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NEW Drury Outdoors' Whitetail Titles Hit Stores May 15!

by Bow Staff 14. May 2010 06:37
Bow Staff

Drury Outdoors’ Whitetail Titles Hit Stores May 15th, and as always Bowhunting.Com will have them!

For the die-hard whitetail hunter, their arrival marks the beginning of the countdown to opening day. And this year's May 15 release of the flagship whitetail titles from Drury Outdoors will push the anticipation into overdrive with an onslaught of giant buck kills and encounters the Team is calling "Head, Rack and Shoulders Above the Rest." Whitetail Madness® 13, Dream Season® 13 and Volume 10 in the 100% Wild Fair Chase® series feature 50 on-camera kills not seen on TV, with a total of nine gross booners hitting the turf.
Whitetail Madness® 13 catalogs a year of big-buck fanaticism from shed hunting in March to the blowing snow of the late muzzleloader season. Of the 16 kills by bow, gun and muzzleloader, 7 score over an astounding 150".  Dream Season® 13 continues the Drury Team's redefinition of the American dream - sharing the hunt with family. Bonds are reinforced and plenty of huge bucks hit the turf in this year's edition. To complete the hat trick, Volume 10 in the 100% Wild Fair Chase® series is a killer compilation of how-to lessons from the previous nine seasons in the timber.
"Each year, we set out to raise the bar on not only our own previous titles, but every other whitetail production out there. This season, more than any other, we've set a far-reaching precedent. The heart-pounding encounters and sheer inches of antler we laid down were nothing short of amazing, and we can't wait for the American whitetail hunter to experience it," said Mark Drury.
The three new DVDs hit shelves everywhere May 15, marking Drury Outdoors' 21-year anniversary and the dramatic continuation of mantra deer hunters know well - Our Videos Are Different.

Buy them here!

Drury Outdoors releases their HOT new videos just in time for summer!

by Bow Staff 18. May 2009 14:23
Bow Staff

Drury Outdoors, need we say more? The much anticipated new video’s have now been released, and the staff at are like little children waiting to watch last years Drury team deer season unfold before them. We hope you’ll join us too.

Here’s a short glimpse into what you’ll be watching, straight from the Drury website.

Dream Season 12

DVD - Nothing better embodies the great American hunting tradition than sharing the gifts of the outdoors with family. And in this case, those gifts come in the form of giant, freak-stud whitetails hitting the turf. All punctuated by a breath-taking muzzleloader hunt in the snow where Mark Drury chops down a 190 2/8” Iowa giant. Dream Season 12 is a fast-paced compilation of big-buck footage that once again captures the magic of strengthening family bonds through shared passion.

There’s a deer stand in the Drury family tree, and it just keeps getting more deadly. You’ve watched Taylor Drury grow up in the Dream Season series, and her latest hunt with father Mark proves she’s come into her own as a huntress, felling a 137 3/8” Missouri brute. Dad maintains head-of-household status with a monster head on the wall of his own – a 158 2/8” IA buck called Flyer. Brother Terry stays mad at ‘em all year, thumping a 147” in archery season, and dropping the hammer in Missouri on a big ol' 154" with son Matt throwing his hat in the ring on a 135 4/8”. There’s also Glen Simpson’s 160” bow kill from Illinois and a whole stack of thrilling encounters and huge headgear that’ll motivate you to get out and make some family memories, and realize your own Dream Season.

Whitetail Madness 12

DVD - Nothing captivates an audience like the diary of a madman. Ours is from a whole Team of them, gripped by an unrelenting obsession with the living ghosts of North America. Giant, mature whitetails. Whitetail Madness 12 catalogs the fanaticism of the Drury Outdoors Team from shed hunting in March to the blowing snow of the late muzzleloader season. You’ll see more inches of antler hit the turf in this 150-minute freak show than anywhere else. Of the 18 kills by bow, gun and muzzleloader, 7 score over 160”!

Mark Drury heads West to Wyoming with Rick and Julie Kreuter for a rollercoaster ride of emotions that skids to a dead stop with 136” and 131” lethal strikes from the X-Force. Brother Terry kicks off his season with the smack down of a 170 6/8” Missouri monstrosity with a bow – his second biggest buck ever. Not to be outdone, Mark heads to Iowa and puts the Rage in the cage of a 168” 8 point giant that measures over 24” wide. Friend Jim Thome thumps a 171” Illinois stud out of the park. And Taylor Drury keeps the family tradition alive by snuffing out a 136” with her T/C. There’s more. And we promise: You ain’t seen nothing like this. But then again, that’s why we say ‘Our Videos Are Different’ and call this yearly journal of insanity the Madness!

