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Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On Review

by John Mueller 30. August 2011 13:16
John Mueller


When looking to add a couple new hang on stands to my collection this fall I chose to go with the leader in the industry. Lone Wolf was the first company to offer the one piece cast aluminum platform, making them one of the quietest stands in the woods. Plus the  stands are completely made and assembled right here in the USA, in the middle of Illinois to be specific.

Lone Wolf Stands, once again made in the USA

The Lone Wolf Stand and Climbing Sticks together are a deadly combination no matter how you use it. But where it really shines is packing it in, setting it up and hunting out of it immediately. Especially on public lands where you aren’t allowed to leave stands set up or you are afraid to leave it set up. The climbing sticks stack neatly together and then strap securely to the stand. Making it a rattle free, tight unit weighing in at 24 pounds for the Alpha Hang On and 4 Climbing Sticks. I like using 4 sticks in my set ups, because it allows me to attain a height of up to 20 feet. Most of my hunting is done in hilly terrain, so if I’m not high enough I end up at eye level with uphill bucks.

The complete package only weighs in at 24 pounds.


Once you find “The Tree” in a matter of minutes you can be up the tree and seated in the stand ready for the hunt. The procedure I use to hang my stands goes like this. I secure the bottom stick to the tree with the supplied strap. Then I tie one pull up rope to my bow and another pull up rope to the stand. I fasten my lineman’s belt around the tree and throw 2 sticks over my shoulder and carry one in my hand. Once I reach the top step of the first stick I strap on the second stick. I continue strapping on the 3rd and 4th sticks on my way up the tree. Once at the level I want to hang my stand I secure my lineman’s belt into position and pull up my stand. Secure the 2 straps supplied with each stand to the tree and climb aboard. Pull up your bow and you are ready to hunt. This can all be done in one trip up the tree fairly easily with just a little bit of practice, even in the dark.

Find "The Tree" and in a matter of minutes the stand is hung.

4 sticks and and a stand and I'm ready to hunt.

After the stand is hung you’ll notice a few neat features that add to the comfort and convenience of the stand. The first is the leveling features. By moving the adjustment you can set the platform to the level most comfortable to you. The seat also has a screw that allows you adjust its level. There is nothing worse than felling like your about to slide off the seat all night long. The seat also folds up out of the way when you stand, giving you more room to maneuver.

Easy leveling adjustment.

One of my favorite features is the built in bow holder. I hate having to hold on to my bow all hunt and this lets me place my bow in the holder and out of the way without having to bring anything else along with me. Why more stand manufactures don’t include a bow holder on their stands is beyond me. It should be standard equipment.

The cast in bow holder.

Holding my Mathews ez7 securely in place.

Bow positioned right out front and center.


The features of the Alpha Hang On are as follows:
Huge 30" x 19.5" one-piece cast aluminum platform.
Distinctive 3-D camo platform design. (US Patent #D4452015)
NEW In Cast Bow Holder accommodates most parallel limb bows.
Large, contoured foam seat pad for great comfort.
Fits trees 4" - 22" in diameter.
Seat size 14" x 12", height 21"
350-pound weight rating.
Backpack straps included. (optional padded straps available)
Just 14 pounds!
Includes TMA Approved 6-pt Fall Arrest System.

The climbing stick features are:
Pivoting V-Brackets adjust to match the natural contour of the tree.
Fits 4" - 22" tree diameter. (Strap extensions available)
350-pound weight rating.
Single tube design.
Reversible Steps.
U.S. Patent #6547035 BI
Stick Length: 32"
Distance between steps: 15"
   2.5 pounds per stick
   10 pounds for a set of 4

The Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks are unique in a few ways themselves. The”V”-Brackets that attach the sticks to the tree actually pivot so they conform more readily to the natural curves of the tree. This allows a more secure connection to the tree. There are no metal hooks or connectors on the straps, meaning silent operation when setting up. After setting up you can flip the steps over, putting them on the opposite side of the tube. This can come in handy if you end up stepping onto your stand with the wrong foot at the top of the steps.

If you’re in the market for a new hang on stand, you need to check out the feature packed Lone Wolf Alpha Hang On. Especially if you ever pack your stand in and hunt from it. At just 24 pounds for a stand and 4 sticks its one of the lightest, easiest packing stands on the market, not to mention the quietest.

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