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New Fusion Vanes from Norway Industries

by Justin Zarr 30. December 2008 02:55
Justin Zarr

Fusion Vanes are now available for purchase on  Click here to get yours today! 

We just received this Press Release from the folks over at Norway Industries, makers of the popular Duravanes line of fletching products and also a great line of string suppressors called the String Tamers.  The new Fusion vane is yet another high profile vane made from a stiff, durable material that is designed specifically to improve broadhead flight.  However, the unique feature of this vane aside from it's overall geometry is the fact that it is fused together at the base with a separate, softer material for better adhesion to your arrows.  This looks like a great product for 2009 that we can't wait to test out!

Fusion Vanes from Norway IndustriesMyrtle Point, OR: Norway Industries, maker of the extremely popular Duravanes arrow vane and the revolutionary noise and vibration-dampening device—the String Tamer announces the groundbreaking Fusion Vane.

As the name states, the new Fusion vane by Norway Industries is a radical blend of shape and material technology, which yields maximum aerodynamic steering capability and unprecedented broadhead flight.  Norway Industries melded technologies both old and new to create the most responsive vane archers have ever experienced with precise focus on today’s critical demands of first-class: Adhesion, Broadhead flight, Consistency and Durability.  It’s 2 inch long, high profile, design is based upon the increasingly popular foot print of today’s short vane designs but, all similarities end there- This vane is completely unique and like nothing ever offered before. 

“Nearly two years of research and development showed that by combining innovative shapes and materials we could achieve what no other vane manufacturer has even done,.  We went through a lot of changes trying to get this vane “just right”, but it was well worth the effort and the numerous prototypes” Stated Janis Melton, Co-Owner of Norway Industries.

 The mix of traditional and contemporary designs and materials is evident when you see and feel the revolutionary Fusion vane.  Beginning with a profile similar to a traditional shield cut, the modified silhouette increases the surface area of the most critical point to the vanes anatomy, which minimizes cross wind interference while also maximizing broadhead flight and stabilization.  Also complimenting the Fusion name is a revolutionary process where two distinctly different proprietary polymers are combined to create the base and blade of the vane, who are then “fused” together during the manufacturing process.   The blade employs a stiffer and more durable structure with a distinct texture and a slight taper from base to top.  These features are designed to decreased overall mass weight while increasing stabilization and vane durability.  The base of the vane is created from a softer polymer that has proven to act similarly to the time-honored Duravane, which are notorious for unmatched adhesion.  What’s more, the soft base also allows for the vane to react to contact or crushing more like a traditional feather, but with the resilience and weatherproof capabilities of a vane. 

For more information on the innovative Fusion Vane or to learn more about the full line of Norway Industries products call 800-778-4755, visit them online at, or check out this video on YouTube.

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