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Review: Lane Maker Ratcheting Pruners

by Administrator 23. December 2008 06:13

The right equipment while bowhunting can make even a bad day in the woods less frustrating. A solid and safe treestand, a well built bow, even down to the boots we all wear into our favorite little honey holes. Before the start of this past whitetail deer season, I was able to stumble across another one of those little "must haves" for my archery arsenal. One we at feel very strongly about.

The Lane Maker, by Treehopper is a firm upgrade on an old standby most every serious deer hunter already owns, the hand pruner. Built from a patented aluminum alloy, this tough, maintenance free hand pruner is capable of cutting a branch up to 1" thick.  But it's the ease in which these "super" pruners do the job that will make you wonder how you ever managed without them.

A built-in ratchet gearing system allows the user to squeeze effortlessly as the pruner does the work. No more stress put on the wrist of the hunter. No more squeezing through those wet saplings with all your might. This lane maker earns its stay in my day pack permanently!

What I am most impressed with is the noise level this pruner brings to my deer woods. Which is to say, these pruners are dead quiet. And because of there ease of use, they keep a hunter from growing frustrated while snapping those branches off even the most stubborn of underbrush.  And a less frustrated bowhunter is a calmer and quieter bowhunter!

If I have any complaints about Treehoppers, Lane Maker, it's the size restriction. While a 1" branch is still a good sized piece of lumber, my hope is that they'll somehow manage to create the same pruner with a 1 1/2" or slightly larger hand pruner. Imagine what a deer hunter could do with those!

Still, with a guarantee on the Lane Maker of 2 years from the people of Treehopper...who can complain? A solid, safe, and extremely well-built product, the Lane Maker will be on my recommendation list for quite sometime into the future


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