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Heater Body Suit launches "Field Test" Program for 2009.

by Bow Staff 19. February 2009 17:03
Bow Staff

Realizing the economic pinch of the American consumer, Heater Clothing, manufacturer of the Heater Body Suit, has introduced a new program for 2009 intended to help aid their sales and our pocket books. Here's a new look at a product we cold weather bowhunters just love.  


Heater Clothing, manufacturer of the Heater Body Suit, is looking for your help in testing a "NEW" garment that may be added to our product line. In 2010, we recognized that some guys just don't have $330.00 to purchase our elite Heater Body Suit with all of the perks, benefits, and versatility it has to offer. We want to be able reach out and expand our customer base of hunters to allow them to experience the comfort our suits provide. Our goal is to make alterations to our elite Heater Body Suit; thereby, reducing the cost while maintaining our solid reputation of keeping you warm. We have developed an "economy" suit called the "Comfort Series" (a suit providing you with all-day warmth at a "comfortable" price). This addition to our product line gives hunters a choice between the elite Heater Body Suit and the new Comfort Series suit. We are now looking for approximately 150 field testers for this Comfort Series suit.

Here's what we did:

1.      Removed the knit collar (cost savings).

2.      Used a military grade insulation versus the Ultra Thinsulate (cost savings with comparable test results in our lab).

3.      Manufactured in 3 sizes (M, L, XL) versus 6 sizes of our elite Heater Body Suit.

4.      Manufactured in one pattern (Backland Adrenaline)

5.      Does not include the extra pair of insulated booties which are worn inside our elite Heater Body Suit (cost savings).

6.      Does not have the extra zippers to accept the various colors of full coveralls to change the appearance of suit versus the elite Heater Body Suit.

7.      This suit should retail for approximately $259.00.

Below are the parameters of the Field Test Program "Comfort Series" Suit

COST: Field Test price is $199.00

WARRANTY: If you are not satisfied with this product, return for a full refund (within 1 year of purchase date)


Suggested Size




Under 5' 8"

Up to 200 lbs.


5' 8" to 5' 11"

Up to 300 lbs.


6' 0" to 6' 4"

Up to 320 lbs.



·         A questionnaire will be sent with the suit asking for your initial reaction and perception of this garment.

·         A questionnaire or phone call will be made to you in late 2009 asking for your input of this garment.

Call 888-565-2652 and ask about the "Comfort Series" Field Test today!

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