or there is a whole line of specialized equipment designed just for bowfishing.

Many people get into bowfishing simply because there is a lot of action. Unlike while bowhunting for deer, while bowfishing you can have nonstop action. And you don’t have to sit quiet and still in a stand all day. You can whoop it up on the boat or from shore and have a blast. Rough fish are in an overabundance on most of the lakes and rivers in our area. You are actually doing a service to help control the numbers of the non-native species in the waterways. The main targets are gar, common carp, buffalo, silver carp, and big head carp. However, in some states you can actually bowfish for catfish, spoonbill, stingrays, shark and alligator. Be sure to check the regulations for the body of water you are on at the time, as they can vary widely as to what is a legal fish.

A common carp and a couple of gar taken with my AMS Fish Hawk bow made by Mathews.

Like many outdoor activities, you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment to bowfish, but there is a complete line of specialized equipment out there for the bowfisher. You can get by with an old recurve bow a tin can mounted to the bow to hold your line and a bowfishing arrow rigged with a safety slide. Always use arrows rigged with safety slides. The safety slide keeps the string out in front of the bow so it doesn’t get tangled up on the shot and snap the arrow back at you. Some of the specialty equipment now on the market for bowfishers include.

    1. Bows made specifically for bowfishing.
    2. Solid fiberglass and solid carbon fishing arrows.
    3. Retriever Pro bowfishing reels.
    4. Roller rest arrow rests.
    5. Many different kinds of bowfishing arrow points.

An AMS Retriever Pro Reel, the easiest line control system out there.

A variety of arrows with safety slides and fish points from Muzzy and Cajun Archery.

There are plenty of fish to be shot from the shore, but to really get in on the action it takes a boat rigged up just for bowfishing. The design and layout of these vessels are as different as the people who own them. Anything goes when it comes to bowfishing rigs, from your basic jon boat to full blown air boats. A few things all good bowfishing boats need are.

1. A raised deck for the shooters to stand on.
2. A trolling motor or fan for shallow water movement
3. Lights and a generator for night fishing.
4. A barrel or tub for storing the fish.

My bowfishing rig, an old jon boat with troller, shooting deck, lights and a generator.

A fan powered, custom built bowfishing rig. The "Fantoon"

Two of the more fun species to bowfish for are actually quite new to our waters, the bighead carp and the silver carp, or Asians as they are referred to. These two species of fish have recently entered into many of our river systems. These fish escaped from fish farms when the nearby rivers flooded and released them into the states rivers. They are causing much harm to the native fish in these rivers. The Asians reproduce very rapidly and eat most of the plankton in the waters, interrupting the natural food chain. The silver carp also know as jumpers can cause major damage to boats and also cause severe injury to boaters. These fish have a weird habit of jumping out of the water when startled, like from an outboard motor. Can you imagine getting hit by a 20+ lb fish cruising down the river?  It can be a lot of fun shooting at these silvers from the back of a boat as they rocket out of the water. But it can also be very dangerous having them land in the boat. The bighead carp are a neat species to target because of the size they can reach. The world record taken by bowfishing is just under 100 pounds. Can you imagine having one of those on your line? Bigheads can be found cruising just under the surface as they filter feed through the water.

A couple of Bighead Carp in the 14 lb range from the Illinois River.

Bowfishing at night can also be fun. Most serious bowfishing boats have lights positioned around the shooting platform powered by a generator. Some fish are not spooked by the noise and light at all while others don’t tolerate it very well. The fish show up extremely well in the lights after sundown. And during the summer months, it’s much cooler to go out after dark. And most times you have the water to yourself.

Halogen lights used for bowfishing at night.

If you’re interested in learning more about bowfishing or entering in a bowfishing tournament check out the Illinois Bowfishers website at  









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Bowfishing; Annual Muzzy Classic and Alabama State Championship.

