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Wisconsin Whitetail Down! Possible New Record Buck with 30 Points falls to Wayne Schumacker and His Bow.

by Bow Staff 22. September 2009 10:16
Bow Staff

Just one week into the big buck state of Wisconsin's archery season and there is once again talk of a possible new state record!

On the evening of September 20th, 2009, while most of the bowhunters across the country were still dreaming of the season that laid before them, Fon Du Loc resident, Wayne Schumacker was living his. At around dusk that eve, Wayne arrowed this huge non-typical buck, said to boast 30 scorable points!

Wayne was in a treestand over-looking partially wooded and flat terrain, when the buck stepped into view. The buck was shot, quartering away, at a mere 15 yards, only to expire around 70 or so. He had no time to get nervous, as he stated, "it was over in less than 30 seconds".

Wayne's hunting partner and brother was the first to find the animal. After a long drag and a struggling effort, the two were able to get the "once in a lifetime" buck into the tailgate of their truck. The buck was registered this past Monday, after Wayne put in 1/2 days worth of work.

The incredible buck carried an inside spread of 20 1/2", and field-dressed a whopping 225 pounds! Early estimates of the bucks age put him at about 4 1/2 to 5 years of age.

Bowhunting.Com wishes a HUGE congratulations to bowhunter, Wayne Schumacker, on this incredible whitetail trophy. The buck will have to wait the mandatory 60-day drying period before it can be officially measured, but either way, what a buck!

The staff here will update this story as we receive more information and it's final score and tally. Congrats again to hunter Wayne Schumacker.


GIANT Whitetail Buck Found Dead! Looking for Details!

by Bow Staff 25. March 2009 14:34
Bow Staff

Recently the staff here at has received these forwards by way of email of an amazing whitetail buck discovered. Although we have little information at this time, what an incredible deer!

It is not known at this time in what state this “dead head” was originally found or who it was even found by, and we may very well never know. But it is just jaw-dropping to look at these pictures that were included with the email. Can you imagine finding this buck!?

We can clearly tell by the eyes of the whitetail that the buck must have died rather recently before its finding. This is clearly evident by the eyes and nose which are still in excellent condition. We can guess that it was also likely found by a shed hunter, because of timing of year from date on the photographs. Since there are so many great whitetail mounts in the photographs background, It almost looks as though these pictures were taken in a taxidermists shop, possibly? And what of the two younger girls who are posing with this great head and rack? Perhaps they were the finders of this buck?

However one wishes to look at these photos, it is clear that this is an extraordinary find. The staff at is very interested, along with its readers, to find out as much as we can on this buck, it finding, and its history.

If you have any information on this incredible whitetail, you can email us directly at Thank you for your help; hopefully we can dig something up for all of our readers and our eager staff. 

                                                                                                                                                                                       What an amazing whitetail!?

                                                                                                                                                                                       Clearly this buck has some SIZE to him! Wow!

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My Annual Trip to the IL Deer Classic

by John Mueller 2. March 2009 14:31
John Mueller

            My annual trip to the IL Deer and Turkey Classic was a little different this year. I was working in the Bowtech Booth this time. Usually I go up with Mobow or someone else just to visit with old friends and see the monster deer killed this year. 


            I still made time to see the mounts in the annual deer show. I am a sucker for big antlers. I just have to see all of the different shapes and sizes they come in. One thing there was no shortage of this year was massive racks. I guess with the wet year we had last summer there was no shortage of nutritious food for them to eat. Lots of food equals healthy deer, healthy deer equals big racks.



One of many rows of mounts.



This deers bases are bigger than soda cans.



Not Buckeyes, but a 4 beamer


My dream buck, I LOVE droptines!!



A very impressive site!!


A true mega buck, neat mount too.


Full body mount with a club of a droptine.


            This was home for most of the weekend. The Bowtech Booth was a busy place. I managed to get these pics before the crowds piled in. Pat(Bowtech/Shooter), Greg(Greg/MO), and Dan(MeanV2) posing for the camera. We actually let people shoot the bows into a Kevlar curtain in the back of the booth. About halfway thru Saturday the 82nd Airborn put an arrow thru the curtain. We had to add another layer, that bow is FAST!!!


Pat, Dan and Greg


Home for the weekend.


            And then we just had to mess with our good buddy Don(mobow). He used to be known for his pink Blazers and wraps. While at the ATA Show Buckeye and myself picked up this cap for Don. And Don is a well known HOYT Shooter. So we caught him holding a Bowtech. We promise Don, we won’t tell your boss.



Don's always a good sport about the jokes.


            It’s always fun going to this show and I can’t wait till next year.


Wounded Buck - Not How I Wanted to Start My Season!

by Todd Graf 9. October 2008 13:13
Todd Graf

I was on a roll until the dreadful bad shot took place. Yes, I will say it again - I made a bad shot. Of course not on purpose, it just one of those unfortunate things that happens in the bowhunting woods.

