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Gear Review - The GlenDel Buck

by Mark Kenyon 28. June 2011 14:51
Mark Kenyon

It looked to be about a 150 class buck and it was standing stock still, just on the edge of the bean field. I exhaled as I drew back and anchored my string like I'd done a thousand times before. Breathe in, slowly exhale and squeeeeze...The arrow arched through the air and came down right behind the shoulder. Perfect heart shot. But believe it or not, that buck never went down. Why not? Well because it was a GlenDel Buck of course!

This winter I purchased a GlenDel Buck 3D target, as I wanted to fine tune my archery skills on a more lifelike target this year and practice for scenarios just like the one I outlined above. In the months since getting my GlenDel, I've sent hundreds of arrows it's way, used almost a half dozen different kinds of arrows on it, and fired at it from anywhere from 10 to 60 yards. Now, after about 6 months, I've finally organized my thoughts on this big ole brute of a 3D target. Read on for my 2 cents on the GlenDel Buck.



Upon recieving my GlenDel, I was pretty darn stoked and rightly so. This target is definitely fun to send an arrow at! Most simply, this is just a cool target to look at down range and shoot. Who wouldn't want to practice on a 150 inch buck?! It's not a very technical attribute, but it's undeniable and in all honesty just the look and feel of this target was a big part of why I bought it and what I still like about it. 

In addition to the target just looking good, it's aesthetics actually have very functional benefits as well. With a very realistic looking target and size, simulating a real life hunting situation is that much more possible. 3D targets are great for helping you practice picking a spot on a deer, and with the GlenDel's life like design and size, it does this perfectly. 

Another great feature of this target is the 4 sided vital insert. By rotating this insert in the target, you can shoot at 4 different views of the vitals and having four faces obviously increases the life of the target. Additionally, once you finally shoot up your insert, you can purchase a replacement for significantly less money than a new target. Definitely a big plus.



Now as much fun as shooting at a 150 class buck target is, the Glendel unfortunately let me down in a few key ways. One of the GlenDel's most advertised "features" is that it is very easy to pull arrows out of. But contrary to this claim, I found that arrows were down right difficult to remove in some cases. I've shot at several different brands of 3D targets and I would rank this target as middle of the pack in regards to ease of removal. That being said, I have noticed that the arrows are easier to remove now after poking a couple hundred holes in it!


Another disappointment was the overall durability and stability of the target. I found that the target doesnt hold together too well and I've heard from others that it's quite susceptible to water damage. That being said, I've kept my target inside when not using it. This has meant I need to carry it in and out every time I shoot, and numerous times I've had the antlers, legs or head fall off! This obviously isn't a deal breaker, but at the same time it's not ideal.

Final Thoughts:

So all of this being said, after firing away at my Glendel Buck for about half a year now, I have mixed emotions. On one hand it is a fun target to shoot at and one that should last through a lot of shots. But on the other, it can be difficult at times to work with and not quite as sturdily constructed as you might expect for a $150-$200 target. So given my hot and cold feelings on the Glendel, I can not HIGHLY recommend this target. I can however say that it's definitely worth checking out yourself and it's certainly a fun 3D to shoot at. If you have the opportunity, I'd recommend shooting at this target and several other 3D's yourself if possible, and then weigh the options with your own personal criteria. If you're looking for a simple, easy to remove arrows from target, this might not be the right fit. But if you're looking to have a good time slinging arrows with friends and you want a big bad 3D to shoot at, the GlenDel is for you. 

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