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My New Hobby - Collecting Indian Artifacts

by John Mueller 16. March 2009 14:41
John Mueller

Since purchasing my property a little over a year ago I have taken up another hunting related hobby. I am finding a lot of Indian Artifacts on my new property. I am finding most of them in a field on top of the hill that has been plowed and disced, uncovering many stone points and blades. So far I have found well over 100 pieces. From what others have told me most of mine seem to be rough shaped blanks set aside to be finished later.













However I did find this finished point partially exposed the other day.


I didn’t find this Tomahawk on my property, but it was a really neat find walking along the edge of a field shed hunting.



Finding all of these artifacts in the same general area makes me believe there once was a camp on this spot. But why were so many useful tools left behind and what happened to their owners? Just a few of the questions I wish I had answers to.


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