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T.R.U Ball Adds 2 New Releases to Lineup

by John Mueller 18. January 2009 08:21
John Mueller

TruBall has been in the release business for a long time. So when they come out with something new, it usually means they have done their research and this will be an improvement over what is already out there. The TruBall line already featured and extensive lineup. But they added 2 new members to the stable this season.

T.R.U Ball has a release for every style of shooter.


First on the list is the new Sniper 2. This model features the new ”Jaw and a Half” release design. This new design uses a “Half” jaw that opens slightly adding forgiveness to a single caliper jaw release. Another neat option on this model is the interchangeable trigger. You can choose from a curved trigger or a straight bar trigger pull. The model is available with either a Velcro strap or a leather buckle strap. The head is on a 360* swivel and can be folded back and tucked into your sleeve when not needed.

The Sniper 2 Scout features a camo head and a strap head attachment.


The other new model for 2009 is the Hornet. This is a short head release with a 360* swivel head. You simply pull the trigger to open the jaws and let up to close the jaws. There 2 options to choose from with the Hornet. You can have a Velcro strap or leather buckle. And there is a choice of black or camo anodized head.

The Black Hornet is also available with a camo head called the Super Hornet.


In addition to the new releases this season TruBall now offers all of their releases in a camo head option. Calling this option the Super Series of releases.

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