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NEW Gorilla Silverback Stealth HX Climber.

by Bow Staff 27. January 2011 02:44
Bow Staff

The New Silverback Stealth HX Climber, Gorilla’s Lightest Climbing Treestand.

FLUSHING, Michigan – Gorilla Inc. a leading manufacturer of performance treestands and accessories announces the introduction of the new Silverback Stealth HX Climber. This aluminum constructed treestand features patented Gorilla Grip™ pivoting arms that can scale any tree 8”- 22” in diameter. Gorilla continues to redefine innovation with the addition of the Stealth HX Climber to its award winning line of treestands.
Weighing in at just over 20 pounds, the ultra-light aluminum Silverback Stealth
HX is Gorilla’s lightest climbing treestand. Features include patented Gorilla Grip™ pivoting arms that form to trees 8" to 22" in diameter, matched with high-density foam climbing bars and arms to provide safety and versatility. The XPE zero-G™ dual-density seat and backrest offer all-day comfort, and the fully adjustable padded backpack straps make transportation a breeze.

The new Stealth Silverback HX Climber incorporates design features that distinguish Gorilla® craftsmanship.  Features such as:

• An oversized, lightweight aluminum HX construction platform
• Traxion™ slip resistant coating
• Gorilla Grip™ pivoting arms – perfect for any tree ranging from 8” to 22” in diameter
• XPE Zero-G™ dual density foam seat for all day comfort
• XT-6™ red nylon bushings and washers for silent operation.
• High Density Foam (HDF) padded climbing bar and upper bars
• Stirrup climbing straps
• Mossy Oak® Treestand® camo
• Fully adjustable padded backpack straps

Silverback Stealth HX Climber Suggested Retail:  $249.99

About Gorilla Inc.
Gorilla Inc. is an award-winning manufacturer of high performance treestands and accessories for hunters who demand comfort, strength and stealth.  For more information on the Silverback Stealth HX Climber, check them out on the web.


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