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Another Big Illinois Bowkill

by John Mueller 9. December 2008 14:14
John Mueller

            Another big IL whitetail fell to a lucky archer this fall. This time a DNR agent named Mike Goetten killed a monster near Joliet. The massive buck is a basic 10 pointer with a double brow tine and a few stickers that gross scores 198 3/8” and nets 175 6/8 as a Typical Booner.


            Bob Schnettgoecke who owns Schnettgoecke’s Taxidermy from Grafton, IL is mounting the buck for Mike. Here are a few pics of the beast the day the buck was mounted. The mount isn’t finished yet, but I couldn’t resist posting a few pics of this beautiful buck.

The buck is almost the size of this cow elk.


The cape on this buck beautiful as well.


Here you can get an idea of his mass.

The Hard Work is Starting to Pay Off

by John Mueller 18. November 2008 13:26
John Mueller

Owning your own land can be a lot of hard work, specially the first few years, getting everything in shape like you want it. I have had my own property for almost a year now and I am starting to reap some of the rewards for my sweat and labor.


I am still working on the Grand Plan for my property, but I do have a pretty good idea of where I want things to end up. So far I have plowed up an overgrown hay/weed field and planted a few food plots that the deer love. It has really been neat seeing them go from bare dirt to flourishing food plots in a matter weeks.



Starting out with bare dirt.

After a few days the plants start to show themselves.

Food plots looking pretty good.

The food plots are already paying big dividends. I see deer in them almost every time I hunt near them.



The deer really like what I have planted for them.


I know the deer are getting good nutrition from them and it will help the health of my herd. Plus it keeps the deer on my land so the neighbors won’t have an opportunity to kill them. And I have the benefit of being able to watch them and learn which ones I want to target during my hunts.


 I am in the process of turning my CRP field, which is mostly Fescue right now, into a Native Warm Season Grass Prairie. This should be well established by next fall.


My rewards have come in the way of 4 deer harvested, I have taken a doe and a buck so far off of my new ground.



The first deer taken on my new farm.





My first buck buck harvest there.

 And a friend has taken 2 does. I plan on taking a few more does given the opportunity and will save my last buck tag for a special buck if he presents me with a shot.

This is who I am saving my last buck tag for.

Monster buck shot in Iowa

by Todd Graf 23. October 2008 13:29
Todd Graf

Wow, now that is a monster buck. Congrats to Simmons Preston. I would sure love to hear more about this buck. Someone please shoot me some info on this great buck. Not to mention the fact it was taken with a bow!



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