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Bowhunting Products from Pine Ridge Archery, Muzzy, Slick Trick, and more

by Bow Staff 12. January 2009 16:12
Bow Staff

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary for one of the most well defined and popular archery service and product companies over the last century of our sport. The people of Muzzy have been doing this a long time, and know just how to create real world hunting products that work. And the people at Muzzy have done it again. The bowhunting season of 2009 will see the introduction of the all new Phantom-MX broadhead.

The new Phantom-MX broadhead is a 4 blade of terror that features a 1-1/8" x 1" cutting diameter and, like Muzzys other MX-series of broadheads, offers a compact profile for superior flight and maximum accuracy, even at higher bow speeds. This new Phantom-MX features .040" thick main blades for the maximum strength a broadhead needs when passing through even the toughest of targets.

The new Muzzy Phantom MX.

Available in a 100 grain head for 2009, the Muzzy Phantom-MX was built with one thing in mind, successful hunters! This new Phantom will allow bowhunters to have increased accuracy and performance, without giving up penetration and/or cutting diameter. Bowhunters across the country spoke, and Muzzy listened with this newest broadhead! 

Natural Predator Outdoor Products, the people who make the TRUCarbon scent elimination carbon powder, have come up with a better and cleaner way to treat your favorite bowhunting garments. The new TRUCarbon H2O, is the same activated carbon found in TRUCarbon (the powder form), made into a hands free pellet for pre-mixing in water. Pour the H2O pellets into the required amount of water and watch as your camo becomes a fresh carbon suit every time. Then just hang and dry! The TRUCarbon H2O effervescent pellets work the scent elimination properties of activated carbon right into your clothing, only this time it's affordable!

Slick Trick has been long known as one of the archery world's smaller companies with larger goals. And their line of bone crushing broadheads will take another huge leap for 2009. Introducing the all new Razortrick 100 and 125 grain broadhead. This traditional style head is much more compact than its industry rivals, featuring the super sharp Lutz Solingen German blades. Razor sharp at .040" thick and a 1-1/8" main and 7/8" bleeder blade, this new broadhead is built for super flight and better penetration. The new patent pending Deadbolt Bladelock in the amazingly strong one piece Rhinosteel Ferrule, is as strong as any one piece 3 blade head, but with 4 sharper replaceable blades that make for better holes and creating better blood trails. 

While the staff was talking with the representatives of the Slick Trick  brand, we were informed that this newest broadhead, Razortrick, was in fact their most accurate flying broadhead yet.

The new Razortrick

Our friends at Pine Ridge Archery continue to impress us with innovative ideas and solutions that real world bowhunters crave. Among their new products this year is the E/Z Mount Call Holder, and we think you'll agree about it's real world function.

The E/Z Mount Call Holder fits firmly around your forearm or wrist, and can swivel to any position you need it. While walking to your favorite spot, or climbing into your treestand, you can position your grunt parallel with your arm and out of the way. While in stand, you can simply rotate the call to another position and ready it for calling. The E/Z Mount Call Holder works with all grunt tubes and calls, and swivels a full 360 degrees.

The Pine Ridge Archery E/Z Mount Call Holder

A relatively smaller company also came up with a neat idea for the usage of one of the most popular deer calls ever created, the can. The company, B&C Enterprises, calls it the Ground Bleater Pro. It starts with a camouflage metal bracket that can inserted into the ground, at the base of the tree, and allows you to attach a can call like the Primos Can or their own Buck Siren can call. The Ground Bleater Pro has a tether that you attach to the bracket and carry into the tree which allows you to make bleats from the ground and not up in the tree where the deer may bust you while searching for the call's creator. There is also a grunt tube version of the call in the works which should be available by next deer season.

Look for field tester, Jason Lawrence, as he reviews this item throughout the Illinois deer season this upcoming 2009 autumn.


Bow hunting fanatics who appreciate a need for a solid, well built, and usable treestand pack that was made with one thing in mind, the hunter, will fall in love with the improved GamePlan Gear BowBat. Developed for the hunter who carries a climbing treestand into the woods, and cannot carry a regular backpack conveniently, the Bowbat is a bow sling that also opens up and can be used as a pack and backrest to your tree. The product has lots of storage with expandable pockets for carrying large items like coats while also sporting smaller elastic internal pockets for sprays and scents. The Bowbat allows you the comfort of a bow sling while adding the ability to carry everything else needed for your hunt, including a quiver holder. Made of a quiet Bucksuede material, and an ability to fit any size bow, this new pack is sure to be on top of every serious bowhunters list this fall.

Stay tuned for more updates by the staff as they report to you, the serious bowhunter, on this years latest and greatest gear from the 2009 ATA show.

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