by Bow Staff 13. April 2009 13:55
Bow Staff

10th Annual Muzzy Classic and Alabama State Championship

Cartersville, Georgia - The dogwoods are blooming and the sweet smell of honeysuckle is in the air. You know what that means. Spring has arrived and so has the time for the 10th Annual Muzzy Classic and Alabama State Championship. Mark your calendar so you don't miss your chance to join other bowfishermen from across the country as they gather for some exciting bow-fishing action and a little friendly competition.
The event, which is sanctioned through the Bowfishing Association of America, will be held April 25-26, 2009 at the William W. Gross Park on Lake Guntersville in Scottsboro, Alabama, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Set up as a big-20 format, the tournament will award $3,500 to the 1st place team with the heaviest 20 fish. Remaining cash prizes will depend on the number of entries for the event. The teams with the heaviest carp, longest gar, heaviest grass carp and heaviest buffalo will win new bows as well.
The remaining placing teams will get to choose prizes from a phenomenal selection of gear and accessories that are donated by the tournament's many gracious sponsors. Numerous raffle prizes are given out during the awards ceremony as well.
Pre-registration is encouraged, as boats leave in the order that they register. Registration will be held at the tournament site between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. with a mandatory meeting at the launch site for all teams at 6:30 p.m. The registration fee is $150 per team.

                                                                                                                                                                                                            Pictured above is an 85 pound Grass Carp!

Bowfisherman can check out more of the latest news and reviews alongside fellow sportsmen on-line here at Bowhunting.Com's own Bowfishing talk forum. Check it out!

Bowhunting Products from Pine Ridge Archery, Muzzy, Slick Trick, and more

by Bow Staff 12. January 2009 16:12
Bow Staff

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary for one of the most well defined and popular archery service and product companies over the last century of our sport. The people of Muzzy have been doing this a long time, and know just how to create real world hunting products that work. And the people at Muzzy have done it again. The bowhunting season of 2009 will see the introduction of the all new Phantom-MX broadhead.

The new Phantom-MX broadhead is a 4 blade of terror that features a 1-1/8" x 1" cutting diameter and, like Muzzys other MX-series of broadheads, offers a compact profile for superior flight and maximum accuracy, even at higher bow speeds. This new Phantom-MX features .040" thick main blades for the maximum strength a broadhead needs when passing through even the toughest of targets.

The new Muzzy Phantom MX.

Available in a 100 grain head for 2009, the Muzzy Phantom-MX was built with one thing in mind, successful hunters! This new Phantom will allow bowhunters to have increased accuracy and performance, without giving up penetration and/or cutting diameter. Bowhunters across the country spoke, and Muzzy listened with this newest broadhead! 

Natural Predator Outdoor Products, the people who make the TRUCarbon scent elimination carbon powder, have come up with a better and cleaner way to treat your favorite bowhunting garments. The new TRUCarbon H2O, is the same activated carbon found in TRUCarbon (the powder form), made into a hands free pellet for pre-mixing in water. Pour the H2O pellets into the required amount of water and watch as your camo becomes a fresh carbon suit every time. Then just hang and dry! The TRUCarbon H2O effervescent pellets work the scent elimination properties of activated carbon right into your clothing, only this time it's affordable!

Slick Trick has been long known as one of the archery world's smaller companies with larger goals. And their line of bone crushing broadheads will take another huge leap for 2009. Introducing the all new Razortrick 100 and 125 grain broadhead. This traditional style head is much more compact than its industry rivals, featuring the super sharp Lutz Solingen German blades. Razor sharp at .040" thick and a 1-1/8" main and 7/8" bleeder blade, this new broadhead is built for super flight and better penetration. The new patent pending Deadbolt Bladelock in the amazingly strong one piece Rhinosteel Ferrule, is as strong as any one piece 3 blade head, but with 4 sharper replaceable blades that make for better holes and creating better blood trails. 

While the staff was talking with the representatives of the Slick Trick  brand, we were informed that this newest broadhead, Razortrick, was in fact their most accurate flying broadhead yet.

The new Razortrick

Our friends at Pine Ridge Archery continue to impress us with innovative ideas and solutions that real world bowhunters crave. Among their new products this year is the E/Z Mount Call Holder, and we think you'll agree about it's real world function.

The E/Z Mount Call Holder fits firmly around your forearm or wrist, and can swivel to any position you need it. While walking to your favorite spot, or climbing into your treestand, you can position your grunt parallel with your arm and out of the way. While in stand, you can simply rotate the call to another position and ready it for calling. The E/Z Mount Call Holder works with all grunt tubes and calls, and swivels a full 360 degrees.

The Pine Ridge Archery E/Z Mount Call Holder

A relatively smaller company also came up with a neat idea for the usage of one of the most popular deer calls ever created, the can. The company, B&C Enterprises, calls it the Ground Bleater Pro. It starts with a camouflage metal bracket that can inserted into the ground, at the base of the tree, and allows you to attach a can call like the Primos Can or their own Buck Siren can call. The Ground Bleater Pro has a tether that you attach to the bracket and carry into the tree which allows you to make bleats from the ground and not up in the tree where the deer may bust you while searching for the call's creator. There is also a grunt tube version of the call in the works which should be available by next deer season.

