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My Annual Trip to the IL Deer Classic

by John Mueller 2. March 2009 14:31
John Mueller

            My annual trip to the IL Deer and Turkey Classic was a little different this year. I was working in the Bowtech Booth this time. Usually I go up with Mobow or someone else just to visit with old friends and see the monster deer killed this year. 


            I still made time to see the mounts in the annual deer show. I am a sucker for big antlers. I just have to see all of the different shapes and sizes they come in. One thing there was no shortage of this year was massive racks. I guess with the wet year we had last summer there was no shortage of nutritious food for them to eat. Lots of food equals healthy deer, healthy deer equals big racks.



One of many rows of mounts.



This deers bases are bigger than soda cans.



Not Buckeyes, but a 4 beamer


My dream buck, I LOVE droptines!!



A very impressive site!!


A true mega buck, neat mount too.


Full body mount with a club of a droptine.


            This was home for most of the weekend. The Bowtech Booth was a busy place. I managed to get these pics before the crowds piled in. Pat(Bowtech/Shooter), Greg(Greg/MO), and Dan(MeanV2) posing for the camera. We actually let people shoot the bows into a Kevlar curtain in the back of the booth. About halfway thru Saturday the 82nd Airborn put an arrow thru the curtain. We had to add another layer, that bow is FAST!!!


Pat, Dan and Greg


Home for the weekend.


            And then we just had to mess with our good buddy Don(mobow). He used to be known for his pink Blazers and wraps. While at the ATA Show Buckeye and myself picked up this cap for Don. And Don is a well known HOYT Shooter. So we caught him holding a Bowtech. We promise Don, we won’t tell your boss.



Don's always a good sport about the jokes.


            It’s always fun going to this show and I can’t wait till next year.


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