100% Wild Fair Chase Vol.9: Here's Your Sign

DVD - Trail cam pictures, rubs, scrapes, tracks, sheds – 100% Wild Volume 9 will help you put together the pieces of a mature buck’s puzzle. It’s your job to send it crashing to the ground. This chapter of our famous how-to series will get you in that big deer’s living room and into his kill zone like none before it. And it wouldn’t be Drury Outdoors if we didn’t let a few of the world’s most successful deer hunters demonstrate these tactics with an action-packed reel of giant buck waylays to fuel your adrenaline into next season.

Mark Drury uses the magic of Reconyx trail cam pictures and long-range observation to put the close-range thump on an Illinois stud 8. He strikes again in Missouri on a 146” on the most wonderful day – opening day. Brother Terry has a bangup season, and seals it with a 156 1/8” Missouri giant in the snow with his bow using fresh tracks to close the distance. Watch Jim Thome and his brother Randy put the major league smackdown on a couple of Illinois bruisers that measure 150” and 183” respectively. There’s a lot more. When we say ‘Our Videos are Different’, it means you best expect the unexpected and keep your eyes peeled – there are giants headed your way for the next 2+ hours.


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Drury Outdoors - Mark Drury Harvest a super nice Buck

by Todd Graf 11. November 2008 14:26
Todd Graf

Congrats to Mark Drury!

Can the season get any better? We’ve had so much luck up to this point, yet I felt the best was still to come. We’ve been dealing with unseasonably warm weather and high, high winds. But it is now November, and anything can happen!

The morning of November 5th, I decided to go to one of my favorite trees. The wind was galling and it was raining on and off. We sat in the truck until nearly 7:30 to keep the cameras dry. The sky finally cleared to west and we jogged to get to the tree in time before movement started. Between 7:30 and 8:30 we saw four different bucks including one gigantic 8 point I knew all too well. The 5 ½ yr old giant seemed to be cruising for an available doe, so I cracked the horns together while he was about 100 yards away. He immediately ran straight towards us and dropped into a deep draw. I expected to see him at any second. After an hour of intense searching and waiting for him to emerge, we decided he ran into a distraction because he never did show. Movement slowed down, temps rose into the low 70's and the wind continued to blow at 25mph. Given the luck I experienced last weekend around the pond set, I decided to go back to where I killed Flyer on October 30th.

Around 4:30pm we had a giant buck slip in our back door from the 6ft tall switch grass. In fact, we didn’t see this 24” wide 8pt until he was 15 yards and coming towards the tree! Panic buttons weren’t just pressed; they were stomped through the bottom of the tree stand! The buck crossed our draw straight down wind at five steps from the tree and immediately started heading towards a couple of does that had been down winds from us the entire evening. At 25 yards away, the buck stopped, stomped his foot, and turned to face our tree – he obviously caught our wind. Over the next few minutes, the buck repeatedly tried to catch our wind, but just could not figure out what was going on. He finally relaxed, accepted whatever he had smelled, and continued on his way. At 29 yards, I bleated to stop him, and the Dream Season X-Force found its mark.

This one buck is the reason why we wear and believe in Scent Blocker/Scent Shield products and clothing. Without it, I don’t think I would have been able to kill this 5 ½ year old 24” wide 8pt. He new something was wrong, he just couldn’t figure out what. He held on long enough to give me a kill shot. I have probably over 200 Reconyx images of this deer and feel extremely privileged to be sitting behind him on the evening of November 5th. What a giant!

Click here to learn more about Drury Outdoors Productions.



Great photo with a Reconyx Trail Camera.

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Terry Drury Harvests a 170 inch Giant whitetail buck.

by Staff 26. September 2008 16:12 Staff

75 degrees with a NE wind was all Terry and cameraman could ask for in late September. Terry was hunting a stand very close to bed, yet close enough to catch a nice buck on his way to a lush maximum field. A low-pressure system moved out and a high came rolling in as soon as Terry climbed up the tree.

The evening started out good as does came through the timber into the maximum field. Then more does and small bucks came parading their way into the maximum field. Suddenly a doe came squirting past the stand while looking back and a huge 170-class buck came following not 10 seconds later. The buck walked right in to Terry's shooting lane, after a shot that hit the deer a little far back, the deer mule kicked as hard as Terry has ever seen one do in addition to an exhaustive grunt upon impact and proceeded to bolt out of the area. After reviewing the hit and much deliberation Terry called Mark and asked if he could assist in the recovery the next morning. After one sleepless night Mark and Terry headed straight out to the woods and started what turned out to be a successful recovery.

Terry has numerous pictures of the buck on his Reconyx game camera, previously calling the buck "Flyers" because of 10 inches of kickers. They may be some of the best trail cam pictures and most vivid quality that Terry has captured this season! The Reconyx truly played a huge part in Terry harvesting “Flyers”! What a great way to start the ‘08 Missouri Bow Season!!

If your interested in some great hunting dvd's check out the link below. Terry were looking forward to seeing this hunt soon. 


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