The season has been going quite well up until this point.  I have been seeing a lot of deer, shooting just about every day and most all of my gear has been working great. I was riding high and feeling good about my chances at harvesting a nice buck this fall.  That is until the other night! 

My evening hunt started off by checking with to confirm the wind was out of the East, and it was. I was pumped and I knew exactly where I was going to go.  Back in 2004 I harvested a nice 145 inch buck out of this very stand. In the past I have had some incredible luck hunting this spot early in the season because I can get right up on a big buck bedding area without them even knowing I'm there. This spot has it all – thick cover, beans, corn, hardwoods (acorns) & a pond all within a 100 yards of the buck’s bedroom.  Early in the season these big bucks don't like to venture far from their bedding areas during daylight, so if you want to get a shot at one you need to get in close.

My 2004 early season Illinois buck.

After arriving at my spot I was able to slip into my stand perfectly and without being detected.  My camera was ready to go and just like clockwork the does started to funnel out of the bedding area well before dark.  I watched them feed out in front of me for awhile, hoping a buck was nearby. 

With about 15 minutes of shooting light left I was out of good camera light so I started to pack everything up and call it a night.  As soon as I got the camera arm off the tree and was putting the camera away I look up to see a big buck headed my direction. I would guess him to be around 150 inches, if not a little bigger.  The buck had no idea I was there as he came down the trail towards my shooting lane.  I drew, aimed and shot. That’s when it felt like the world fell apart on me. I made a bad shot.  The buck ran out about 40 yards and stopped next to a small bush.  I watched him until it was too dark to see and he never moved from that spot.

After waiting an hour I snuck out and went to my truck to call Justin and Horseshoe Mazur to get them ready for the search and rescue mission that was going to take place in the morning.  We met the next morning and found the spot where I shot him.  Sure enough the arrow laid on the ground with about 7 inches broken off.  We found 1 patch of blood where the buck had stood motionless for so long, and then as a lot of  monster bucks seem to do – he vanished. We searched high and low through the woods, CRP fields, fencerows, and any other place we could think to look and came up with nothing.  In fact, we never found a single drop of blood after our initial findings. I believe the shot was high and in the shoulder blade which prevented me from getting good penetration or having a good trail to follow.

The unfortunate reality is that this can happen to any of us.  It only takes being off by and inch or two to make the difference between a quick, clean recovery and a lost animal. We all hope it doesn’t happen to us, but when it does it’s a super bad feeling. I can only hope the monster lives on for me or someone else to get another shot at him. I guess only time will tell.

As far as good news – I am going to go to Wisconsin this weekend and I’m going to give it hell!

Also, after Justin showed me a few pointers on building my own arrows I got my son helping me.  Its amazing how fast these little guys grow up and I make sure I spend as much time with my son as possible!

If you build your own arrows, or are interesting building your own arrows, check out our arrow building supplies here on  We carry just about everything you need for building your own arrows including several types of Arrow Wraps, Bohning Fletch-Tite glue, Bitzenburger Fletching Jigs, and much more.  It's really not that hard, and can be a good way to pass some time in the evenings and customize your arrows to your specifications.

I wish all you bowhunters good luck in the coming weeks as this is what we all live for.  The rut is coming up quicker than we think and  I hope to bear good news on my next post!

Terry Drury Harvests a 170 inch Giant whitetail buck.

by Staff 26. September 2008 16:12 Staff

75 degrees with a NE wind was all Terry and cameraman could ask for in late September. Terry was hunting a stand very close to bed, yet close enough to catch a nice buck on his way to a lush maximum field. A low-pressure system moved out and a high came rolling in as soon as Terry climbed up the tree.

The evening started out good as does came through the timber into the maximum field. Then more does and small bucks came parading their way into the maximum field. Suddenly a doe came squirting past the stand while looking back and a huge 170-class buck came following not 10 seconds later. The buck walked right in to Terry's shooting lane, after a shot that hit the deer a little far back, the deer mule kicked as hard as Terry has ever seen one do in addition to an exhaustive grunt upon impact and proceeded to bolt out of the area. After reviewing the hit and much deliberation Terry called Mark and asked if he could assist in the recovery the next morning. After one sleepless night Mark and Terry headed straight out to the woods and started what turned out to be a successful recovery.

Terry has numerous pictures of the buck on his Reconyx game camera, previously calling the buck "Flyers" because of 10 inches of kickers. They may be some of the best trail cam pictures and most vivid quality that Terry has captured this season! The Reconyx truly played a huge part in Terry harvesting “Flyers”! What a great way to start the ‘08 Missouri Bow Season!!

If your interested in some great hunting dvd's check out the link below. Terry were looking forward to seeing this hunt soon. 


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