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Moultrie Launches New Game Spy Camera System

by Todd Graf 11. January 2009 05:35
Todd Graf

Providing Complete Access to Camera Location 24/7 Alabaster, Alabama – January 2009 – Moultrie announced the launch of the Game Spy Game Management System, which offers complete access to game cameras via cellular network and internet. Consisting of three components – camera, cellular modem and web site – the Game Management System provides complete access to game cameras 24/7, from the comfort of your own home.  

The Camera

Moultrie’s introduction of a complete camera system also brings to the market four innovative scouting cameras that are compatible with the Game Management System. Choose from the Game Spy I-45 and I-65 models with truly invisible infrared technology, or the Game Spy M-45 and M-65 white-flash models with color night-time video. Each game camera boasts a quick trigger time and long battery life, so you’ll never miss a shot. Moultrie’s 2009 game cameras retail $279.99-$379.99. 

The Cellular Modem

Game cameras are addictive, but the cost of checking them every weekend gets expensive. Moultrie’s new GPS Game Spy Connect modem plugs directly into compatible Game Spy cameras, giving you the ability to access your camera whenever and wherever you please. Through AT&T’s cellular network, you can wirelessly transmit images, check battery status or even change your camera setting – all from your computer, PDA or cell phone. The GPS Game Spy Connect retails for $149.99. 

The Web Site Moultrie’s Game Management web site offers members a private-access web page to manage photos, data and cameras anywhere in the world, from any computer with internet access. Once signed up, members can also enter accounts remotely from most cell phones or PDA’s with internet capabilities. Upload images captured at your favorite hunting spot, keep an eye on your property, plot and view locations of game activity using GPS coordinates, control your camera from miles away . . . the possibilities are nearly endless! Monthly plans start at $29.99. 

Moultrie’s complete Game Management System will be available summer 2009.





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