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Buck antlers grow very fast in just a few weeks.

by John Mueller 26. July 2009 14:22
John Mueller

I got these pics of the same buck a couple of weeks apart. The camera I am using is the Moultrie I-40 Game Camera, this unit is the most reliable trail camera I have had the experience of using. Obviously he wasn't scared by the glow of the infrared bulbs. It is set up on a mineral lick next to a trail with a Trophy Rock added for extra attraction. It's neat to see just how fast those antlers grow. He put on quite a few inches from the first set to the second set of pics.

From the timing on the pictures, I think he must be bedding in the area someplace and spending a good deal of time there. Hopefully he'll stick around for a few more months.



The beams really came around and the points got longer in the second set, below. He is a very symetrical 10 point that won't have very many deductions.



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