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Hunting Boot Review: Cabela's Denali Boot by Meindl

by Dustin DeCroo 5. October 2011 12:04
Dustin DeCroo


There aren’t many things that can turn a good hunt miserable faster than cold, wet or aching and blistered feet.  I have cut short more hunts than I care to remember because of the previously mentioned reasons.  In the past five months I’ve put (literally) more than 100 miles on my feet and I’ve finally found a boot that can stand up to my demands, the  Cabela’s Denali boot made by Meindl.  The Denali is truly waterproof, lightweight, tough and extremely comfortable.  A combination that I require of any boot I wear into the field.

The Denali Boot by Meindl has everything I need in a hunting boot

Over the years I have tried a ridiculous number of different boots only to be disappointed in the end.  I have worn boots by: Danner, Rocky, Irish Setter, etc. with all the same results.  This year, prior to filming bear hunts in the steep and rocky expanse of Idaho, I broke down and bought a pair of Meindl boots and have been 100 percent satisfied to date.

Waterproof boots are an absolute must for me, regardless of the type of hunting that I am doing.  Plain and simple, wet feet open the “miserable feet” can of worms.  Two days after they were purchased, my Denali boots had their first opportunity to prove themselves when I walked across a shallow marsh to a bear bait.  Honestly, I was a little concerned that my next five hours in the blind would be spent with soggy feet.  To my surprise (and delight) my feet stayed as dry as could be.  The Meindl boots had passed their first test.

There is no substitue for waterproof boots


Followed closely by “water tightness” on my list of criteria for passing boots, is comfort.  I say second because, I can deal with less comfortable boots that keep my feet dry.  The Meindl boots are equipped with what is called Fit IQ technology.  Fit IQ technology is a system that utilizes memory foam inside the boot to fit perfectly to your foot  These boots are by far the most comfortable hunting boots I have ever worn afield.  Again, I was slightly concerned about chasing bears and dogs around the Idaho mountains in brand new boots.  At the end of the first day, I unlaced my boots with a smile as I didn’t have sore feet or the slightest hot spot that would suggest an oncoming blister.  Test number two, passed.

The Denali boots employ Fit IQ technology for superior comfort


Cold feet, I guess that’s something nobody wants to deal with... in any aspect of life, but for sure when it comes to boots.  The Denali’s are uninsulated which is what I wear for about 90 percent of my hunting.  Fortunately, my feet don’t get cold often and very rarely if I am walking at all.  I purchased the boots in May and the coldest weather I’ve worn the boots, is in the low 30’s.  My feet didn’t get the slightest bit cold even though “warmth” isn’t what these boots are designed for, I would imagine they’ll be put to the official, “test number three” in the next couple of weeks.

How accurate of a rewiew can you expect from a shny new pair of boots?  You can't, so here they are at work!

All-in-all, I give these boots five stars and highly recommend the Meindl Denali if you are looking for a new hunting boot this fall.  I have put these boots through the wringer when it comes to terrain and types of hunts and they are holding up exceptionally well.  The boots do run about a half size larger than normal so keep this in mind if you are ordering online.






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