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SKB Makes Transporting Your Compound Bow or Crossbow Easy and Safe

by Bow Staff 16. November 2010 08:06
Bow Staff

The SKB Transportation Corporation has been the world's transport authority since 1977.  Their motto, "Protection Obsession" is just what bowhunters want to hear.  If you are a bowhunter and have an out of state trip planned or need to transport your bow via plane or long car ride, the wear and tear during the process can take its toll on your bow if it is not transported correctly.  Fortunately, SKB has designed two bow cases, perfect for the parallel limb compound bows and ideal for the crossbow shooter as well. 

Parallel Limb Bow Case

 SKB’s new MIL-STD Injection-Molded Parallel Limb Bow Case has four patented trigger latches (two built-in TSA locks), four reinforced padlock locations, a molded-in hinge with stainless steel hinge pins, an automatic ambient pressure equalization valve, stacking lugs for stable transportation of multiple cases, is resistant to UV, solvents corrosion, fungus and impact damage, and cushioned snap-down handles on three sides with recessed in-line style wheels for easy portability.  The interior of the Parallel Limb Bow Case features a custom foam insert for cushioning your bow and a foam arrow system that holds up to a dozen arrows.  Interior dimensions: 41 ½” x 14 ½” x 5 ½”

Hunter Series Crossbow Case

The Hunter Series Crossbow Case is available with ABS exterior rigid molded EPS foam inserts, stylish embossing that adds structural support to the lid, molded-in bumpers to protect hardware from impact, lockable draw-bolt metal latches, convenient wheels, molded-in pull-handle and comfortable carrying handle.  The interior is 100% fabric lined with extended capacity to accommodate larger scopes.  Overall dimensions: 41” x 30”.


Blacks Creek Bow'n Collector Soft Bow Case

by Justin Zarr 28. June 2010 15:31
Justin Zarr

No doubt about it, Bone Collector mania has taken over the hunting world.  You can buy just about anything you can think of with the Bone Collector logo on it these days.  From air fresheners and steering wheel covers to bed sheets, bows, and boots the Bone Collector boys have started quite the phenomenon.  My first official Bone Collector purchase was the Bow'n Collector (or is it Bone Collector?) soft bow case from Blacks Creek.

Last fall I picked up an extremely nice Plano hard case to tote my precious compound in, but over time found it to be just too big and heavy for day to day use.  While it's great for longer trips where I don't want my bow to get beat up in the back of my truck, it just wasn't convenient for quick trips to the range or my local honey holes.  So this spring I went into the market for a decent soft case that was light yet durable.  The Bow'n Collector seems to be just what the doctor ordered.

The Bow'n Collector from Blacks Creek.  A great soft bow case at an affordable price.

Made from high quality materials and well-known Blacks Creek crafstmanship the Bow'n Collector is one heck of a nice soft case.  The sides are made of high quality canvas while the bottom is made from cordura so it won't rip or fray when setting it down and picking it up on the ground a lot.  There are three external pockets on the outside of the case that are great for allen wrenches, bow wax, releases, and other odds and ends you may need in the field or at the range.  The arrow case pocket is the perfect size to fit my MTM arrow case, which holds a dozen arrows safely.


The arrow pocket is the perfect size for my MTM hard arrow case.

The 41 inch overall length of the Bone Collector is the perfect size to fit my Elite Judge bow.  At 34 7/8" inches axle to axle it fits like a glove.  This case is perfect for quick trips where I don't need the bulk of a hard case, yet want something that will protect my expensive bow and allow me to carry a few accessories.  With Realtree AP accents and a cool Bone Collector skull logo embroidered on the center pocket it looks pretty cool too.

Just shy of 35 inches axle to axle, my Elite Judge fits inside this bow case perfectly.

If you're in the market for a new soft bow case I would highly recommend the Bone Collector from Blacks Creek.  You can purchase them right here in the store for only $69.99 by clicking this link.


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