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Tim-Buck-Tu Outdoors, The Perfect Archery Pro Shop

by John Mueller 16. March 2010 14:22
John Mueller

Tim-Buck-Tu Outdoors has everything an archer could want in a pro shop. Knowledgeable staff to work on your bow, open lanes for trying out new bows or shooting leagues, a new 3D Pop-Up System, and a Techno Hunt video screen. Something for everyone and plenty of new stuff to keep you coming back again and again.

The staff at Tim-Buck-Tu has training in setting up new equipment and knows how to take care of your older bows too. They have an excellent pro shop selling Bowtech, Diamond, Mathews, Mission, PSE, and Alpine bows. And all of the other equipment you need for the sport.

They have 14 well lit lanes of space to try out the new equipment or to shoot leagues in.

They recently purchased 8000 square feet of additional space behind the store and now have their own 3D Pop-Up System along with the Techno Hunt Video Shooting system to shoot. You shoot the 3D Pop-Up from an elevated balcony, just like you are in a tree stand. I believe they have about 10 animals that pop-up and 1 runner across the back wall on tracks. For those of you who haven’t tried this yet, it is a blast. The new video system is also fun to shoot, with many different discs to try, and any animal that you would like to hunt.

They are currently running leagues for both systems.

Behind the pop-up balcony is an area to relax and have a few beverages of your choice.

This coming weekend, March 20 and 21 is a big weekend for the store. On Saturday they are hosting a swap meet for anything outdoor related, $10 for a table to sell your items and no charge to shop. Doors open at 11:00 and goes till 4:00. Then on Sunday they are holding theirannual banquet to show their appreciation to all of their customers. Mark Dowdy and his family really know how to run a business.

For those of you in the greater St. Louis area, you need to check these guys out. I wish I had more free time so I could shoot in a few leagues there, but I’m just too busy lately. Tim-Buck-Tu Outdoors is located in Maryville, IL about 15 minutes from downtown St. Louis. If you can't make it, check them out on the web!

Diamond Introduces Center Pivot Technology For 2009

by Staff 5. December 2008 02:46 StaffDiamond IceMan bowThe IceMan cometh. And it comes deadly quiet, with shock-free Center Pivot riser technology, previously available only in the BowTech line.
Featuring second generation Center Pivot Technology, the new Diamond IceMan has more strength, virtually no horizontal torque or vibration and, with the deflexed design, consistent accuracy shot after shot.
"Bringing the Center Pivot Technology into the Diamond brand is a big step for us," national sales manager Jerid Strasheim admits, "With the draw cycle of a single cam and the deadly quiet that comes with the Center Pivot design, the IceMan is one of the smoothest shooters on the market today."
The IceMan features an all new Single Rotating Mod allowing for a full 7 inches of adjustability in 1/2-inch increments (24" to 30"). Couple that with a 31 ½" axle to axle, a forgiving 7 1/8" brace height and peak draw weights available in 40, 50, 60 and 70 pounds, the versatile IceMan has IBO speeds of 310 to 318 fps. A carbon rod string suppressor, positioned directly in line with the stabilizer bushing, couples with a stabilizer to efficiently transfer energy away from the bow resulting in a quiet, balanced shot.
The IceMan is available in a variety of camouflage patterns including Realtree's Hardwoods HD® (standard), Hardwoods Green HD®, AP HD®, Advantage Max-4 HD®, Camowest® Vanish Hybrid, Next® FLX Digital and Mossy Oak Brush®, all featuring the InVelvet™ finish. The IceMan is also available in a FireStorm Candy Blue target configuration with blue/black string and cables, black cams and mods and a carbon fiber dipped 2-piece grip. The optional Octane accessory package includes a 5-pin fiber optic sight, Hostage Pro capture arrow rest, Octane camo 5-arrow 1-piece quiver, braided wrist sling, metal peep sight and Octane 7" camo stabilizer. 
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