Look for field tester, Jason Lawrence, as he reviews this item throughout the Illinois deer season this upcoming 2009 autumn.


Bow hunting fanatics who appreciate a need for a solid, well built, and usable treestand pack that was made with one thing in mind, the hunter, will fall in love with the improved GamePlan Gear BowBat. Developed for the hunter who carries a climbing treestand into the woods, and cannot carry a regular backpack conveniently, the Bowbat is a bow sling that also opens up and can be used as a pack and backrest to your tree. The product has lots of storage with expandable pockets for carrying large items like coats while also sporting smaller elastic internal pockets for sprays and scents. The Bowbat allows you the comfort of a bow sling while adding the ability to carry everything else needed for your hunt, including a quiver holder. Made of a quiet Bucksuede material, and an ability to fit any size bow, this new pack is sure to be on top of every serious bowhunters list this fall.

Stay tuned for more updates by the staff as they report to you, the serious bowhunter, on this years latest and greatest gear from the 2009 ATA show.

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New Muzzy SG-X Small Game Head

by Staff 18. December 2008 08:30 Staff

If you're the kind of bowhunter who enjoys chasing small game with your stick and string, the new SG-X 125 grain small game head from Muzzy is for you.  This head looks very similar to the popular Judo heads that have been around for many years with the addition of Muzzy's replaceble Trocar tip.  This is the same tip used on Muzzy's popular line of broadheads that has made them "Bad to the Bone".  The SG-X features spring-loaded arms that prevent your arrow from penetrating your target, or the ground and trees behind it, too far and damaging or losing your arrows.  The stainless-steel body makes this small-game head extremely dependable and super tough - perfect for withstanding the hard conditions of small game bowhunting.

The Muzzy SG-X will be released in early 2009 and available for sale right here at  Let us know what you think about them!

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Muzzy Introduces the new X-Celerator Arrow Rest

by Staff 3. December 2008 16:20 Staff

The new Muzzy X-Celerator arrow rest is everything you could ask for from an arrow rest plus some things you never dreamed were possible. Best of all, one model fits all bows, both left- and right-handed, and installation takes less than five minutes!

Unlike all other "drop-away" arrow rests on the market, the X-Celerator actually features a "drive-away" design utilizing a rigid cable attachment secured to the downward cable, which brings the rest up at full draw and drives it out of the way of the arrow. This unique feature allows you to control the speed at which the rest drops as well as the amount of rest travel. No drag, no interference and no torque result in the perfect arrow launch each and every time.
The X-Celerator's innovative design allows for 100% fletching clearance on all bows regardless of bow speed, draw length or cable slide travel, and the absence of springs and strings ensures accurate, reliable performance with every shot on every bow.
With the Muzzy X-Celerator on your side, the only thing you have to worry about is where to hunt. This unit can be set up in five minutes and fits on all bows, I'm sure we will be trying it out here so stay tuned.  Look for them to be available right here on when they become available in 2009!

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Muzzy Introduces the Phanton-MX Broadhead

by Staff 3. December 2008 09:39 Staff

Muzzy Phantom-MX BroadheadMuzzy's Phantom broadhead was developed for bowhunters wanting a traditional style with superior penetration, and the Phantom did not disappoint. The new Phantom-MX takes that exceptional performance one step further with its revolutionary, compact, aerodynamic design with a .040-inch main-blade thickness for unbeatable strength and superior flight even at maximum speeds.

Consistently deadly in even the most extreme conditions, the 100-grain, 4-blade Phantom-MX will easily take down some of the heaviest big-game species, such as elk and moose, with unparalleled accuracy.
The ultra-tough, primary blade cuts instantly on impact to drive deep through thick skin and bone, and the .036-inch "bleeder blades" ensure massive blood trails to aid in locating the animal. Combined, the blades on the Phantom-MX deliver a wide 1 1/8" x 1" cutting diameter to quickly get the job done.

The Muzzy Phantom-MX bleeder blades are not your typical add-on blades; they are strong integral components that are built to the same exact specifications as the quality and durable main blades. Both blade types are easily re-sharpened as desired.

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