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HotMocs | The Cure For Cold Feet While Hunting

by Justin Zarr 23. November 2011 10:55
Justin Zarr

One of the primary keys to a successful hunt is often the ability to both sit in your stand for long periods of time, and stay as motionless as possible.  As I've found out over the years, both of those things are very difficult to do when you've got cold feet.  That is, until I discovered HotMocs.

My first introduction to the HotMocs product was back in '07 or '08 when they were called "ThermalFeet".  Being a person who seemingly gets cold feet even in mild temperatures they immediately peaked my interest.  After a quick look at the product I decided to give it a try.  My feet have been thanking me ever since!

The premise behind this great product is that it's a small, light-weight, easy to use boot cover that holds a disposable handwarmer on the top of your foot to keep it warm.  By placing the warmer on the top of your foot you keep heat directly over the arteries and veins that supply blood to the rest of your foot.  This essentially keeps your entire foot warm while on your stand.

I know it sounds a little crazy, but I'm telling you it works!  I've worn these in temps well into the teens and my feet have been toasty the entire hunt.  This coming from a guy who is notorious for getting cold feet.

There are several reasons that I prefer the HotMocs product over other methods of keeping your feet warm while on stand, the first of which is their size.  I know quite a few people who lug those large, bulky insulated boot covers with them and not one of them is ever happy about doing it.  These days it seems like we're all carrying more and more gear to our stands with us, and those big covers certainly don't help anything. 

HotMocs are small enough to literally fit right into your pocket if you wanted to.  They even come with a small carrying pouch to place them in when they're not being worn.

The second reason I like them is that they are extremely quiet.  Unlike a lot of the big boot covers which are made from a noisey nylon material, HotMocs are made from ultra-quiet fleece.  You can slip them on and off while in your stand with little to no noise, and you don't have to worry about the sound of them rubbing together on accident.

If you're interested in learning more about HotMocs check them out online at

One tip I can give you is that for really cold days, or extended sits, try using the larger body-sized handwarmers.  They are hotter and last longer, and really help keep your feet nice and toasty.  I was wearing my HotMocs last year when I shot my buck on November 15th and again this year when I shot my buck on November 20th.  Nothing makes shooting a buck more enjoyable than having warm feet when you do it!

For the proof that I've actually been using this product for years check out this Blog from December 2008!

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