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The Ben Pearson Advantage. A NEW Bow for 2010.

by Bow Staff 20. April 2010 13:30
Bow Staff

Built with competition shooters in mind, the Ben Pearson Advantage truly gives you the upper hand when target or 3D shooting. Ben Pearson's Research and Development department gathered extensive data from shooters around the country and even the world to find out what they wanted in a bow, and then they built that perfect bow. The result is a rock-solid platform with amazing speed as well as low shock, vibration and noise.
Now the talk of the competitive circuit, the Avantage holds like a dream thanks to the  AccuGrip and FlowThru Riser, which creates a smaller profile in your hand while eliminating torque on the bow and producing more consistent shots.
Quick Specs:
• Axle to axle: 37 1/2"
• Brace height: 7 5/8"
• IBO Speed: 327-318 fps
• Draw Lengths: 26" - 31.5"
• Draw Weights: 40, 50, 60, and 70#
• String Length: 59 3/8"
• Cable Lengths: 41 7/8"
• Physical Weight: 4.1 pounds


Colors offered include black w/black limbs, black w/camo limbs, pink w/black limbs, candy red w/black limbs, blue w/black limbs and Mothwing Orange w/black limbs.
Suggested Retail Price will be about: $ 949

To check out more from the good people at Pearson Bows, please visit their website.


Introducing The Predator by Pearson Bows

by Bow Staff 16. March 2010 14:05
Bow Staff

The world's top predators attack with deadly stealth and speed. Few escape these silent hunters and all fear their presence. The same can be said for Ben Pearson's Predator. New for 2010, the Predator not only features Ben Pearson's innovation, quality and performance, but it's affordable as well.

Tired of bows getting more and more out of your price range? Ben Pearson hears you loud and clear and has created the 2010 Predator in response. It comes with the smooth-as-butter Z-7 single cam and can be outfitted with a Copper John Battle Axe 3 Pin sight, drop-away arrow rest, peep sight, Sims S-coil stabilizer, wrist sling and Bohning quiver.

Available as a bow only or in a complete hunting package, the Predator is the best way to reach the top of the food chain.

•I.B.O. speed 303-294 fps
•Axle-to-Axle 30 inches
•Brace Height 7 1/4 inches
•String Length 83 11/16 inches
•Cables (2) 31 5/8 inches
•Draw Weights 40, 50, 60, & 70 lb. (75% Let Off)
•Draw Lengths 26 1/2 - 30 1/2 inches (half-inch increments)
•Weight 3.3 lbs

Also available; The Predator Package Includes:
•Copper John Battle Axe 3 pin all-aluminium sight
•Bohning Archery Lynx 4-arrow, quick detaching quiver
•Fully-machined, aluminium drop-a-way rest
•Sims S-Coil stabilizer & silencers
•Peep sight & bow sling
•All this for LESS than $600.00

Available Colors:
•Mossy Oak Obsession

Suggested retail (without package) price is around $499.00. To learn more about the quality line-up of bows and packages available from Pearson bows, please visit their website.

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Pearson Archery Releases the New TX-4 Bow

by Staff 17. November 2008 05:38 StaffBow manufacturers have no problem producing extremely fast bows, but an aggressive draw cycle makes most of these bows bad for consecutive shots. Pearson's TX-4 provides the perfect balance between blazing speed and a smooth draw that no other speed bow can match.

With a few modifications to the popular Z-bows, Pearson has turned one of the sweetest-shooting bows ever made, the TX-4, into a mild-mannered, lightweight package that delivers jaw-dropping speed and silky smooth performance right out of the box.
So how did Pearson make its best-shooting bow even better? Well, for starters they started over with a completely new riser design - reducing weight while adding strength and stability. Then they paired it up with the new R2B2 Cam system, which has an I.B.O. speed of 342+ fps. The bow also features Barnsdale Limbs, ETI, Steel-Lock Limb Bolt Inserts, Stone Mountain Dakota Strings and the built-in string suppressor.

The TX-4 is also available with the Z-7 Cam with Xcellerator Strings - the smoothest cam system ever. Unlike most single cams that are only adjustable in 1-inch increments, the new Z-7 Cam is adjustable in 1/2-inch increments for the perfect fit.

Stunningly easy to tune and shoot, the TX-4 provides the flat-shooting characteristics every bowhunter wants.


R2B2 Cam
I.B.O. speed                     342+ fps
Axle-to-Axle                      33 1/2 inches
Draw Weights                  50, 60, & 70 lb. (55-80% Let Off)
Draw Lengths                   26-30 inches (half-inch increments)
Camo Pattern                   APG High Definition
Weight                               4.1 lbs
Z-7 Cam
I.B.O. speed                     330 fps
Axle-to-Axle                      33 1/2 inches
Draw Weights                  50, 60, & 70 lb. (75% Let Off)
Draw Lengths                   26 1/2 -30 1/2 inches (half-inch increments)
Camo Pattern                   APG High Definition
Weight                               4.1 lbs

For more info, check out
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