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Sitka Gear Enters Whitetail World!

by Bow Staff 14. June 2010 02:48
Bow Staff

NAPA, CA. Sitka Gear Inc., has owned the apparel market where serious western hunters are concerned. With the philosophy that clothing should be an integral part of any hunter’s equipment list, Sitka Gear has quickly gained a following amongst those that venture into the roughest terrain the West has to offer.

In just half of a decade Sitka’s apparel line has grown to include clothing that goes so far beyond what hunters have come to expect that most view it as essential gear. From base layers to rainwear and high-quality outerwear, Sitka has provided hunters with garments that keep them comfortable in the areas that mule deer, elk, sheep and even mountain goats call home.

But, while Sitka Gear has taken over the western hunting market, those hunters that live in the Midwest and east have had little opportunity to utilize their products. Until now…

In 2010, Sitka Gear has introduced the Forest line that is specifically designed for hunters that live for the adrenaline rush that whitetails provide. Several new additions to their overall product line invite whitetail hunters to test out the Downpour, Incinerator and Stratus series along with other Sitka mainstays like the Core base layers and Kelvin Series. While this apparel stands out on its own as the best of the best, Sitka Gear’s top-quality products feature the most scientifically advanced visual concealment pattern ever to hit the market – GORE® OPTIFADE Concealment, the first-ever concealment based on the science of animal vision.  The new Big Game/Forest pattern takes into account the distance and extreme angles found while treestand hunting and works to obscure elevated hunters.

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