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My First Impression of The Comfort Series Heater Body Suit

by John Mueller 6. March 2009 13:24
John Mueller

My first impressions are I can’t wait till it gets cold again. Right out of the box I could tell this thing is going to keep me warm in the coldest, windiest weather.



The Comfort Series Heater Body Suit is a no frills version of the Elite Series. It uses a different type of insulation, which is a bit on the stiff side at first. I am hoping after a little use and a washing or 2 it loosens up some. Some of this stiffness may be from the windproof membrane they use also. The outer material has the Skyline Appiration Camo pattern on it. Skyline has always been a favorite of mine. It seems to be good quality material that was very quiet when I moved around and brushed it together.  Likewise the interior material was also super quiet.






I ordered the extra large model more because I am 6’ 3” tall. The XL model goes up to 300 pounds. Seeing as how I only weigh 180 there is plenty of room inside the suit for more layers. Sitting down I had no pulling or pinch points and once I lowered the suit off my shoulders, had no problem drawing my bow.



It may take a little practice getting the suit on once I get up in my stand. I will be sure to have my safety harness attached securely before climbing in. Just in case I dance a little close to the edge. The zipper goes well down one leg and completely opens up the suit. There is plenty of room for boots in the feet and more than enough room in the legs and body of my suit.


The only real complaint that I have is concerning the zipper. It is a very heavy duty model. But it is also very noisy!! I tried to put some DDW Odorless oil on it but that didn’t really help much. I also tried putting some bowstring wax on it. This may have helped a little but not enough for my taste. I will probably sit with the zipper undone enough to lower the suit off of my shoulders without having to unzip it. I know how little noise to it takes to spook a whitetail at close quarters. And sometimes they sneak up on you before you know it.


I have always been interested in the Heater Body Suit for cold weather hunting. But the price has kept me from buying one and finding out I really didn’t like it. With the field testing deal and a money back guarantee, I feel I couldn’t go wrong giving it a try this year. I know I was pretty miserable last year sitting out in the frigid temps and howling winds on a few occasions.


I’ll give another review after I have had a chance to wear it on a few hunts in some nasty weather.

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