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Hunter Saftey System Product Review

by Josh Fletcher 18. October 2008 08:47
Josh Fletcher

The Hunter Safety System is the real deal folks. Because safety is no accident. This is the first year that I used the Hunter Safety System, and I will tell you that it is the best full body harness I have ever used. I have had the opportunity to use several different harnesses, and I have never found one that I liked until now. Far too often I have used safety harnesses that were worse than a rubix cube to put on.  And once you finally figured it out it was loud and uncomfortable. Or it inhibited my range of movement.  The Hunter Safety system is a vest that you put on that has the harness sewn inside of it. Just simply put the vest on, buckle the two leg straps and your ready to hunt. The only thing I don’t like about this harness is the strapping system around the tree. The reason I don’t like the tree strap is that they use a metal buckle. And anyone that has hunted with me knows I’m a stickler for noise especially metal noise. What I did to alleviate this problem was I used the Lone Wolfs safety strap that has the carabineer clip. With this set up it is whisper quiet.  The other thing I just love about Hunter Safety System is the fact that the model I have, has a deer drag built in the back for easier deer removal from the woods.  There is too many risks in life, don’t take a risk from twenty feet in the air because safety is no accident.


Here you can see me putting the vest on with ease, what I like about it is it goes on fast with not problems.


This close-up shows the buckles system for the legs. I also like the large pocket on the vest.



One super nice feature of this vest is the drag hook in the back. Here you can see me dragging Todd's doe out of the woods. If you are going to hunt with him I would not bring the vest because you will end up dragging out his deer.

I will be off on a mule deer hunt for a week, when I get back its time for the Wisconsin Rut!


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